Awesome time in Pamplona through an amazing team indigenous Bucket List. We very recommend Toby and his team.

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kris Johnston

Awesome time in Pamplona with an impressive team from Bucket List. We very recommend Toby and also his team.

kris Johnston


Frequently inquiry questions around Running the the Bulls

Want to learn some facts about the running of the Bulls? This ain’t our an initial time running with the bulls. After end a decade of tours, we’ve learned a thing or two around Pamplona, san Fermin, and how to have actually the best trip ever. Here’s whatever you need to know.

 What is the to run of the Bulls? What is the San Fermin Festival?

There is no difference between the running of the Bulls and the san Fermin Festival. The international, English surname of the festival is to run of the Bulls. The official Spanish name is Sanfermin (all one word). We describe it below as San Fermin Festival for clarity.

The actual, physical to run of the bulls ~ above the roadways starts on the 2nd day of the mountain Fermin Festival. The bulls operation eight job in a row, from July 7th to July 14th.

The first day of the festival is Chupinazo – the opening ceremonies, so no bulls will run on the day, however you might be running form your friend trying to soak you in wine.

The fiestas of mountain Fermin are commemorated in Iruña/Pamplona, in the region of Navarra. They have end up being internationally known due to the fact that of the running of the bulls, whereby the bulls space lead v the roadways of the old quarter as far as the bull ring by runners.

The fiestas are celebrated in honor of mountain Fermin, patron saint that Navarra, return the religious aspect would certainly seem to have actually taken top top a secondary function over the last variety of years. Nowadays, the fiestas are viewed as a mass collection of world from every the corners the the world and where the partying, the fun and also the happiness of the all are the most outstanding ingredients.

 Where is Pamplona? just how do I obtain there?


Pamplona is about 50 miles from the Pyrenees Mountains and also the Spanish-French border and also around 250 miles north the Madrid. Pamplona has actually an plane with everyday flights native Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Lisbon. Train travel from Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian are also an extremely convenient to arrive in Pamplona.

We have put with each other a full guide on exactly how to travel to Pamplona HERE.

when is the to run of the Bulls?


The running of the Bulls is July 6 – 14th in Pamplona, Spain. The dates the the running of the Bulls and also San Fermin Festival are the exact same every year, no issue the job of the week. The festival begins on July sixth and concludes on July 14th.

 What’s the average age of Bucket List events clients?


Hard inquiry to answer, yet most that our client are between the periods of 20-65. Yet it varies v each group. We’ve had actually guests that space 60+ year of age and kids through their families and also college students. We don’t have an er limit; friend just need to be all set to have a good time!

 Where room the Bucket List events balconies located top top the Bull Run?

Our key balcony is located top top Estafeta Street, i m sorry overlooks the longest stretch that the bull operation route. The is basic to find since we will walk friend from her hotel come our apartment wherein you will certainly be offered breakfast and also have access to tasty drinks.

We additionally have 2-3 other balconies every year, check out our Running the the Bulls balconies page for complete details.

Does her Running of the Bulls balcony room fill up?

Yes! us accept only a tiny and exact variety of people to clock from ours balcony and also share breakfast through us each morning. We desire everyone to have the ability to see the run easily. Therefore, we imply that girlfriend reserve your room as soon as possible.

 Can ns buy one extra day because that a clues on the balcony?

Yes, every one of our tours include one morning to watch the run on our Balcony, and additional mornings on the balcony deserve to be purchased based upon availability. Package clients deserve to purchase these at a discounted rate, just ask! Click here to check out more about the views and info on our VIP balcony.

Why are the opened dates more expensive?


Regardless the the work of the week the festival begins, the very first 48 hrs of the san Fermin celebration will be the many attended and boisterous days of the week. Hotel rooms space in greater demand and also acquired at higher rates.

There is likewise a one-time event called the Chupinazo, i m sorry is very popular event. We host an open home at our balcony to watch few of the debauchery during the opening day.

 What happens at the opened Ceremony (Chupinazo) on July 6th?


At 12:00 noon every July 6th, the square in former of the city Hall witnesses chaos once the start of the mountain Fermín Fiesta is significant by a rocket launch.

All morning, crowds fill in favor sardines in ~ the Plaza Ayuntamiento. The Mayor and also members of the Council action out top top the balconies the the town Hall to greet the crowds.

There is one announcement: “Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva mountain Fermin! Gora san Fermin!” (people of Pamplona, lengthy live san Fermin!). The group responds through cries the “Viva!” and “Gora!”

The square erupts as hundreds of bottles that champagne space uncorked and sprayed almost everywhere the crowd. Throughout the day you have the right to expect atmospheric singing, dancing, lot of of sangria and also non-stop partying in the streets.

By non-stop, we mean non-stop. At any kind of point, the roadways are filled with partiers of all ages, relying on the time that day.

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This festival renders Bourbon Street in new Orleans look like an afternoon tea party.