previous FBI director James Comey poses with his book "A greater Loyalty" (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II,... <+> File)

Former FBI manager James Comey"s bookA higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, sold an ext than600,000copies in its very first week that sales, follow to the publisher. That"s 400,000 copies more thanMichael Wolff’sFire and also Fury marketed in its first week, yet that doesn"t typical Comey"s book willbecome the nextTrump-critical blockbuster:Fire and Furyhas been on the New York Times bestseller lists because that 15 weeks and has sold an ext than 2 million copies to date.

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Comey"s nonfiction publication — released throughMacmillan’s Flatiron books in a reported $2 million transaction — pre-sold nearly200,000 copies prior to its release and consistently topped Amazon"s hourly-updated bestseller list adhering to its April 17 relax in the U.S. And U.K., as well as topping lists native Nielsen BookScan and iBooks top top its first week.

The Times" hardcover nonfiction list has actually seen an clearly Trump-related book at the No. 1 place every week due to the fact that the center of January 2018, and the not-exactly-stable publishing market isn"t missing the chance to capitalize ~ above the political climate.Random residence inked a deallast week for#NeverAgain: A new Generation paint, etc the Line,written by 2 survivors of the shooting in Parkland, Fl.,David and also Lauren Hogg, come be published June 5. Whereby does James Comey"s book fall in the ranking that Trump-centric bestsellers?

Michael Wolff’s Fire and also Fury hit an early snag that certainly won"t pilgrimage up Comey:Macmillan"s initial print run consists of150,000 copies, a number far listed below demand as shown by the an ext than 2 million devices that have actually been sold to date throughout all formats. This wasn"t an monitor as much as an instance of how challenging print sales can be to predict. Nevertheless, Macmillan took away its great — trump card exposés sell choose hotcakes in 2018 — and have givenA higher Loyalty a850,000-copy run, the largest Macmillan has actually printed so far this year. GivenA greater Loyaltypre-sales, it shows up printing850,000 copies was a smart move.

A couple of warning signs hint that Comey"s publication may just be a success fairly than a blockbuster. On Sunday April 15, George Stephanopoulos"s much-touted abc News interview through Comey average 9.8 million viewers: A strong showing, butlower 보다 CBS"sAcademy of nation Music Awards" typical of12.1 million viewers that same evening, and well belowStormy Daniels" appearance on60 Minutes, which attracted an typical of more than 22 million viewers. One attendant to a DC bookstore"s midnight release event forA greater Loyalty listed the smaller sized turnout, calling it a "different experience" in relation to the same store"s relax ofFire and Fury.

But the most coherent metric that could prove whether Comey can complete with Wolff is exactly how longA greater Loyalty have the right to stay on the bestseller lists, no whether it provides it there at all. Time magazine freshly crunched the numbers, ranking TheTimes" nonfiction perform of bestsellers sinceNovember2016, and picking outevery book "explicitly around Trump." They discovered that, due to the fact that mid-January, every height best-sellerhas beenabout Trump:Fire and Furytopped the list in January and Michael Isikoff and also David Corn"s Russian Roulette beat that in March before losing its clues toJennifer Palmieri"sDear Madam President: An open up Letter to the Women that Will run the World.

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So, is Comey"s publication objectively as renowned as Wolff"s take on the trump card administration? not yet. Only the comes weeks will certainly confirm even if it is A greater Loyalty has the continuing to be power to qualified as follower to Wolff"sFire and Fury, which has now pass its 15th mainly on The Times" hardcover nonfiction list.

One thing"s because that sure: Comeyseems happy to feed the narrative that he"s the underdog in the posting industry"s 2018-era trumped bump."I don"t crave to it is in known," he said during a Thursday interview forThe new Yorker Radio Hour, adding that he"d be an ext comfortable "not law something prefer this."


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