Duke and the month of March have become almost synonymous throughout college basketball background as the Blue Devils continue to overcome the NCAA Tournament record books.

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The Blue Devils haven"t missed an NCAA Tournament since 1995 and look poised for one more deep operation in 2019 with three of the nation"s best freshmen.

Here"s a look at just how leading Duke is in the NCAA Tournament and also a document of all their national championships.

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How numerous national championships has duke won in basketball?

The Blue Devils room blue bloods once it concerns college basketball. Duke has winner five national championships, with the most recent emerging in 2015. The 2014-15 season to be one come remember for duke fans as coach Mike Krzyzewski winner his 1,000th career game, and also the team featured 3 future NBA football player in Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones and Quinn Cook. 

Perhaps the many memorable moment in NCAA basketball history came in Duke"s operation to the 1992 nationwide championship. In the East regional final versus Kentucky, Christian Laettner struggle an iconic, game-winning, turn-around jumper together time expired to send the Blue Devils come the finals because that the second year in a row. Duke defeated the famed Michigan Fab 5 by 20 in the final.

In Duke"s operation to its third national championship in 2001, it became the first-ever institution to defeat every one of its tournament enemies by twin digits, including a 10-point success over Arizona in the final.

Duke"s NCAA championship video game appearances

2015Duke 68, Wisconsin 6335-4
2010Duke 61, butler 5935-5
2001Duke 82, Arizona 7235-4
1999UConn 77, fight it out 7437-2
1994Arkansas 76, battle each other 7228-6
1992Duke 71, Michigan 5134-2
1991Duke 72, Kansas 6532-7
1990UNLV 103, duke 7329-9
1986Louisville 72, fight it out 6937-3
1978Kentucky 94, fight it out 8827-7
1964UCLA 98, fight it out 6326-5

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Duke’s NCAA Tournament record all time

The Blue Devils space 108-36 every time in NCAA competition games. Duke has to be to 16 final Fours in school history, v coach Mike Krzyzewski leading them come 12. His 12 final Four appearances space tied through UCLA"s man Wooden"s for the most by any type of coach in history.

Duke hasn"t been back to the last Four since its many recent championship in 2015. In 2018, the Blue Devils came one video game short, losing in the elite Eight to Kansas.

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Who has an ext national championships: duke or UNC? 

North Carolina stop a slight benefit in nationwide championships. By beating Gonzaga for their sixth location in 2017, the Tar Heels have a 6-5 edge end Duke. The two schools have actually never met in the NCAA Tournament but did play head to head in the 1971 national Invitational Tournament, with UNC to win 73-67 in the semifinals.

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When did battle each other win its an initial national championship?

Duke winner its very first national location in 1991 v a 72-65 success over Kansas in the final. 3 players ~ above that team — Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley and Grant Hill — have because had your jerseys retired. The championship-winning season come after getting to the final Four because that a 4th straight season and also the nationwide championship for a second straight year. Battle each other would repeat as national champions in 1992. 

Which school has actually won the most NCAA titles?

Duke"s five national championships ties it with Indiana for 4th all time in men"s basketball. UCLA leader the means with 11. Kentucky ranks 2nd with eight, complied with by phibìc Carolina"s six. 

SchoolNational titlesMost recent
1. UCLA111995
2. Kentucky82012
3. North Carolina62017
4. Duke52015
5. Indiana51987

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