Senate minority LeaderSeniorSenator from NevadaDemocratServed jan 6, 1987 – january 3, 2017

These statistics covering Reid’s record during the 114th Congress (Jan 6, 2015-Jan 3, 2017) and compare him to other senators also serving at the end of the session. Last updated on Aug 24, 2017. The statistics to be updated on jan 20, 2017 and Aug 24, 2017 come improve exactly how we counted spreading laws. Initially published on january 7, 2017.

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Members the Congress through party leadership roles regularly do not take part in the legislative process in the same way as various other Members that Congress. Because Reid was busy being Senate minority Leader, the metrics of legislature activity provided below might not apply.

A greater or reduced number below doesn’t necessarily do this legislator any far better or worse, or much more or much less effective, than other Members that Congress. We existing these statistics for you to recognize the quantitative aspects of Reid’s legislative branch career and also make your very own judgements based upon what activities you think room important.

Keep in mind the there are countless important elements of being a legislator besides what deserve to be measured, such as constituent services and also performing monitor of the executive branch, i beg your pardon aren’t reflect here.

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Writing Bipartisan Bills
Working through the House
Joining Bipartisan Bills

Bills Cosponsored
Bills Introduced
Laws Enacted

Committee Positions
Bills out of Committee
Powerful Cosponsors

Leadership Score
Ideology Score

Missed Votes
Government Transparency

Got bipartisan cosponsorson thefewest billscompared toSenate Democrats

In this era of partisanship, that is essential to see Members of congress working throughout the aisle. 3 the Reid’s 23 bills and also resolutions had both a democratic cosponsor and also a Republican cosponsor in the 114th Congress.

Compare to allSenate Democrats(0th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(9th percentile);All Senators(6th percentile).

Cosponsoredthefewest billscompared toSenate Democrats

Reid cosponsored 152 bills and also resolutions introduced by various other Members that Congress. Cosponsorship shows a willingness to work-related with others to development policy goals. Watch Cosponsored bills »

Compare to allSenate Democrats(0th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(11th percentile);All Senators(7th percentile).

Heldthefewest committee positionscompared toServing 10+ Years(tied with 1 other)

Reid held a leadership position ~ above 0committees and also 0subcommittees, as either a chair (majority party) or ranking member (minority party), at the end of the session.For comparison to various other Members of Congress, we assigned a score giving five points because that each full committee management position and one allude for every subcommittee leadership position.View Reid’s file »

Compare come allSenate Democrats(0th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(0th percentile);All Senators(0th percentile).

Got their bills out of committeethe4th the very least oftencompared toServing 10+ Years(tied through 4 others)

Most bills and also resolutions languish in committee without any type of action. Reid introduced 1 bill in the 114th congress that acquired past committee and also to the floor for consideration.

Those receipt were: S. 1436: Nevada aboriginal Nations land Act

Compare come allSenate Democrats(9th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(6th percentile);All Senators(7th percentile).

Rankedthe6th bottom/followercompared toServing 10+ Years

Our distinctive leadership evaluation looks at that is cosponsoring whose bills. A greater scoreshows a greater capability to obtain cosponsors ~ above bills.

For more, check out our methodology. Note that because on this page just legislative activity in the 114th congress is considered, the leadership score here may different from Reid’s score in other places on

Compare to allSenate Democrats(18th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(11th percentile);All Senators(21st percentile).

Introducedthe6th fewest billscompared toSenate Democrats

Reid introduced 23 bills and also resolutions in the 114th Congress. Check out Bills »

Compare to allSenate Democrats(11th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(15th percentile);All Senators(19th percentile).

Was7th many absentin votescompared toAll Senators

Reid missed 12.2% the votes (61 that 502 votes) in the 114th Congress. Watch Reid’s file »

Compare come allServing 10+ Years(89th percentile);All Senators(93rd percentile).

Got the8th fewest cosponsorson your billscompared toServing 10+ Years

Reid’s bills and resolutions had 146 cosponsors in the 114th Congress. Securing cosponsors is an essential part of gaining support for a bill, back having more cosponsors go not always mean a bill will acquire a vote. See Bills »

Compare come allSenate Democrats(20th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(15th percentile);All Senators(27th percentile).

