Four and also a fifty percent years after your divorce, news about the one-time pair continues come spark interest. The artists themselves feed public curiosity v songs around and behavior toward each other due to the fact that the split. Miranda Lambert’s performances v the Pistol Annies “I obtained My Name changed Back” and “When ns Was His Wife” fueled speculation they were leveled at Blake Shelton. Shelton’s breakup anthem “She’s obtained a method With Words” reverberated through acidity.

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Lambert and also her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, i stopped the flames by refusing to take part in a standing ovation after ~ Shelton perform his award-winning track “God’s Country” in ~ the 2019 country Music Awardsceremony. Both Lambert and also Shelton have actually garnered industry respect and recognition for your talent. Perhaps, the two deserve to put acrimony next at some point.

Rising stars


Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

By the time Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton met to do “You’re The factor God make Oklahoma”at the CMT 100 biggest Duets concert in 2005, they were each well on their method to stardom.

In fact, “Austin,” had already launched Shelton into his first No. 1 struggle on Billboard’s “Hot country Singles” charts in 2001. “All over Me” was another solitary off the debut Blake Shelton album the reached top 20 success and helped beginning the album right into platinum orbit.

Shelton’s second album, Dreamer, followed in 2003, earning yellow certification. His 2004 relax of Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill, through its No. 1 singles “Some Beach” and “Nobody yet Me,” was additionally catapulted right into platinum territory.

Lambert’s revolve on Nashville Star might have finished with a third-place ranking in 2003, however it secured the recognition she necessary to relocate ahead in the industry. She to be signed come Sony Music, creating her an initial No. 1 Billboard nation album, Kerosene. She also earned a Grammy nomination because that “Best Female nation Vocal Performance” because that the album’s title track.

Blake Shelton’s compensation history

Shelton’s recognition by the Academy of nation Music has had 21 nominations and five wins. He’s earn 10 nation Music association awards and 18 nominations. Shelton is likewise the recipient of ripe CMT Music Awards and also one CMT Artist the the Year award.

American country Awards host eight with Shelton’s name, as execute two American Music Awards, and five People’s choice Awards. Additionally, he’s earn one Billboard Music Award and also one iHeartRadio Music Award.

The awards save coming because that Shelton, as he’s to be honored through 27 American society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers (ASCAP) awards and 27 transfer Music, Inc. (BMI) awards. He’s likewise been inducted right into the grand Ole Opry.

While the desire Grammy has actually escaped Shelton come date, the has gained close through nine nominations, consisting of one for the upcoming 2020 award show.

Miranda Lambert’s award history

Lambert’s Academy of country Music wins total 34 with 63 nominations. She’s topped the country Music combination 13 times with 23 nominations. The artist has actually earned CMT’s optimal honors 7 times.

Five American country Awards be afflicted with Miranda Lambert’s name. She’s also been the recipient of 2 Grammy Awards and 16 nominations, consisting of two because that the upcoming 2020 show.

The verdict

Blake Shelton has been honored through awards a complete of 96 times, surpassing Miranda Lambert’s showcase the 61 wins. With 6 of her albums getting to certified platinum numbers, Lambert is certainly a difficult competitor.

Far from languishing on the sidelines, however, Shelton was freshly honored by Warner Music Nashville executives with a plaque designating his 10 million platinum albums sold.

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Each proceeds to produce brand-new innovative material, and also each has actually work nominated in the upcoming Grammy Awards. Shelton’s “God’s Country” is up because that Solo Performance, and Lambert’s “It all Comes the end in the Wash” for best Country Song. No performer appears to be going away any type of time soon.