Users on social media room sharing picture that attributes misleading data top top black and also white murder rates. Based upon existing U.S. Government data, every the figures are false.

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The image alleges, for example, that 81% that white murder victims are killed by Blacks. Data indigenous the FBI and also the U.S. Department of Justice present on the contrary that more than 80% that white killing victims are killed by whites.

Posts with the case are visible below , here and also here .

The picture lists the following categories: “whites death blacks 2%”, “police killing whites 3%”, “whites killing white skin - man 16%”, “blacks killing white skin - man 81%”, “police killing blacks 1%” and “blacks death blacks 97%”. No dates are specified, and the data is attributed come “stats from Wikipedia”.

In the “Homicide” section of Wikipedia’s Race and also Crime in the United says entry here , the site quotes a report through the U.S. Room of righteousness visible below (see web page 13). The report, i m sorry analyzes Homicide patterns in the U.S. Between 1980-2008, uncovered that within that duration “most murders were intraracial”, v 84% that white victims eliminated by whites and 93% of black victims eliminated by black color perpetrators.

According to the FBI’s expanded Homicide data from 2018, the most recent report that this sort to be able to find ( right here ), 80.7% of the murders of white world were committed by white criminal (2,677 that a complete of 3,315) if 15.5% that the murders of white civilization were cursed by black color offenders (514).

The social media post additionally alleges white offenders committed 2% that the murders of black victims. According to the FBI’s data, 8% the the reported murders of Black world were committed by white criminal (234 that a full of 2,925) and also 88.9% by black color offenders (2,600).

FBI data from 2017 also follows this trend: 80.2% the white victim were eliminated by white offenders, 8.9% of black color victims were killed by whites, 88.5% of black color victims were eliminated by Blacks, and 16.1% of whites were eliminated by Blacks ( right here ).

A Fact inspect visible below shows the FBI data because that 2013 additionally maintained this trend.


False. FBI data walk not support the numbers placed forth in this case on interracial crime and also police killings. Many U.S. Murders because that white and also Black victims are intraracial.

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