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Amabile and also Pitt in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC transparent the entire seventh season the "Paradise," over there wasn"t a stronger couple than "Grocery store Joe" Amabile (originally from Becca Kufrin"s season) and also Pitt (from Matt James" season). Also though Amabile"s "Paradise" ex Kendall long showed up at the proposal, nothing can shake your relationship.

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They left the beach engaged, and they space still with each other today. According to an figure on "Bachelor Happy Hour," Amabile and also Pitt are figuring out where they"re going come live, even if it is it"s splitting time between Chicago and also Toronto, or moving permanent to new York City.

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin likewise got engaged.


Braasch and also Pepin in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Braasch and Pepin had actually a rocky time in "Paradise" — after starting off strong, Pepin, who was on Matt James" season, determined that she want to be able day other people. Braasch, native Clare Crawley and also Tayshia Adams" season, took the to typical he have to start follow a connection with Demi Burnett, Tia Booth, and also anyone else that was interested.

However, Pepin soon made decision she wanted Braasch back, and also they got ago together, and he even proposed at the end of the season. They"re quiet together.

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn are the third engaged pair from this season.


Christian and also Gunn in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Easily the most heartwarming partnership on the beach, Gunn and also Christian space the 3rd and final pair who got involved on this season of "Paradise." From your very first date, Christian (from the "Clayshia" season) and Gunn (from Peter Weber"s season), can tell this to be something special.

After countless sweet conversations and also declarations of love, Christian got down on one knee and proposed. Gunn accepted, and the two room still with each other today.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs damaged up, however they later on rekindled your romance off-screen.


Jacobs and Kufrin in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC

When Kufrin walked down the stairs and also on come the beach, she ended up being the first former lead to appear on "Paradise" — after acquiring dumped on TV through Arie Luyendyk, Kufrin went on to star in her own season the "The Bachelorette." that relationship ended in 2020.

So, it would make feeling that she"d it is in guarded, especially about Jacobs, who gained a villain edit on Katie Thurston"s season. However, the two constructed a heavy relationship, till Kufrin referred to as things off throughout the finale.

However, the two reconnected in genuine life, and they are now happily dating.

It looks like Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer space also earlier on.

Heringer and Erb in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Heringer, from Matt James" season, and also Erb, from Tayshia Adams" season, go on the very first date the "Paradise" this season, and they were together for the entire season, v a couple of hiccups follow me the way.

In the penultimate episode of the season, Erb made decision that he was all at once falling in love with Heringer anddidn"t think she was "his person." lock left Mexico separately.

But like Kufrin and Jacobs, the two reconnected post-"Paradise" and are also happily dating.

Chris Conran and Alana Milne space dating after getting kicked turn off of "Paradise" together.

Conran and also Milne. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Conran, that was eliminated on night one of Clare Crawley"s season, was initially dating Jessenia Cruz the Matt James" season, however that readjusted when Alana Milne, likewise from James" season, gone into the beach.

The two quickly decided to go after a relationship, leaving Cruz in the dust. In turn, everyone on the coast ganged increase on them and claimed the they"d been dating pre-"Paradise," a insurance claim they both denied.

After the cast essentially told lock that none of them would speak come the couple if lock stayed, they left separately.

But in current weeks, Conran and Milne have actually been hanging the end together, and also Milne evidenced the connection on she Instagram story, posting a photo of the two kissing captioned, "Paradise is where I"m with you." Conran reposted and wrote: "3 month of no cameras or producers."

After a rough last few episodes, Katie Thurston got engaged to Blake Moynes, and the two room still with each other today.

Moynes and also Thurston in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC

In season 17 the "The Bachelorette," 2 of Thurston"s last four (Michael Allio and Greg Grippo) left that their own accord, leading Thurston, that was originally on Matt James" season that "The Bachelor," come contemplate quitting her season, i beg your pardon concluded in august 2021.

Instead, she go on a final date with Moynes — that joined the season so late after previously being ~ above Clare Crawley/Tayshia Adams" season — made decision she loved him, got rid of Justin Glaze, and also got involved in the end. It all operated out, even after Thurston"s mom and aunt entirely grilled him.

Jordan Chapman and Corrinne Jones never showed up on-screen together, however they found love in Bachelor Nation.

