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Picture the giddy, child-like energy of rob Gronkowski. Currently imagine 5 human beings through that vibe life under the exact same roof.

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Welcome to the Gronkowski family when Rob and also his 4 brothers were growing up. It"s the kind of fraternal, competitive environment that molded the Gronkowskis right into the humans they space while also sending all 5 siblings on the method to expert sports careers.

“It to be a stunner household, as you can imagine," the father, Gordy, called the Tampa Bay time in July. "We had a great brawl every single day. I had actually to break someone up. Ns mean, a really competitive household and also that’s how I was farming up. I constantly had to win and also they acquired that native me. You gained to win, you know?”

Here"s more of what you need to know about the whole Gronkowski family.

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How many Gronkowski brothers room there?

There are five Gronkowski brothers: Rob, Gordie Jr., Dan, Chris and also Glenn. The just one not to pat in the NFL, Gordie Jr., played experienced baseball. The other four reached the national Football League. 

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Rob Gronkowski

One that the best tight ends in NFL history, plunder teamed with Tom Brady in new England from 2010-2018. The led the NFL through 17 receiving touchdowns in 2011, got to double-digit touchdowns in five various seasons and topped 1,000 yards on 4 occasions with the Patriots.

After retiring front of the 2019 season, Rob went back to play with Brady ~ above the Tampa only Buccaneers in 2020. Component of the reason, the told media ~ signing, to be to play close to where his mother lives in fort Myers, Florida. 

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Gordie Gronkowski Jr.

Gordie Jr. (yes, the spells his very first name differently than his father"s) wasn"t a football player favor his brothers, yet rather a baseball standout. The attended Jacksonville university for college, whereby he played very first and third base. 

He to be drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the 49th ring of the 2006 MLB Draft. He lasted three seasons in the Angels" system, hitting 4 home operation in Single-A in 2008, before being released. Gordie Jr. Play three periods of independent ball after his release, batting .305 and hitting 19 home runs for the 2009 Lake Erie Crushers. 

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Dan Gronkowski

Dan to visit the college of Maryland together a chop end. He had actually three fairly quiet seasons before breaking out as a an elderly with 29 captures for 287 yards and also three touchdowns. 

He was drafted by the Lions in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft, and he spent parts of five NFL seasons with Detroit, Denver, Cleveland and new England. Dan caught nine passes in his NFL career because that 69 yards. 

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Chris Gronkowski

A bit much shorter than his brothers, who space all at least 6-5, the 6-2 chris was a fullback who attended the university of Arizona. He went undrafted in 2010 and very first signed on through the Cowboys before additionally spending time v the Colts, Chargers and also Broncos.

He perfect his NFL job with five carries because that 17 yards and also eight records for 46 yards. Chris captured a touchdown because that the Cowboys during the 2010 season, a 1-yard score thrown through Tony Romo.

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Glenn Gronkowski

At 6-3, glenn was likewise a fullback throughout his upper-level football career. The attended Kansas State because that his university football, scoring six touchdowns overall for the Wildcats. 

Glenn walk undrafted in 2016 and spent time v both the Bills and also Patriots end the next two seasons. He only made it into one NFL constant season game, playing eight snaps for the receipt in 2016. 

Rob Gronkowski"s parents

Gordy Gronkowski

The patriarch the the Gronkowski athlete family is the father, Gordie. He played college football in ~ Syracuse University, wherein he started as an attack guard for 3 years.

Gordie and also his older brother, Glenn, opened up G&G Fitness in the Buffalo area in 1990. Gordie eventually took over G&G Fitness full time by 1997, and also the company expanded to sell fitness equipment throughout the northeastern part of the unified States.

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“My score was constantly to acquire all my children through college with an athletic scholarship,” Gordie Sr. Called Vanity Fair. “I’d tell them, ‘Hey, school’s very first no matter what. Obtain educated, and then the sports.’ it is a deadly combination.”

Diane Gronkowski Walters

Walters to be at the heart of her 5 sons" youth sporting activities careers, follow to the ft Myers News-Press. She estimated that she took her sons and also their next-door neighbors to about 18,000 techniques through the years.

“Growing up together a kid, you yes, really don’t understand all the stuff that moms put up with," plunder told the News-Press. "But we certainly drove her crazy. But how us were, maintaining her busy, it had to it is in an amazing ride. What no enjoyable was every our fighting and yelling. If us could’ve knocked that off, the would’ve to be 100 percent good.”