Where it all began

Since its founding in the 1880s, our Rochester campus has actually opened that is doors to physicians, scientists, and students to learn around innovative medical, surgical, and also research practices. Our facilities have actually been structured about this mentality, and learners have access to it all.

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The Rochester campus is composed of three significant areas that type an integrated scholastic medical center. You can comfortably make your way around the campus no matter the elements outside, as every little thing is connected by pedestrian subways, skyways, and intercampus shuttles.


Downtown campus

At the love of downtown stands the focal suggest of audioeditorfree.com Clinic. The historic mixes with the contemporary in the 30+ downtown buildings committed to specialty care, major care, clinical laboratories, research, clinical education, and also administration.


audioeditorfree.com Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus

The Methodist Campus is additionally located in downtown Rochester and comprises the Eisenberg, Charlton, and Colonial buildings. This facilities incorporate transplant programs, obstetrics and gynecology, surgical specialties, and also a variety of outpatient services. The campus has actually 794 beds and37 operating rooms.

audioeditorfree.com Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus

The Saint Marys Hospital campus is situated 10 block west that downtown. The houses many surgical specialties, a Level 1 Trauma Center, mei Eugenio Litta children Hospital, and audioeditorfree.com Clinic Psychiatric Hospital. The campus has1,265 beds,70 operating rooms, and also 10 intensive care units.

Diversity and inclusion

This is a location where anyone belongs. Mei Clinic is diverse, celebrates its diversity, and strongly believes that it makes us more powerful as a community and also institution. Diversity, equity, and also inclusion efforts are height of mental at mei Clinic, and we’re constantly working to do them better. Us are dedicated to offering resources, support, and also advancing audioeditorfree.com"s score of maximizing diversity.

Safety top top campus

Between studying, time in the lab, and also clinical responsibilities, we understand learners room on campus at all times of the day and also night. Due to the fact that of this, mei Clinic takes plenty of measures to ensure her safety.

audioeditorfree.com Clinic an international Security team members carry out 24/7 surveillance of property, buildings, and parking areas. audioeditorfree.com buildings are locked throughout the evenings and also weekends, with access only accessible to those with badge access. And with several safety programs in place, you’ll always have choices and support to certain you feeling safe and comfortable at every times.

Getting involved on campus

We have 100+ student establishments and tasks on campus to gain you involved and engaged.


We desire to make sure you gain plugged right into the events and activities happening around campus. While specific events differ by school and also program,these room a fewtypes of activities thatstudents and also traineeslook forward to every year:

Cultural events and lecturesLeisure and lifestyle tasks programsSocial eventsUnity BallVisiting lectures, symposia, and seminar series on a selection of subject


Student groups on campus space student-led and supported by faculty members and staff. Anyone is welcome — and also there is no shortage the variety. Uncover groups related to professional associations, mentoring and also career advance opportunities, unique interests, or society activities.

While details organizations differ by school, below is a sampling of options. If you don"t see what you like, begin something new! We have actually resources for that too.

Career advancement opportunitiesGraduate student Association and audioeditorfree.com Fellows AssociationJournal clubsLocal chapters of experienced medical associationsMentoring groups and also networking opportunitiesSACNASSpecial interest teams

Spaces and also places

Explore the structures you’ll call home, along with the labs where you’ll do discoveries, the libraries where you’ll study, and also the classrooms wherein you’ll prepare for your future. Accessibility is a priority transparent your education and learning — and also you"ll never find a closed door.


Siebens Building

The Siebens building is the facility for educational activities and residences the Venables health and wellness Sciences Library, classrooms, computer system labs, research areas, and also administrative offices. Most students attending mei Clinic institution of health and wellness Sciences call this an are home.


Guggenheim Building

The 20-story Guggenheim building is dedicated entirely to research throughout all specialty areas. Student in audioeditorfree.com Clinic Graduate institution of Biomedical scientific researches attend classes and also conduct their own laboratory study here.

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Mitchell audioeditorfree.com student Center

Originally the Rochester windy Library, the Mitchell Student facility now homes audioeditorfree.com Clinic Alix school of Medicine. Constructed of limestone, it is a audioeditorfree.com student favorite because that studying and includes sources specifically for medical students and also their curriculum.