Chapman and also Jones. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Chapman and also Jones, native the "Clayshia" season and also Matt James" season, respectively, made your Instagram debut in September 2021. It"s uncertain how precisely they met, due to the fact that they never overlapped on our TV screens, yet Bachelor nation is well-connected.

However, they room close with Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, together they were on hand come helpthosetwo make their Instagram debut together an engaged couple in October.

Matt James is earlier together through his season's controversial winner, Rachael Kirkconnell.

Kirkconnell and also James in 2021. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty photos

James and also Kirkconnell have certainly been on a journey. If James" season the "The Bachelor" was airing, controversial society media contents from Kirkconnell was uncovered by pan — the fallout resulted in the permanent departure of chris Harrison, Rachel Lindsay leave the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, "Uncomfortable Conversations through a black Man" writer Emmanuel Acho hosting "After the last Rose," and also finally, the split of James and also Kirkconnell.

Except, that break-up wasn"t permanent. Over the last few months, James and Kirkconnell have actually been spotted out and around together. In April 2021, James told people that he"s "not pursuing any kind of relationships ideal now outside ." the added, "I stated I to be going to focus on my connection with her and that method focusing top top it."

By May, James and Kirkconnell had both shown to The wall Street newspaper that they room officially ago together.

"I think it"s unfair to leave people without the capacity to unlearn and also be better," he stated of the decision to offer her one more chance. They made their red carpet debut in July 2021.

You can read more about their relationship here.

Adams and Clark in 2021. David Becker/Getty pictures for iHeartMedia

If you had actually been paying the slightest amount the attention during the season, it was pretty evident where this was heading. Adams, who was first seen on Colton Underwood"s season, also told Clark she love him when she had two other men left!

But either way, after your final day when Clark to be able to totally calm Adams down and ease any kind of fears — she knew he to be the one. So, she sent out her various other contestant, Ben Smith, packing and also was left with just Clark.

After among the many genuinely heartfelt suggest in this franchise"s history, they got engaged. The episode aired in December 2020, and also they"re still together as that October 2021.

Godwin and also Barbour in 2021. Rodrigo Varela/Getty pictures for Sports shown Swimsuit

Barbour, indigenous Hannah Brown"s season of "The Bachelorette," made that clear the he was just there because that Godwin (who to be left blindsided top top Colton Underwood"s season the "The Bachelor") ~ the very first episode of the show, despite she required a little an ext time to check out things through Becca Kufrin"s runner-up, Blake Horstmann.

Horstmann had also flown down to Alabama come visit her pre-filming that "BIP," a reality that to be withheld from everyone for a couple of weeks — or days? The passage of time top top "Paradise" is confusing.

But thankfully for Barbour, Godwin decided to stick through him, and also the 2 got engaged on the finale, i m sorry aired in September 2019. She ultimately moved to California to be through him, and they"re still together as of October 2021.

Miller-Keyes and Unglert in 2021. Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty images

This wasn"t a complete surprise, as E! News reported in July 2019 that the two were dating, but fans lastly got to see exactly how their partnership unfolded during an illustration of "Bachelor in Paradise" the aired in September 2019.

After Unglert, that was on Rachel Lindsay"s season that "The Bachelorette," left the show, Miller-Keyes was devastated. Yet he returned to say he had actually made a mistake, and also asked Miller-Keyes to leave Mexico through him to figure out their relationship.

Miller-Keyes, that made it come hometown dates on Colton Underwood"s season, left behind she rebound guy, Connor Saeli from Hannah Brown"s season that "The Bachelorette," to sign up with Unglert in his much-discussed van.

The two room still together, adopted a dog, and also even bought a home together in Nevada.

Tartick and Bristowe in 2021. Craig Sjodin/Getty photos

Bristowe was the command on "The Bachelorette"s" 11th season earlier in 2015. She and her winner, Shawn Booth, were involved for 3 years before announcing their separation in November 2018.

Tartick come in 3rd on Becca Kufrin"s season that "The Bachelorette" in 2018, and also he was a fan-favorite. In fact, plenty of fans were rooting because that him to be named the following "Bachelor."

However, Colton Underwood was chosen, i beg your pardon left Tartick top top the industry at the perfect time — Bristowe and Tartick originally started message on Instagram not quickly after Bristowe and Booth announced their split. They go public through their new relationship in January 2019.

