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A couple of weeks later, she wrote an op-ed, likewise at HuffPost, in i beg your pardon she admitted come buying her own book in bulk to sell it in ~ Comic Con events, yet said this to be “well in ~ the rules” that the bestseller list. This isn’t really borne the end by the evidence, though, i beg your pardon shows many orders and no share to fill them with—that is, nonexistent books purchased by civilization who didn’t care if they ever received them.

Fun fact: Blues Traveler, who Sarem offered to manage, tweeted the they “fired her for these kinds of stunts. Her feeling of denial is staggering.”


Donald Trump, The art of the Deal

Donald trump loves come brag about how he’s a great businessman, and also how he’s a good bestselling writer, and also how he’s a an excellent bestselling writer of a good book about being a an excellent businessman. The art of the Deal is second only to the Bible, right? however recently in the New Republic, Alex Shephard reported that when it concerns the popular of The art of the Deal, Donald Trump may not it is in as great as all that. Shocker! Shephard reports the ex-Trump executive, management Jack O’Donnell’s 1991 tell-all Trumped! explains specifically how The arts of the Deal became together a big bestseller: the Trump organization bought “tens the thousands of duplicates on that own.” Shephard reports:


Ted Cruz, The Time for Truth

In 2015, the New York Times ruffled some feathers by maintaining Ted Cruz’s biography turn off the bestseller list, in spite of the truth that, follow to the Nielsen BookScan, it had sold 11,854 duplicates in its very first week. “We have actually uniform standards that we use to our finest seller list, which consists of an evaluation of book sales the goes beyond simply the variety of books sold,” stated a Times spokesperson. “This publication didn’t fulfill that standard this week.” once pushed by a Politico reporter, the spokesperson said, “In the situation of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of proof was that sales were minimal to strategic mass purchases.” That’s because, together the New Republic reported, Cruz paid $122,252.62 come his very own publisher, likely to buy copies of his very own book—which at the time of the piece in concern he was selling, signed, ~ above his website for $85 a pop.

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At the price, I would certainly hope there would at the very least be some dirty photos inside. Us all understand Cruz likes those.