Overall U.S. Beer volume sales were down 3% in 2020, while handmade brewer volume sales declined 9%, lowering little and elevation brewers’ share of the U.S. Beer sector by volume to 12.3%.

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Retail disagreement sales of craft lessened 22%, come $22.2 billion, and now account for simply under 24% that the $94 exchange rate U.S. Beer market (previously $116 billion). The main reason because that the bigger dollar sales decrease was the change in beer volume indigenous bars and restaurants to packaged sales.

These statistics usage the craft brewer meaning of a tiny and live independence brewer, as well as six handmade beer industry market segments as defined by the Brewers Association. Much more up to day statistics and analysis can be found in the Insights & evaluation section the the website.

Sales Data

Production Data

Historical handmade Brewery manufacturing by Category

1 barrel = 31 united state gallons

Historical U.S. Brewery Count

Slide the bar in ~ the peak of the graph come see number of breweries indigenous 1873 to present day.

recent U.S. Brewery Count

2015201620172018201920202019 come 2020 % Change
Regional handmade Breweries178186202230240220-8.3%
Large/Non-Craft 44671061041111208.1%
Total U.S. Breweries4,8475,7806,7677,7228,5028,8844.5%

Brewpub Openings and also Closings

* beginning in 2019, Taprooms space their very own separate category, so for equivalent numbers, add 2019 taproom numbers.

Taproom Openings and also Closings*

Bart Watson

Brewers combination Chief Economist


Paul Gatza

Senior Vice president of experienced Brewing Division


Ann Obenchain

Marketing Director

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Full Report

Comprehensive reports and analysis of the nationwide beer sales and production data are available in the May/June problem of The brand-new Brewer, the journal of the Brewers Association, exit in mid-May each year. The worry can be purchased in the Brewers Association digital store.

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