When he"s not holding rallies as part of his "thank you" tour, President-elect Donald Trump is functioning on his transition into the White House. A large part of that is picking his Cabinet, the group of advisers that will helm executive, management departments and also have his ear in the West Wing.

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The Cabinet, which was developed in post II, section two of the Constitution, dates earlier to George Washington"s administration. Ago then, it to be a four-member council comprised of Secretary of State cutting board Jefferson, Secretary the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of battle Henry Knox and Attorney general Edmund Randolph. Since that time, the Cabinet has actually grown, and also its officials now have a hand in every little thing from the development of the food stamp program to the international Monetary Fund and World Bank to the environmental Protection Agency.

Today, the cabinet is made up of the evil president and 15 room heads, as well as a grasp of Cabinet-level positions, such together White home chief of staff.

Below are the cabinet positions and also their responsibilities, detailed in stimulate of sequence to the Presidency:

Vice chairman of the joined States


Originally, the evil President"s key job to be to preside end the Senate. But beginning in the 1970s, the vice President"s strength grew. Previous Vice President prick Cheney, because that example, is considered to have had actually a large role in shaping George W. Bush"s international policy. Former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will take over the office from Joe Biden when Trump is inaugurated in January.

Secretary of State

The secretary of state serves together the President"s key adviser on international policy issues, negotiates treaties and also represents the U.S. At the united Nations. Trump has actually yet come say that will replace present Secretary of State john Kerry in his administration, however former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former brand-new York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Bob Corker and retirement General and former CIA manager David Petraeus room reportedly under consideration, despite the New York Times report Sunday that Trump is tho interviewing candidates, so that list might still grow.

Secretary that the Treasury

The secretary of the treasury is in fee of the administration"s financial and also econoaudioeditorfree.com policies. Trump named hedge money manager and movie financier Steven Mnuchin together his replacement for current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Secretary the Defense


The secretary the defense is the president"s adviser on military and also international protection policy. James "Mad Dog" Mattis is Trump"s choose to to fill the role, i m sorry is currently occupied by Ash Carter.

United claims Attorney General


Dubbed the "pople"s lawyer," the attorney basic helms the United claims Department the Justice and also advises the president on legal matters. The position is right now held by U.S. Attorney general Loretta Lynch. Trump has actually picked Sen. Jeff Sessions to to fill the role. 

Secretary the the Interior

Known to part as the "department of everything else," the DOI "protects America"s natural resources and heritage, honors ours cultures and tribal communities and supplies the power to strength our future" and is at this time headed by Secretary Sally Jewell. Trump has actually yet to name his pick, but the drilling proponents on his brief list — i m sorry apparently contains former Vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Buy it Palin — have ecological activists concerned. 

Secretary of Agriculture

Thomas J. Vilsack right now heads the United says Department that Agriculture, i beg your pardon oversees plans relating come food, agriculture and rural development. No word however on that will to fill that role in Trump"s administration, but one that the surname Trump has actually mentioned is Sid Miller, the Texas agriculture commissioner and Trump adviser that once called Hillary Clinton a "cunt" on Twitter.

Secretary the Commerce

As the department"s mission statement puts it: "The Secretary of business serves as the voice that U.S. Organization within the President"s Cabinet." Businesswoman coin Pritzker currently serves in the role, for which Trump has tapped billionaire investor and longtime Trump company associate Wilbur Ross Jr.

Secretary of Labor

Thomas E. Perez is the present United states Secretary that Labor and is tasked through overseeing the welfare the U.S. Workers. Trump has yet to officially notice his choice, but reports suggest that he is considering Obama-critic Andrew Puzder, the CEO the Carl"s Jr. And Hardee"s parent agency CKE Restaurants.

Secretary of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human services oversees every health-related policy. Trump has actually tapped Rep. Tom Price, a staunch enemy of the Affordable treatment Act, to replace current Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell.

Secretary that Housing and also Urban Development

Earlier this week, trump card announced the nomination of among his former Republican presidential main opponents, neurosurgeon Ben Carson, for Secretary the Housing and Urban Development, despite his lack of formal qualifications. In that role, he will take over for Julian Castro as the president"s torture on problems relating to housing and cities, including homelessness, sustainability and also equal opportunity. 


Secretary that Transportation

The Department of Transportation secretary ended up being an official Cabinet article in 1967. Trump has actually chosen former Secretary of labor Elaine Chao come head the room — i beg your pardon is currently under the guidance of Secretary Anthony Foxx — in what some have explained as among Trump"s more conventional picks.

Secretary the Energy

According to its mission statement, the energy Department seeks to "ensure America"s protection and prosperity by addressing that energy, environmental and also nuclear challenges through transformative scientific research and technology solutions." The current secretary of energy is Ernest Moniz; Sen. Joe Manchin, a conservative democrat, is reportedly under factor to consider for the duty in Trump"s administration.

Secretary that Education

Trump"s selection of Betsy DeVos, a republican donor and also so-called "school choice" advocate, has been met with significant criticism. DeVos, who would it is in Trump"s primary voice on educational policy, is taken into consideration the challenge of a struggling school device in her indigenous audioeditorfree.comhigan. The department is right now run by Secretary john King. 

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Trump has actually promised come "fix" the VA, i m sorry is at this time run through Secretary Robert McDonald. Yet some veterans advocates concern that the just arrived Trump management will gut the department, i beg your pardon is tasked with offering assistance to armed forces veterans. Reports that sarah Palin and also former Texas Gov. Stack Perry room under consideration for the duty add to involves that the brand-new administration will certainly privatize the VA.

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Secretary of homeland Security

One the the central tenets that Trump"s presidential campaign was immigration. His calls to construct a wall on the border between the U.S. And Mexico, to conduct huge deportations of undocumented immigrants and also to halt immigrant from Muslim countries were among his signature melody at campaign rallies. That perhaps makes the head of the room of landscape Security, i m sorry was developed in the wake up of September 11th, one of the most far-ranging roles in the trump administration. The agency, which focuses on terrorism, national security and also the enforcement of immigration laws, is at this time headed by Secretary Jeh Johnson. Trump has yet come officially notice his secretary that homeland defense pick, yet Politico reported that top Trump aides have actually mentioned retired Marine basic John Kelly as the height candidate. Far-right Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is likewise reportedly under consideration. 

Cabinet-level positions

There are currently seven positions that space not thought about to it is in an official part of the president"s Cabinet, but that have Cabinet-level rankings. Lock are: the White residence chief the staff, the administrator the the ecological Protection Agency, the manager of the Office that Management and also Budget, the United claims Trade representative, the United says mission to the joined Nations, the chairman the the board of directors of econoaudioeditorfree.com Advisers and the head the the tiny Business Administration. 

On Nov. 13, Trump called Republican nationwide Committee chair Reince Priebus cook of staff.