The 2020 NFL season started with only three black head coaches in a league where the players are approximately 70% Black.

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The Los Angeles Chargers' Anthony Lynn, the Miami Dolphins' Brian Flores and the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin are currently the only Black head coaches in the Illustration / Getty Images
As fans celebrate the return of the NFL, black color coaches are hoping their greatest victory will come after ~ the season is over.

The NFL’s 32 teams started the season in complete on Sunday with just three black head coaches and also two Black general managers in a league where the football player are around 70% Black. Of the five head coaching tasks that were open up in the offseason, none visited Black coaches, and one saw a coach that color, Washington’s Ron Rivera, that is Latino.

Given a national climate in i m sorry protests versus racial injustice have gone to the forefront and also NFL commissioner roger Goodell has openly acknowledged the league’s diversity shortcomings, the hiring cycle in the 2021 offseason looks to be among the many scrutinized in NFL history when it comes to whether or not teams bring in black head coaches and also general managers.

“I don’t watch it as having to build a pipeline and I don’t watch it as coaches having actually to occupational their means up," previous NFL quarterback James “Shack” Harris called "I think it’s about opportunities. Ns think we’ve to be head coaches and also shown we deserve to coach any type of position, for this reason it’s just about being provided a chance."

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NFL apologizes come players for dismissing racism concerns

June 6, 202001:44
Harris, 73, who was the very first Black quarterback in NFL background to start and win a playoff game and the very first to play in the pro Bowl, is a co-founder of the black College Football room of Fame, i m sorry has operated with the NFL due to the fact that 2018 to hold the annual Quarterback Coaching Summit.

The June event, i m sorry was online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, brings black coaches together to network and also get your name the end in coaching circles. Nearly 100 coaches from the college and NFL ranking took component in this year"s event, which had actually participation from 22 NFL teams.

The summit has concentrated on coaches on the attack side of the ball, namely offensive coordinators and quarterbacks coaches, due to the fact that that is where 70% of the brand-new head coaching hires have actually come indigenous in the last 3 seasons.

Nearly 40% of head coaches hired from the 2009-10 season v the 2018-19 season were offensive coordinators, and also 91% that the coaches hired together offensive coordinators in that same time frame were white, follow to Arizona State University"s global Sport Education and Research Lab.

There are at this time only two Black offensive coordinators in the league, Kansas City’s Eric Bieniemy and Tampa Bay’s Byron Leftwich. Bieniemy helped engineer the high-octane violation behind superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes the led the Chiefs to critical season’s Super key title, when Tampa Bay had the No. 1 passing offense in the league and now has included legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

Bieniemy has interviewed v multiple teams in the last two seasons yet not landing a head coaching job.

“Some of it’s just mind-boggling,” former NFL head coach Jim Caldwell, 65, told “You watch at males who got opportunities when Eric walk not. Those points make you scrape your head.

“What we have to understand is this, there are a most (Black) men out there who deserve to do the job. It’s not like we need to reinvent ourselves.”

Eric Bieniemy was supported to offensive coordinator through Kansas City in 2018.David Eulitt / Getty Images

Those v the ultimate say ~ above hirings in the NFL are the owners, and only 2 of them space not white — Buffalo receipt co-owner Kim Pegula, that is eastern American, and Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, that is Pakistani American.

However, it’s the head coaches who have actually often decided not come promote black color coaches come high-level assistant tasks that might position them to at some point be head coaches. The fact that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid even supported Bieniemy to offensive coordinator is rare offered that between February 2018 and February 2019, 15 attack coordinators to be hired by head coaches, and Bieniemy was the just one who wasn’t white, according to the Washington Post.

Super bowl MVP and Black university Football room of fame co-founder Doug Williams speak on a conference contact to reporters in June about the impetus for owners to action in.

“The owners have offered too much cause the head coaches,” Williams said. “Somewhere along the lines, the owners have to play a component in this and also make the head coaches realize, ‘You can’t rental all her buddies just due to the fact that you know them. You have to look external ... Because there’s some talent the end there that you can be overlooking, and a lot of that talent is in this minority swimming pool that we have here.’”

Goodell spoke around the worry in January during his yearly press conference front of the super Bowl. The NFL did no respond come"s inquiry for comment.

"Clearly we are not whereby we want to be on this level," that said, follow to "It"s clear we must change. We have already begun pointing out those changes, what step we can take alongside determine much better outcomes."

Searching because that Solutions

The NFL believed it had taken a large step toward addressing the issue with the 2003 implementation the the Rooney Rule, which right now requires groups to interview candidates of shade for head coaching and also executive positions.

Also, establishments like the Fritz Pollard Alliance, named after the NFL’s an initial Black head coach, were created at the moment to push for much more diversity in the NFL coaching ranks.

Momentum appeared to be structure when current NBC soccer analyst Tony Dungy came to be the very first Black head coach in NFL background to command a team come a Super bowl title in 2007 ~ his Indianapolis Colts to win a Chicago bears team coached by Lovie Smith, an additional Black coach.

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The NFL bound a record with eight coaches of color to begin the 2018 season, however this season started with just Rivera, Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin, Miami’s Brian Flores and Anthony Lynn the the Los Angeles Chargers together head coaches of shade in the league.