The priority mission that the Border Patrol is avoiding terrorists and terrorists weapons, consisting of weapons of massive destruction, indigenous entering the unified States. Undaunted by scorching desert heat or freezing northern winters, they work-related tirelessly as vigilant protectors of ours Nation"s borders.

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While the Border Patrol has readjusted dramatically since its beginning in 1924, its main mission remains unchanged: to detect and also prevent


the illegal entry of people into the joined States. Along with other law enforcement officers, the Border Patrol helps maintain borders that job-related - facilitating the flow of legit immigration and goods while preventing the illegal trafficking of people and contraband.

The Border Patrol is especially responsible because that patrolling virtually 6,000 mile of Mexican and also Canadian international land borders and over 2,000 miles of seaside waters neighboring the Florida Peninsula and the island of Puerto Rico. Agents work roughly the clock ~ above assignments, in all varieties of terrain and weather conditions. Agents additionally work in numerous isolated areas throughout the joined States.

Border Patrol Staffing

Since 1924, the Border Patrol has actually grown from a grasp of mounted agents patrolling desolate locations along U.S. Boundaries to today"s dynamic work pressure of end 21,000 agents at the end of FY 2012.


To ensure that the raised staffing and brand-new resources detailed by Congress to be deployed in the many effective and efficient path possible, the Immigration and also Naturalization service acted in at an early stage 1994 come develop and also implement the agency"s very first National Border Patrol Strategy.

The Border Patrol proceeds to operate an wild recruiting program to bring new Border Patrol agents right into the government. Read more about Careers with the Border Patrol.

All Border Patrol agents spend 13 weeks in training at the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, brand-new Mexico, i m sorry is a ingredient of the Federal law Enforcement training Center.

Border Patrol Operations


The main mission the the Border Patrol is to protect our nation by reducing the likelihood the dangerous people and also capabilities go into the joined States between the port of entry. This is completed by preserving surveillance, complying with up leads, responding to electronic sensor alarms and aircraft sightings, and interpreting and following tracks. Some of the significant activities encompass maintaining web traffic checkpoints follow me highways top from border areas, conducting city patrol and also transportation check, and also anti-smuggling investigations.

Often, the border is a barely discernible heat in uninhabited deserts, canyons, or mountains. The Border Patrol makes use of a range of equipment and methods to accomplish its mission in such diverse terrain. Electronic sensors are inserted at strategic locations along the border to detect world or vehicles entering the country illegally. Video clip monitors and night vision scopes are additionally used to detect illegal entries. Agents patrol the border in vehicles, boats, and afoot. In some areas, the Border Patrol even employs horses, all-terrain motorcycles, bicycles, and snowmobiles.

Linewatch and also SigncuttingLinewatch work are conducted near global boundaries and coast present in areas of Border Patrol jurisdiction t

o avoid the illegal entry and also smuggling of people into the joined States and also to intercept those who do enter illegally before they have the right to escape indigenous border areas. Signcutting is the detection and the translate of any disturbances in organic terrain conditions that suggest the existence or i of people, animals, or vehicles.Traffic CheckpointsTraffic checks are conducted on significant highways leading away from the border come (1) detect and also apprehend individuals attempting to travel additional into the internal of the United says after evading detection in ~ the border and (2) to detect illegal narcotics.

Transportation Checks

These are inspections the interior-bound conveyances, which encompass buses, advertising aircraft, passenger and also freight trains, and also marine craft. Click to review the U.S. Border Patrol transportation examine brochure.

Marine PatrolAlong the coastal waterways of the joined States and also Puerto Rico and interior waterways common to the unified States and Canada, the Border Patrol conducts border control tasks from the decks of naval craft of assorted sizes. The Border Patrol maintains

over 109 vessels, varying from blue-water handmade to inflatable-hull craft, in 16 sectors, in enhancement to Headquarters distinct operations components.

Horse and also Bike PatrolHorse devices patrol remote areas along the worldwide boundary that space inaccessible to traditional all-terrain vehicles. Bicycle patrol aids city patrol and also is used over turbulent terrain to assistance linewatch.

Border Patrol Apprehensions

In FY 2012, Border Patrol agents made end 364,000 arrests of civilization illegally start the country. Considerable success has been achieved in restoring integrity and safety to the Southwest border, by implementing our border-control strategy. These encompass Operation Gatekeeper in mountain Diego, CA, Operation hold the line in El Paso, TX, operation Rio Grande in McAllen, TX, operation Safeguard in Tucson, AZ, and the Arizona Border manage Initiative (ABCI) along the Arizona border.

Drug Seizures

An rise in smuggling tasks has thrust the Border Patrol come the front line of the U.S. Battle on drugs. Our role as the primary drug-interdicting organization along the Southwest border continues to expand.

The heightened existence of Border Patrol agents follow me the Southwest border has actually burdened narcotic traffickers and human smugglers.

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In FY 2012, Border Patrol agents on the Southwest border seized much more than 5,900 pounds the cocaine and much more than 2.2 million pounds of marijuana.