September 01, 2021 at 4:16 pm PDTBy Bob D"Angelo, Cox Media team National contents DeskFRESNO, Calif. — A 22-year-old skilled bull driver from Brazil died in a “severe accident” during a vain Sunday, event organizers said.

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In a news release, the professional Bull Riders touring team said the Amadeu Campos Silva passed away during a Velocity Tour event at the save Mart center in Fresno.

According come KNTV, Silva died when his spur got captured in a rope, pulling that under the bull. The animal, named classic Man, stepped top top his chest, leading to what PBR called a “terrible wreck.”

Amadeu Campos Silva was a son, a brother, a football teammate, and a smiling existence in the locker room, below in the U.S. Follow his bull-riding dream. Us pay tribute to a kind-hearted young man who we will forever miss. Https://

— Sean Gleason (

Silva was required to an area hospital, where he died, the Fresno bee reported. The Fresno ar Coroner’s Office confirmed the death, yet did not provide any extr information, the newspaper reported.

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“This was no an action of aggression,” PBR spokesperson Andrew Giangola said USA Today. “The bull to be bucking in his regular pattern. Amadeu’s spur gained hung increase in the flank rope and he to be pulled under the bull in a freak accident.”

“Amadeu was a climbing star in our sport; a cowboy through so lot potential on and also off the dirt,” PBR Commissioner Steve Gleason claimed in a statement. “The entire PBR and western sports family prolong our thoughts, prayers, and also heartfelt condolences to Amadeu’s family and friends. Please say a prayer tonight for them, and may Amadeu’s spirit eternally rest in peace.”

Silva completed professionally in Brazil in 2017 and also 2018, E! online reported. In 2019, that made his U.S. Debut during the PBR Velocity tour in Edinburg, Texas, the website reported.


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