Dolly Parton grew up as among a dozen siblings living in a little cabin close to the Smoky mountains of Tennessee. Although she deserve to rattle turn off each of your names in order in ~ the drop of hat (as any an excellent sis should), also her greatest fans would battle to keep track of together a vast brood!


Parton sister on the publication cover, left come right: Freida, Dolly, Willadeene, Rachel, Stella, and Cassie.Amazon

The earliest Parton sibling take it a different an innovative approach to her career: She"s a writer with quite a couple of books on her resume, consisting of Smoky mountain Memories: stories from the mind of the Parton Family ($7.88, Amazon) and also a family members cookbook. 

David Parton


David accompanying Dolly come the Lyceum theater in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1980. Getty Images

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Not much info is available around what Dolly"s larger brother has actually been as much as lately, but in this photo, he have the right to be viewed escorting Dolly to an event. Just how gentlemanly! 

Stella Parton


Stella performing on stage in 2017.Getty Images

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Dolly"s younger sister, Stella, is not only a spitting photo of the nation queen, however an acclaimed singer in her own right. She still performs today and also recently appeared on a cooking show throughout the pond.

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From left come right, Stella, Freida, and Dolly at a record studio in 1981 working on Freida"s self-titled debut record.Getty Images

Freida also followed in Dolly"s musical path, however branched out v punk rock songs rather than country. Later on she opened up a wedding chapel (which has since closed), but she"s still an ordained minister who deserve to perform ceremonies. 

Floyd Parton

Dolly posing through Floyd in ~ a record studio in 1981. Getty Images

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Floyd, Freida"s twin, dabbled in the music market alongside his siblings. He also wrote among Dolly"s fight tunes, "Rockin" Years," a duet v Ricky valve Shelton. Sadly, Floyd passed away in 2018.

Dolly and also Rachel pose through actress Megan Hilty, center, that starred in "9 come 5" top top Broadway in 2009.Getty Images

In the 1980s, Rachel action in a TV sitcom incarnation that 9 come 5, stepping into her large sister"s duty as Doralee. Due to the fact that then, she"s kept most of her emphasis on family, but she take away the phase every now and then.

You have the right to spot plenty of Dolly"s siblings and family members in this substantial group shooting from her 1987 TV special.Getty Images

Some of her siblings, choose Randy Parton (who sadly passed far in January 2021) and Cassie Parton have actually been well-known to perform on your own and also share a stage with their famous huge sis, too. Top top the various other hand, Dolly"s brothers Robert Lee Jr. And Coy Denver haven"t stepped into the spotlight and also lead very private lives.

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Dolly Parton's Parents

Dolly with her mom, Avie, and dad, Robert, at Dollywood in 1987.Getty Images

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Dolly"s parents, Avie Lee and Robert Lee, elevated their family members in a little cabin near the great Smoky hills of Tennessee. As the track "Coat of plenty of Colors" describes, the household "had no money" but they "felt as well-off as they could be" with the love shared between them.

Dolly Parton Children

Dolly happy to host a infant on the collection of she 1988 TV special.Getty Images

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After farming up v such a huge family, you"d more than likely expect the singer to have actually a couple of kids of she own. But it just wasn"t in the cards because that Dolly and her husband, Carl cutting board Dean. That said, they space close through their countless nieces and also nephews who affectionately speak to them Aunt Granny and Uncle PeePaw. How cute is that?