Britney Spears‘ tale of fame has actually been nothing quick of a roller coaster. As a teenager, she became one the the best pop stars in the country, however her crash and also burn was just as fast and also stunning as her meteoric ascent. Because that a lengthy time, it appeared that we had actually heard the last of Spears’ music career together a few attempts at a comeback fizzled out without much fanfare. 

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Now, however, a brand-new lens has actually been turned on the way Spears was treated — through her own family, by fans, by the media. Together we reckon through what Spears’ story says about our cumulative nature, us are also potentially paving the way for an additional comeback attempt from the once-celebrated singer, and also this one could stick. 

As we consider the opportunity of Spears’ to sing career sputtering ago to life, countless have been looking back on her previous successes. Did the singer ever before win a Grammy? 

Britney Spears won one Grammy

The singer had several celebrated hits, and also many the those earned she Grammy nominations. Spears to be nominated a full of eight times: 

1999 because that Best brand-new Artist2000 for best Female pop Vocal Performance and also Best pop Vocal Album2002 for best Female popular music Vocal Performance and also Best popular music Vocal Album2004 for best Dance Recording2009 for finest Dance Recording

Of those countless nominations, Spears has only won one time. As Billboard explains, most of those accident (including being bested by Christina Aguilera in 1999 and also Macy Gray in 2001) were likely justified. A few, however, seem prefer mistakes in retrospect, and also Spears’ 2003 loss to Norah Jones seems prefer a robbery. As Billboard puts it:

“The shift to adulthood that followed Spears’ an ext kid-friendly very first pair of albums –swiveling between potent club tracks draft by the Neptunes, the snappy popular music of Max Martin, and also stuttering R&B initiatives from Rodney Jerkins — to be the many striking alternative in this category.”

Spears did ultimately win a Grammy win in 2004 once “Toxic” earn her finest Dance Recording. 

Britney Spears was a teenage popular music sensation

Britney Spears was just a teenager when she burst top top the pop music step in 1998 v the struggle “… infant One much more Time.” She was frequently lumped in with various other rising young pop stars that the time, and also the media started using “bubblegum pop” to refer to her, Christina Aguilera, N*SYNC, and also The Backstreet guys — a collective of teenagers who appeared to be almost everywhere the pop charts simultaneously and out that nowhere. 

britneyspears exit 'Oops!… i Did that Again' into the world. : Barbara Rego | #MTVxMindOfBarbra

— MTV (
MTV) might 16, 2021

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Spears’ relationship with N*SYNC frontman Justin Timberlake sent out the media — and also the singers’ young fans — right into a fervor. The coverage the the duo was constant and intense. Their breakup, in particular, was extended from every feasible angle, and also Spears uncovered pictures of it s her splashed across tabloids on a near-daily basis. 

Britney Spears’ mental health struggles were heightened through media coverage

The intense media coverage was often unkind come Spears, and things got even worse when she married Kevin Federline, a former back-up dancer for Timberlake. Federline and also Spears seemed favor an unlikely pair, and Federline had actually recently broken up with actor Shar Jackson, who was pregnant v their 2nd child.

The media had actually a heyday v these facts, and also Spears’ connection kicked the already intense scrutiny of her every move into an even higher gear. 

The pair married in a surprise ceremony in 2004, and they welcomed 2 sons over the first two years of their marriage. Then things began to spiral the end of control. Spears called Federline she want a divorce via text message, and the media coverage of the marriage’s end was all-consuming.

Things were increasingly rocky for Spears, that — under the ever-present eye of the paparazzi cameras — had actually a series of an extremely public psychological health crises that aided shape a cruel narrative about her psychological stability and fitness as a mother.

Eventually, Spears shed custody of she children and also was put under a conservatorship wherein she did not have accessibility or manage of her very own assets. Spears is currently fighting to be exit from she conservatorship.

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