After over two years of dating, a cross-country relocate to Nashville, and two dogs, Tartick proposed come Bristowe in may 2021.

Loch and Wendt in august 2018. Paul Hebert via Getty pictures

Known affectionately through their fellow "Paradise" contestants as "Mom and Dad," the people was shocked when the many solid pair of the season damaged up ~ above the critical day of "Paradise" throughout season five in September 2018.

Wendt, straight off a insignificant on "Bachelor Winter Games," copped come still being affected by his break-up from ex-girlfriend Ashley Iaconetti (who appears elsewhere top top this list). Loch, native Nick Viall"s season that "The Bachelor," to be blindsided.

Thankfully, the 2 reunited throughout the reunion episode, and they have been giving us connection envy ever before since. Loch revealed in December 2018 the she moved to Toronto to join Wendt.

In September 2019, the two mutual on Instagram the they had actually gotten engaged a couple of days former in Toronto. While their wedding to be postponed because of the pandemic, they walk buy their an initial house in respectable 2020 — and in might 2021, lock announced they"re expecting their very first child with each other in November.

Burnham and Luyendyk in July 2018. Presley Ann/Getty pictures

Luyendyk very first appeared top top the eighth season of "The Bachelorette" in 2012, completing for the love of Emily Maynard. That eventually became the runner-up.

In 2017, alphabet made the surprising relocate to bring him earlier for the 22nd seasonof "The Bachelor," where viewers watched him suggest to Kufrin.

After the proposal, Luyendyk decided he had made a mistake and contacted Burnham, the runner-up native his season, beforebreaking up with Kufrin if the cameras to be rolling, making for a controversial moment in Bachelor Nation"s history.

Luyendyk and Burnham began their partnership anew, and he proposed to she on the live "After the last Rose" special, which aired ~ the finale.

They pulled off a destination wedding in Hawaii in January 2019, and also their daughter, Alessi, was born in might of the year. Your twins, Lux and also Senna, to be born in June 2021.

Gates and Gottschalk in September 2019. Raymond Hall/Getty images

Gates quickly became a pan favorite when she to be a contestant ~ above Nick Viall"s season of "The Bachelor" in 2017. After ~ finishing in second place, she made her way to Mexico for "Bachelor in Paradise" in respectable 2017 whereby she met Gottschalk, who had actually been a contestant on Rachel Lindsay"s season the "The Bachelorette." His case to fame? An unsettling mannequin that carried around named Adam Junior.

But all thoughts that Adam small were pushed aside once these two dropped in love — and now they"re the only pair left indigenous "Paradise" season four.

In June 2019, lock posted corresponding Instagrams announcing their engagement. Gates revealed top top Instagram that they postponed their may 2020 wedding because of the coronavirus, yet they ultimately tied the knot in April 2021.

In July 2021, lock announced they"re expecting a "honeymoon baby" following Janaury.

Lindsay and also Abasolo in 2020. man Fleenor/Getty images

Lindsay made background for gift the very first Black Bachelorette after ~ she came in 3rd on Nick Viall"s season that "The Bachelor."

After she devastating break-up with Peter Kraus, fans were a bit dubious when she immediately said yes come Abasolo"s proposal in respectable 2017 — he wasn"t specifically loved by fans.

But these two have actually made it work. They live with each other in Miami, Florida, and, in Lindsay"s own words room "living their best lives." their wedding took place in august 2019 in ~ a will in Cancun, and also was "island chic."

In 2020, the 2 temporarily gone into a long-distance relationship, together Lindsay relocated to Los Angeles for her brand-new job together a correspondent on "Extra," while Abasolo stayed in Miami — that has since made the cross-country move to LA.

Rodgers and also Fletcher in 2020. john Fleenor/ABC/Getty pictures

After Fletcher, first seen ~ above Ben Higgins"s season, sent Robby Hayes packing, she welcomed a proposal indigenous Rodgers, who had actually been the apparent frontrunner because that her whole season of the "The Bachelorette" in 2016.

The duo is quiet together, and also remain engaged. In fact, in respectable 2019, Rodgers "re-proposed" come Fletcher, finish with a jaw-dropping new ring — and they finally picked a wedding day in 2020, despite it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They also bought their very first house together.

