The national Corvette Museum has detailed the main production statistics for the 2020 Corvette design year which provides us through a great opportunity to see just how owners optioned their mid-engine Corvettes.Production that the design year is meant to proceed another pair of weeks before concluding top top or by December 7th. Together the final orders are locked in, Chevrolet’s official count for the version year will be 20,368. This full does include those pre-production saleable devices that were built before customer orders began in February.The failure of the 2020 models was 82.4% Coupe (16,787) and 17.6% Convertible (3,581) and the Z51 performance Package accounted because that 76% (15,476) of all Corvettes produced.The 3LT package to be the most well-known which constantly is the situation during the initial new model rollouts. A total of 46.8% the buyers went with the 3LT across both models v 39.1% selecting the 2LT and only 14.4% selecting the base 1LT trim package.The exterior colors ranked by popular are:Torch Red – 5,137 (25%)Arctic White – 3,098 (15%)Black – 2,383 (11.7%)Sebring Orange – 1,377 (6.8%)Elkhart Lake Blue – 1,369 (6.7%)Rapid Blue – 1,243 (6%)Ceramic procession Gray – 1,216(5.97%)Blade silver- – 1,130 (5.55%)Shadow Gray – 1,111(5.45%)Long beach Red – 1,068 (5.25%)Accelerate Yellow – 688 (3.38%)Zeus copper – 548 (2.69%)The NCM also detailed a chart showing just how the various models to be outfitted v exterior and also interior color totals and also combinations. From that, we deserve to see some rare combinations. For example, only one Corvette was painted in accelerate Yellow and had a two-tone blue interior.

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Two Torch Red cars selected the two-tone Blue together well and two Elkhart Lake Blue and also three quick Blue cars featured the Morello interior.

Some various other interesting alternatives include the E60 front Lift which was selected through 58% of owner (11,899), FE4 Magnetic Ride to be selected through 54% (10,991), and the GT2 seats were the most popular an option at 12,548 (61.6%).The most famous wheels were the Carbon speed Open-Spoke wheels with 41.7% the buyers picking the black variation vs 36.9% going through the Bright silver versions. The black Trident wheels to be optioned by 2,788 buyers (13.7%) while 2,420 selected the Spectra-Gray Trident wheel (11.9%) and 1,924 buyers selected the Sterling silver- Trident wheels (9.4%).To check out or download the 2020 model year stats, click here.Source:National Corvette MuseumRelated:2020 Corvette Convertible manufacturing Officially Kicks turn off Today