After his appearance in ~ the MTV VMAs in brand-new York, musician explains events together ‘lots of world wanting other world to fail’


Ed Sheeran attends the 2021 MTV Awards, new York City, 12 September 2021. Photograph: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Ed Sheeran attends the 2021 MTV Awards, new York City, 12 September 2021. Photograph: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Ed Sheeran has explained awards ceremonies as “horrible” and also admitted that he often leaves them “feeling sad”.

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Following his appearance at the MTV video Music Awards in new York ~ above 12 September, the told Audacy’s The Julia Show: “The room is filled v resentment and hatred towards everyone else and it’s rather an uncomfortable atmosphere. It’s just lots of world wanting other civilization to fail and I don’t choose that.”

He deflected blame from his fellow musicians. “All the artists are sweet people, yet they’re surrounded by entourages that want them to success too, for this reason it’s one artist surrounded by 10 people and also another artist surrounded by 10 people and also everyone is sort of providing each other the side-eye.”

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Sheeran stated that us ceremonies to be worse 보다 their UK counterparts, where “everyone gets drunk and also no one yes, really cares that wins or loses”.

He stated that his sentiments were common amongst his peers. “People get the very same feeling together me in ~ those award shows. I’ve talked to people and they’re like, ‘I just felt yes, really depressed after that … it’s a really, yes, really horrible environment to be in there. I constantly walk away emotion sad and I don’t choose it.”

Over the food of his career, Sheeran has been nominated for 328 different prizes and won 117 of them, including 4 Grammys, four Brits and four Ivor Novello awards.

His 4th solo album, =, is exit on 29 October. He has described the butterflies on the album cover as representing “new life”, consisting of his experiences of obtaining married, becoming a father and also losing a friend and mentor Michael Gudinski, one Australian record label executive, management who died in March.

The command single, poor Habits, has been the UK No 1 for 11 weeks. Sheeran is collection to change himself in the optimal spot this Friday through the album’s 2nd single, Shivers. The will come to be his 11th UK No 1, giving him a linked total the 52 weeks in the peak spot. Only Elvis Presley (80 weeks) and also the Beatles (69) have actually spent much longer at No 1.

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In 2017, the official Charts company changed the rules of the UK singles graph after Sheeran’s critical album, ÷, driven 16 songs right into the height 20 in its mainly of relax owing to its success ~ above streaming platforms. Thereafter, just an artist’s 3 most well-known songs were eligible for inclusion in the optimal 100.