They"re keeping busy through a reality collection on CNBC, "Cash Pad," focused on the duo "partner v homeowners hope to turn their properties into ideal short-lived rentals." They additionally hosted the competition show, "Battle that the Fittest Couples" native October to December 2019 on the great Network, and also are set to hold a new dating show, "The huge D."

Iaconetti and Haibon in 2020. Presley Ann/Getty photos for Seagram"s Escapes

Haibon and also Iaconetti completed on Kaitlyn Bristowe and Chris Soules" periods of "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" respectively, and also met throughout the second season that "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2015. Iaconetti to be smitten ... Haibon no so much.

The timeline the their partnership is tricky, for this reason they exit a 45-minute video on Iaconetti"s YouTube channel explaining just how they fell in love. Essentially, Haibon establish he had to do his move once Iaconetti went back from "Bachelor Winter Games" with a friend (Kevin Wendt).

Their partnership was make public in may 2018, and also Haibon proposed simply a couple of weeks later. The pair tied the knot in a dreamy Rhode Island wedding in august 2019, attend by plenty of members of Bachelor Nation, of course.

In march 2021, castle announced they"re relocating to Rhode Island permanently — and in June 2021, they announced their an initial child is early in February 2022. They"re likewise opening a coffeehouse and also lounge called Audrey"s in southern Kingstown.

Tolbert and also Roper in 2019. Paul Archuleta/Getty images

Tolbert was initially on Kaitlyn Bristowe"s season, if Roper was on kris Soules" season of "The Bachelor."

But now, "Janner," together they"re known, are the gold standard for "Bachelor in Paradise" couples. They were the very first in the spin-off"s background to gain engaged and actually gain married — there had been a couple of false beginning with other couples — and also have been making it occupational ever since their finale aired in September 2015.

They have had their struggles though, i m sorry were shown on your season that "Marriage boot Camp." However, they operated through their issues and also came out stronger.

Their very first daughter, Emerson, to be born in respectable 2017. Their son, Brooks, was born in July 2019, after ~ Roper offered birth in her very own closet. In November 2020, they welcomed their 3rd child, Reed.

Giudici and also Lowe in December 2018. Bryan Bedder/Getty images for Sleep Number

Sean Lowe is the just "Bachelor" lead (season 17, 2013) that has stayed through the winner of his season (both Jason Mesnick and also Arie Luyendyk returned to their runner-ups). He has previously showed up on Emily Maynard"s season of "The Bachelorette."

Lowe and also Giudici had their very first son, Samuel, in July 2016, 2 years after their televised wedding in 2014. Their second son Isaiah was born in June 2018.

The Lowes revealed that they had a third baby on the way one year later. "It was a little overwhelming come think about but we want a large family. This is just the method it was an alleged to happen. Therefore we"re excited " she said People. Their daughter, Mia, was born in December 2019.

Hartsock and also Siegfried in respectable 2018. Earl Gibson III/Getty photos for us tv

Hartsock originally showed up on Sean Lowe"s season of "The Bachelor," however was sent out home. Her season that "The Bachelorette" was particularly controversial — she was broken up with by Brooks Forester during the second-to-last mainly of the show, who was assumed of by numerous to it is in the frontrunner. Thus, a the majority of people believed that Hartsock to be settling when she embraced Siegfried"s proposal back in respectable 2013.

Despite the controversy, Siegfried and Hartsockgot married in January 2015. Your son, Asher, to be born a year later. In July 2018, Hartsock announced top top Instagram the the pair was expecting their 2nd baby, Zander, who was born in January 2019.

The two showed up on "Marriage boots Camp," i beg your pardon aired that is finale in November 2018. The couple, thankfully, decided to remain together and also work on your issues.


Durst and Julian met throughout the 2nd season the "Bachelor Pad" in 2011. Julian to be fresh turn off of Ashley Hebert"s season that "The Bachelorette," and Durst had last been viewed on Matt Grant"s season in 2008. Julian"s proposal aired throughout the season finale.

The two were married by June 2012, and have because moved to southern Carolina, whereby Julian is from.

