Family way everything to many people. The much more the merrier. It is why the members constantly stick together. The pressure constantly comes in once one the the members is a celebrity. This brings in media attention to the rest of the group. Gift high profile isn’t easy. Much is expected of you. It is why we obtain to highlight the stays of Marie Osmond’s children. She is one actress, producer, and singer formerly married to Brian Blosil and also Steve Craig twice. Together, they had a variety of kids. Let’s have actually a look native the earliest to the youngest.

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Marie Osmond’s earliest Son Stephen James Craig Jr Is Married to mam Clarie Olds and two youngsters Stephen Jr. And Christian.

Born ~ above April 20th, 1983, Stephen come in as the eldest child of Marie Osmond and also her an initial husband Steve Craig. Right now 35 year old, Stephen James Junior to be born in Provo, Utah, USA. Together for his beforehand education, he attended Agoura High college in California and went earlier to Utah whereby he enrolled because that college.

When his mom married again, he was embraced by his stepdad and got the name Stephen James Blosil. Together for family, the 35-year-old is married with two kids, Stephen Jr. And Christian. He resides with his beautiful wife, Claire Olds, and also their kids. The young pair got married sometime in 2011 in the presence of the huge family and also friends.


Marie Osmond kid Stephen James Craig Jr.

Professionally, the father of 2 is an actor and also a singer. Also following his mummy footsteps, he has actually starred in movies prefer It almost wasn’t Christmas released in 1989 once he was 6 year old. The singer speak fluent Mandarin and is in love v the culture. His very first debut music album was released ~ above February 2003 in Japan. That was title That’s What you Get and also was well obtained in the country.

Nowadays, he methods sometimes but mostly do the efforts to it is in a good father come his two kids while life in Los Angeles, California

Jessica Marie Blosil: adopted Daughter that Marie Osmond.

You might not it is in a celebrity through profession however the media might still catch up through you just due to the fact that you space famously born. Jessica Marie is the embraced daughter of Marie Osmond and ex-husband Brian Blosil. She was born on December 17th, 1987. Her biological parents are unknown together per the adoption agreement. Her new parents gained her if she was 19 month old and nurtured she as among their own.

Unlike she brothers and sisters, the 30-year old made decision a life away from stardom. Following her passion for legislation enforcement, she became a policewoman after effectively going through the police academy. She celebrity persona came haunting she in 2009 as soon as she came out that the closet and also declared it s her a member the the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and also Transgender group.

The media had actually a field day through this news. This is since her mom Marie Osmond belongs to the Mormon religion and also her sexuality goes against their way of life. However challenging it was, she sustained her an option and cleared out all the rumors surrounding her daughter. No everyone appeared to prefer the idea though. Nowadays, she resides a low-key life v her girlfriend concentrating on her legislation enforcement career.

Brianna Patricia Blosil

Marie and Brian weren’t excellent in building their family. V no youngsters of their very own yet, they embraced the beautiful 20-year-old infant Brianna soon after her birth. The toddler to be born on 19th November 1997 v her organic parents covert as per the fostering terms and also conditions.

Unlike her various other siblings, Brianna has completely remained concealed from the remainder of the world. There aren’t also pictures that her during her brother’s funeral when the whole family had actually gathered. We’ll get to the shortly.

The only snapshot of the 20-year-old are the persons her mom shared on her Instagram previously this year. From the picture, you can not tell she was adopted as she each other Marie from head come toe. Among other things they share room their black color colored hair and also mutual unnerving dislike for her father Brian Blosil. This is since he to be abusive to his mom and part of the reasons why the pair divorced.

In the footage, her mommy shared, the look-alike daughter was spending some top quality time with her mom at the Paul Mitchell institutions 15th yearly Fun-raising Gala. No one knows what she’s approximately nowadays as she’s completely off the radar. Marie likewise uploaded a photograph of her two daughters Racheal and Brianna if overjoyed and also proud of their graduation.

Brandon Warren Blosil

Coming in together the 4th member the Olive Osmond’s younglings is none various other than Brandon Warren Blosil. Similar to Brianna and also Jessica, he also was embraced by the couple. The internet with its substantial chunks the information, rumors, and also gossip has nothing ~ above him.

The only images of him are the one his mom shares on her Instagram. If he has actually a social account, it’s more than likely hidden and private. However, with some digging of our own, we regulated to uncover his real age.

Brandon celebrate his birthday yearly sometime in November. The date may be a tiny hazy however we do understand he was born in November 1996. That renders him 21 years of age. An education guess would certainly be that he is in college somewhere or has already completed his time in school. This is because the actress worths education and wouldn’t want to let any type of of her children grow up there is no one.

Overall, she is proud and also happy for every her children. Their different origins mean squat come her. Several of Warren’s well known cousins encompass David, Jeremy James, Brandon Michael, Joshua Davis, Donald Clark, Christopher glen Osmond and many more from her uncle and also aunt, Donny and also Debbie Osmond.