Got bicameral supporton the8th fewest billscompared toSenate Democrats(tied v 1 other)

The House and Senate often work on the same worry simultaneously by presenting companion bills in every chamber. 6 that Reid’s bills and resolutions had a companion invoice in the House. Working through a sponsor in the various other chamber provides a bill an ext likely to it is in passed by both the House and also Senate.

Those receipt were: S. 196: Garden valley Withdrawal Act; S. 199: gold Butte nationwide Conservation Area …; S. 691: atom Waste informed Consent Act; S. 1436: Nevada native Nations floor Act; S. 2903: Max Cleland Congressional gold Medal …; S. 2924: Max Cleland Congressional gold Medal …

Compare come allSenate Democrats(16th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(19th percentile);All Senators(20th percentile).

Companion bills room those the are identified as “identical” by Congress’s Congressional research study Service.

Ranked26th many politically leftcompared toAll Senators

Our distinctive ideology analysis assigns a score to Members of congress accordingto your legislative habits by how similar the sample of bills and also resolutions lock cosponsor are to various other Members that Congress.

For more, view our methodology. Keep in mind that since on this page only legislative task in the 114th congress is considered, the ideology score below may differ from Reid’s score elsewhere on

Compare come allSenate Democrats(55th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(32nd percentile);All Senators(25th percentile).

Laws Enacted

Reid presented 1 bill that became law, including via incorporation right into other measures, in the 114th Congress. Store in mind the it take away a law to repeal a law. Very couple of bills ever come to be law. Check out Enacted receipt »

Those receipt were: S. 1436: Nevada indigenous Nations soil Act

Compare to allSenate Democrats(11th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(11th percentile);All Senators(15th percentile).

The legislator need to be the main sponsor of the invoice or joint resolution the was spread or the main sponsor the a bill or share resolution for which at least around one 3rd of its message was incorporated into an additional bill or joint resolution the was enacted as law, as identified by an automatically analysis. When a legislator might lay claim to authoring various other bills that came to be law, these situations are complicated for us to track quantitatively. We likewise exclude bills where the sponsor’s initial intent is no in the final bill.

Powerful Cosponsors

4 the Reid’s bills and resolutions in the 114th Congress had actually a cosponsor that was a chair or ranking member of a committee that the bill was ad to. Getting support native committee leaders on relevant committees is a an essential step in moving legislation forward.

Those receipt were: S. 2377: defeat ISIS and also Protect and also …; S. 2540: fair Day in Court for …; S. 2924: Max Cleland Congressional yellow Medal …; S. 3106: certain the northern Triangle Act

Compare come allSenate Democrats(36th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(26th percentile);All Senators(40th percentile).

Joining Bipartisan Bills

that the 152 bills that Reid cosponsored, 33% were introduced by a legislator that was not a Democrat.View Cosponsored receipt »

Compare to allSenate Democrats(41st percentile);Serving 10+ Years(65th percentile);All Senators(68th percentile).

Only Democratic and Republican Members of Congress who cosponsored more than 10 bills and also resolutions are contained in this statistic.

Government Transparency looked at whether Reid supported any kind of of 22 federal government transparency, accountability, and also effectiveness receipt in the Senate the we identified in this session. We gave Reid 1 point, based on one point for cosponsoring and also three points because that sponsoring any type of of these bills.

Reid cosponsored S. 366: Senate project Disclosure parity Act

Compare to allSenate Democrats(0th percentile);Serving 10+ Years(28th percentile);All Senators(28th percentile).

Additional Notes

Leadership/Ideology: The leadership and also ideology scores room not shown for Members of congress who presented fewer 보다 10 bills, or, because that ideology, because that Members of congress that have a low leadership score, together there is usually not enough data in these instances to compute reliable leadership and also ideology statistics.

Missing Bills: we exclude receipt from some statistics whereby the sponsor’s original intent is not in the last bill because the bill’s text was replaced in totality with unrelated provisions (i.e. It came to be a automobile for i of unrelated provisions).Ranking Members (RkMembs): The chair the a committee is always selected from the political party that holds the many seats in the chamber, referred to as the “majority party”. The “ranking member” (sometimes “RkMembs”) is the title offered to the senior-most member that the committee not in the majority party.

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Freshmen/Sophomores: Freshmen and also sophomores space Members of conference whose first term (in the same chamber at the end of the 114th Congress) to be the 114th conference (freshmen) or 113th (sophomores). Members of Congress who took office within the last couple of months of a conference are taken into consideration freshmen in the following Congress together well.