In July 2019, Durst post an Instagram video clip detailing your 7-year-long battle with infertility, IVF, miscarriages, and also surrogacy. Yet happily, in September 2019, Julian and also Durst revealed lock had adopted a baby, Poppy.

Malaney and Mesnick in march 2018. Paul Hebert/ABC via Getty pictures

Before Arie Luyenydyk was the many hated "Bachelor" in history, there to be Mesnick, who was originally on DeAnna Pappas" season. He proposed to Rycroft, dumped her on "After the final Rose," and immediately request Malaney if they can resume their relationship in march 2009.

But it worked out. Malaney and also Mesnick were engaged later that year in October 2009, and also were married simply a couple of months later. Now, they"re one of the few "Bachelor" success stories, even if your love story didn"t start off in the many conventional way. They had actually their daughter Riley in 2013.

It settled for Rycroft, too. After ~ the break-up, she reunited with she ex, Tye Strickland. They obtained married in 2009, and also have three kids.

Sutter and Rehn in June 2019. Eugene Gologursky/Getty photos

Just uttering the words "Trista and Ryan" roughly a "Bachelor" fan will certainly send lock on a pilgrimage down memory lane. The year to be 2003, and also Rehn was the very an initial "Bachelorette," after obtaining sent house as the runner-up the the an initial season of "The Bachelor."

Rehn decided Sutter in the finale, and he proposed. Their wedding was televised (the first of the franchise) and also shown together a miniseries dubbed "Trista and also Ryan"s Wedding" in December 2003.

Rehn additionally appeared ~ above the very first season the "Dancing through the Stars," and also the couple appeared ~ above "Marriage boot Camp" in 2014. They"re quiet married, live in Colorado, and also have two kids, Max andBlakesley.

Wright and Lambton in may 2012. David l Ryan/The Boston world via Getty photos

Wright and Lambton to be never component of the same present — Wright showed up on the 10th season of "The Bachelor" completing for Andy Baldwin"s heart, yet was left behind ~ above a two-on-one date. She later showed up on the first season the "Bachelor Pad."

Lambton, ~ above the other hand, made it every the method to the final two inAli Fedotowsky"s season that "The Bachelorette," and also eventurned under the possibility to it is in the following "Bachelor."

The two of lock didn"t uncover love on TV, but were presented to each various other at a "Bachelor" event in 2010, and also they hit the off. They gained married two years later in may 2012, and also have been together ever since. "I"m so glad Andy Baldwin left me standing there on the aircraft carrier," Wright called People, "I"m glad it didn"t go any kind of further because it wouldn"t have operated out."

They have two children: a daughter, Lyla, and also a son, Hayes, that was born in December 2018. They freshly collaborated with HSN on a furniture line called Chris and Peyton through Design.

Csincsak and Lueders in august 2010. Denise Truscello/Getty images

The pair met ~ above a "Bachelor" reunion cruise the Csincsak organized — the toldHollywood 411 that he "realized that there were a the majority of women who had gone top top the present who to be also single and can understand what i was walking through."

Csincsak and Lueders married in 2010 if Lueders to be pregnant with their very first child, Noah. Your daughter Charlotte to be born 3 years later, and also their 3rd child Brian to be born in December 2016.


Kitt appeared on Jake Pavelka"s season of "The Bachelor" in 2010, however was sent home in main three, just to reappear ~ above the first season that "Bachelor Pad." Brown showed up on Ali Fedotowsky"s season the "The Bachelorette" that same year, and came in fifth.

The couple began date in January 2013, after meeting at a charity event, and also got involved nine month later, in October. They were married in in march 2014.

Kitt and Brown welcomed their first child, a daughter called Blakely, in April 2018 after ~ a years-long battle with infertility.

Presser and Durr in October 2010. Stephen Lovekin/WireImage/Getty pictures

Durr was eliminated after night among Lorenzo Borghese"s season the "The Bachelor" in 2006, and also Presser was eliminated after night among Jillian Harris" season of "The Bachelorette" in 2009.

Since they both left their seasons so soon, you"d it is in forgiven if you had actually forgotten all about them. Lock met with a personal "Bachelor" alumni Facebook group in July 2009, and also were involved by February 2010. They were married later on that year, in November.

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Durr gave birth to your son, Warner, in June 2012, and their daughter, Ellery, in 2014.