Chris Hemsworth’s stature has served him well as soon as it concerns landing roles. Together Thor, he’s been putting in tough work in ~ the gym to make certain he fits his function as the Asgardian worthy the Mjolnir. He’s likewise starred in activity films choose the well-received Extraction wherein he further flexes his muscles together an activity star.

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His brother, Liam Hemsworth, is no stranger to the action genre, either. Complying with in his larger brother’s footsteps, Liam has actually featured in blockbusters like The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2, and Independence job Resurgence.

Although there are numerous similarities between the 2 Hemsworths, there are slight distinctions as well. Namely when it involves their height. But is kris Hemsworth taller 보다 his brother? and if that is, how huge is the height difference?

How countless brothers does kris Hemsworth have?

Chris Hemsworth | Jun Sato/WireImageChris Hemsworth only has actually two brothers and also is the center child. The earliest of the Hemsworths is Luke. Favor his brothers Chris, Luke gained his begin in exhilaration on the Australian television display Neighbors. Since then, he’s been featured in other TV shows such as Tangle, The Reckoning, and The Anomaly. He’s also made a cameo illustration in Thor: Ragnarok.

Is chris Hemsworth the tallest Hemsworth brother?


Liam Hemsworth, chris Hemsworth, and also Luke Hemsworth | Albert L. Ortega/Getty ImagesAccording come Celebheights, kris Hemsworth is reportedly above the average elevation for males being 6 feet, – 3 inches. His size has certainly helped that in acquiring roles, consisting of arguably his many known role to date as Thor. Hemsworth revealed the component came through a height requirement he was much more than standard for.

“The short for the audition because that Thor said: must more than 6 ft 1 in, which I’d never ever seen before,” Hemsworth stated in one interview with Radiotimes.

The reason that need came because of this a shock is due to the fact that Hemsworth is so high he’s regularly lied about his elevation to get roles.

“There are certainly things I’ve want to go up because that which i’ve been completely wrong for, physically,” Hemsworth admitted. “And I usually lie about my height and say ns shorter. Yet it deserve to go two ways.”

As tall as Hemsworth is, however, Liam Hemsworth in reality barely edges out his older brother. Celebheights reports Liam Hemsworth stands at 6 feet, – 3 inches and some change, which directly beats out Hemsworth’s height at a level 6 feet, – 3 inches. Liam has additionally claimed to be a flat 6 feet, – 3 inches follow to Celebheights. In order to get an exact reading the the two, image were provided comparing the Hemsworths standing alongside each other, as well as standing next to assorted other celebrities.

Luke Hemsworth is reportedly the shortest Hemsworth brother standing at 5 feet, – 9 inches according to Celebheights.

Why Luke Hemsworth almost quit acting

Although Luke Hemsworth began acting earlier than his brothers, his career didn’t take turn off as quick as his siblings’ did. Luke confided that he no as serious with acting together his younger brothers was.

“I don’t think I ever saw acting together an yes, really career, until late. Kris was lot different,” Luke claimed according come Independent.“ that’s why ns went down the road of getting a trade and also doing flooring and supporting myself the way, because I never really experienced coming to Los Angeles as an option.”

When he couldn’t uncover his breakthrough role, like how Chris Hemsworth did through Thor, Luke stopped pursuing his to chat career. Through him expecting his first child, he necessary to emphasis on an ext reliable ways to carry out for himself and also his family.

“By that phase I had remained in the exhilaration industry and also did a totality bunch the stuff and never rather cracked that in the means that I needed to have a career and also be able to support myself,” Luke revealed. “I was in a dark place and also it had to carry out with the truth that things had not unable to do in a direction I believed that lock would.”

How chris Hemsworth aided inspire his older brother

Things changed, however, as soon as Chris Hemsworth observed his own career thrive by nabbing his duty as the Asgardian prince. Having developed himself together an Avenger and also a movie star through Thor, Hemsworth rental his older brother for the sequel.

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“I went and worked on Thor 2 together his personal trainer,” Luke revealed. “I had very small experience. But what ns lacked in experience, I made up for in dedication.”

Luke received a pretty payment for helping his brother gain in shape. Afterward, with his career rekindled, the would later go on come star in HBO’s hit collection Westworld. He is also collection to make one more cameo figure in the upcoming Marvel movie, Thor: Love and also Thunder.

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