On this page you"ll uncover a complete list the Dr Seuss books listed in the stimulate in which lock were initially published. These space the 45 publications which were both written and also illustrated by Dr Seuss himself.

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The lady in ~ our regional pharmacy offered these publications to my pair sons once they were about 10 month old. They"re cute little mini version of the publications and, together you have the right to see, they"ve to be well-loved (and well-chewed!)

You can read elsewhere that Dr Seuss wrote an ext books 보다 the persons on this list. That"s true however the other books he composed were portrayed by other civilization so i haven"t had those ~ above this list.

Dr Seuss books are an excellent fun to share through your son and, as a bonus, they"ll also aid him construct something called phonological awareness, a crucial skill for discovering to read later on. This is because the rhythm and also the rhyme build connections in children"s brain in a method that other species of language don"t.

Book shops and libraries will have actually at the very least a few of the books on this list but if you"d prefer to to buy one, my favourite location to buy publications these job is the Book Depository.

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The complete List the Dr Seuss Books

1. And To Think that I saw It top top Mulberry Street (1937) 2. The 500 Hats the Bartholomew Cubbins (1938) 3. The King"s Stilts (1939) 4. Horton Hatches the Egg (1940) 5. McElligot"s pool (1947) 6. Thidwick The Big-Hearted Moose (1948) 7. Bartholomew and The Oobleck (1949) 8. If i Ran the Zoo (1950) 9. Scrambled egg Super! (1953) 10. Horton Hears A Who! (1954) 11. On past Zebra (1955) 12. If ns Ran The Circus (1956) 13. The Cat in the cap (1957) 14. Just how The Grinch Stole Christmas (1957) 15. Yertle The Turtle and Other stories (1958) 16. The Cat In The cap Comes on the back! (1958) 17. Happy date of birth To You! (1959) 18. Eco-friendly Eggs and Ham (1960) 19. One Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (1960) 20. The Sneetches and Other story (1961) 21. Dr Seuss"s Sleep book (1962) 22. Dr Seuss"s alphabet (1963) 23. Hop on popular music (1963) 

24. Fox In Socks (1965) 25. I had actually Trouble In obtaining To Solla Sollew (1965) 26. The Cat in the cap Song book (1967) 27. The Foot publication (1968) 28. I can Lick 30 tigers Today! and Other story (1969) 29. My Book about Me (1969) 30. Ns Can attract It Myself (1970) 31. Mr Brown have the right to Moo! can You? (1970) 32. The Lorax (1971)33. Marvin K. Mooney will certainly You you re welcome Go Now! (1972) 34. Walk I ever before Tell You how Lucky girlfriend Are? (1973) 35. The form Of Me and Other stuff (1973) 36. Great Day for Up (1974) 37. There"s a Wocket in mine Pocket! (1974) 38. Oh, The thinks You have the right to Think! (1975) 39. I deserve to Read through My eyes Shut! (1978) 

40. Oh Say have the right to You Say? (1979) 41. Hunches In Bunches (1982) 42. The Butter fight Book (1984) 43. You"re just Old Once! (1986) 44. I am not Going to gain Up this particular day (1987) 45. Oh, The locations You"ll go!his (1990) 

Dr Seuss, whose actual name was Ted Geisel, died in 1991. The following books were published after his death: 

Daisy-Head Mayzie (1994) and Hooray because that Diffendoofer Day! (1998) were written after Ted"s death, based on his sketches and notes. My countless Colored days (1996) was composed by Dr Seuss in 1973, well before he died, but was released for the very first time after ~ his death. Ted had actually cancer and knew he to be dying. According to his biography, that intended this book to be his farewell offering.