Rachael Lauren Krueger

Brian and the Marie osmond welcomed their firstborn biological daughter, Rachael Blosil on august 19th, 1989. Currently 28 year old, she made her mother proud as soon as she invited the birth of she firstborn daughter called Rocket Jade Marie.

The girl, currently 3 years old was born Friday, august 14th, 2015. She do headlines through her well known grandmother always talking about her throughout interviews. The cute baby girl was born in ~ St. Climbed Dominican Hospital weighing 6 lbs.

She ended up being the talk of the family also overlooking your marriage. Racheal adapted her husband’s last name, Krueger when she exchanged vows with him in ~ the altar. Gabriel Krueger, a fashion designer based in south Dakota met the love of his life in Chicago while examining at the Illinois institute of Art.


Jades mom was in town through her uncle and also mom on part fashion wardrobe related business when she met him. The boy, 2 1 at the time worked fast and also proposed within a year of your encounter. Racheal probably a year older yet that didn’t avoid him indigenous proposing at the Santa Monica Pier.

The young pair exchanged vows throughout Christmas in Park City, Utah and also have both never ever been happier. Nowadays, she focusses on she career together a costume designer.

Michael Bryan

A tide of sadness hit the Osmond family when one of their members passed away after committing suicide. Michael Bryan died at the period of 18 after ~ jumping turn off the roof of his Los Angeles Apartment. He left a suicide keep in mind for his household which ruined her mother also further.

She has actually never obtained over his death and still copes v the situation. Nobody knows for certain why that did it. Some sighted depression and substance abuse. Rather sighted around his alleged sex-related orientation to being gay. The autopsy report, however, pointed out that there to be no drugs found in his body.

Born on might 4th, 1991, he had actually a troubled childhood. Addicted to drugs, rehabilitated during his early teenage years, he also had a strenuous partnership with his father. It was so negative that it gained to the allude that he used to readjust his surname from Blosil come Bryan. His death certificate and also tombstone had actually zero ties come his father.

Moreover, Brian Blosil didn’t present up in ~ the funeral since he figured he wasn’t invited anyway. Racheal also wasn’t fond of him and got her last called changed. Michael passed away in 2010 and the suicide was termed as an extreme fall. No one experienced it coming because he was constantly the quiet and also reserved type.

Matthew Richard Blosil

Matthew came in at just the ideal time. Born ~ above July 6th, 1999 makes him 18 year old. He helped blend the household blend also further by having actually a mix of organic and embraced kids. This doesn’t median he is loved much more than the rest. Marie loves every her youngsters equally.

Born come his father, that looks similar to him. Through chubby cheeks and dark brown-black hair, that looks choose quite the charmer. Very little is known about Matthew since he is still young and also just quiet figuring self out. With his mother’s finest interests at love to shield that from publicly scrutiny, the 18-year-old boy has actually grown without a single speck the information about him. No one knows around his childhood or education as is the case of most celebrity kids.

Through pictures shared on the internet, he seems favor a happy fella. Over there exists a snapshot of the with plenty of scout badges when he was a bit younger. This just leaves one speculation. That he is really outgoing and probably loves nature, the woods and also camping.

We cannot wait to see what the human being has planned for him. Also, the career path he will pick for himself is walking to identify if he will make tabloid top or not.

Abigail Michelle Blosil

To finish the list is none other than Abigail Olive may Michelle Blosil. Rather a mouthy name for the youngest of the group. She was born top top September 2002. Additionally adopted, that is either she exact day of bear is missing or they have specifically preferred to hide it the way.

Abigail is right now 15 years old and also loved through everyone. As soon as she to be 7, her mother couldn’t get sufficient of her and also uploaded images of her almost everywhere her Twitter.

She’s more than likely in center school or a student in the first year in high school. As for the school she’s acquiring her education and learning from, just her girlfriend know. Otherwise, Marie’s agent is law an awesome job covering she trail.

The teenager has blonde hair and lives through her mom and also new-old ex-husband Steve Craig, a motivational speaker. The Osmond household is a large blended family with every sorts the people. Beginning with Abigail’s grandparents, Olive and George Osmond. She may have been cute being the critical born and also all however her nephew and nieces are absolutely running the display now.

Everyone seems to be taking a various career path in the Osmond family. Stop wait and see i beg your pardon one she chooses once she comes of age.

Marie Osmond Children and also Their Birthdates.

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NameDate of Birth
Stephen James Craig Jr.April 20th,1983
Jessica Marie BlosilDecember 17th, 1987
Brianna Patricia BlosilNovember 19th,1996
Brandon Warren BlosilNovember 1996
Racheal Lauren KruegerAugust 19th, 1989
Michael BryanMay 4th, 1991
Matthew Richard BlosilJuly 6th,1999
Abigail Michelle BlosilSeptember 2002