I entirely agree withDr. Seuss when that said: "You"re never too old, as well wacky, as well wild, to pick up a book and read to a child!"

Reading to mine young 5 students was my favorite component of ours day. A time come relax and also travel the civilization on every sorts of "ed-ventures" right there in ours room, sustained by a splash the imagination.

March was an especially fun reading month for us. Ours school celebrated March is reading Month, took part in Read across America, and had a Celebration the Seuss Week as well.

I personally have actually a arsenal of over 40 Dr. Seuss books. It was amidst this heap of fun, that i wondered just how numerous children"s publications Dr. Seuss had actually actually written.

I assumed the answer would certainly be a no-brainer. Just Google mine question and a number would pop increase right? Wrong!

To my surprise, no one really quite agreed. I found guess-timates indigenous 40 come 60. I couldn"t even find a complete bibliography! How can this be? Hmmm...did I want to make the time to take up this an obstacle and figure it out for myself?

My curiosity got the best of me. Zillions of hrs of research study later, I"m proud to present to you, an alphabetical list of Seuss"s books.

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Finding and also getting all of the consists on one page, to be no tiny feat.

Since i was ~ above a roll, I also wrote a synopsis of all of them and also even included every one of the story that were published as collections. Synopsis the 79 Seuss books/stories.

(While law research and also discovering books and also stories I had actually never heard of, I had to find and read castle of course! therefore the "zillions" of hours, i beg your pardon was definitely time well-spent!) ns hope you think so too, and find it helpful.

So why the variety of answers? ns think few of the inequalities happen, because specific "counters" only incorporate the books written under Theodore"s pseudonym: "Dr. Seuss" and not those he wrote (but did not illustrate) under his pen name, Theo. LeSieg (Geisel, his real name, spelled backwards.)

A most lists additionally don"t include the 2 publications (The 7 Lady Godivas & You"re only Old Once) that he created for adults. (Most civilization don"t also know that Seuss drew cartoons and wrote for an adult audience prior to writing children"s books.)

Another, often "uncounted" Seuss, is the adorable small book "A Little an insect Went Ka-Choo", which he wrote under the pen surname Rosetta Stone. What? Why on earth would he include yet another pen name?

It seems that Dr. Seuss was creating a book with Michael Frith. He didn"t desire to use his name on the book, for this reason Mike said he usage his wife"s name instead. Audrey"s maiden name was Stone. Frith assumed of Rosetta and also the rest is background or not...

The rather expensive, The countless Mice that Mr. Brice, which to be made right into a 1989 popular music up book: The Pop-Up mouse of Mr. Brice (Theo LeSeig) regularly escapes counting together well, perhaps since of the price. If you"re lucky enough to uncover a "new" one, you"ll likely be shelling out over $300.

Counting confusion can likewise be attributed to the truth that Dr. Seuss wrote several publications that were collections the stories. Several of these stories were later on made into separate books, like What Was ns Afraid Of? which an initial appeared in The Sneeches.

Books like Daisy-Head Mayzie and My countless Colored Days, i beg your pardon were released after his death, also point many lists. Similar to the other LeSeig books, he did not illustrate these.

Does the "to highlight or not to illustrate?" include to the confusion? Perhaps; that knows what factors civilization use to comprise a perform of Dr. Seuss books.

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However, my research contained them all, which resulted in 64 books! so why does my cover page say 65?

Although Seuss go not compose Horray because that Diffendoofer Day, Jack Prelutsky, expanded and completed Seuss"s original work, therefore I thought it just fair to include it in my count. After all, it functions Miss Bonkers. A teacher.

Alas, simply when I believed my counting to be done...Oh no! along comes another one!

Random home announced the they will certainly be release What Pet should I Get? ~ above July 28th, saying: "...it was likely written between 1958 & 1962."

OK already! One publication is fine, yet that is no all! oh no, that is not all...

It seems that the publisher plans on at least two more books, based on mysterious manuscripts found in Seuss"s home in La Jolla, California, through his widow and secretary.

I wonder if one of those will be from Seuss’ loose manuscript “All kinds of Sports,” which offered at one auction in 2010 for $34,000?

Could this it is in a "too an excellent to it is in true" thing, or go Dr. Seuss, like many prolific writers, actually have actually the proverbial piles that paper, stuck like a book in every "cramped cranny and small nook?"

Be that together it may, I will certainly not it is in up-dating my existing lists whenever soon, at least not till they protect against finding points “every-which-where".

Thanks for visiting. I"m turn off to take part aspirin and curl up v a an excellent book.

My brain feels together fried as Sam"s environment-friendly eggs and ham. Wishing you a stress-free day.