Almost a year after she death, Jenni Rivera remains alive v her music in the hearts and also minds that fans. Rivera to be the large winner at the mexico Music Awards.

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Almost a year after her death, Jenni Rivera continues to be alive through her music in the hearts and also minds the fans. Rivera was the huge winner in ~ the mexico Music Awards, posthumously taking 7 honors, including the all-important Artist the the Year award as well as Artist of the Year, Female; Digital Download Artist the the Year; Albums Artist of the Year and Banda Artist of the Year. Rivera’s album “La Misma Gran Señora” (Fonovisa/UMLE), exit in the U.S. A mere main after her death, winner Album that the Year and Banda Album of the Year.



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La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho won three awards consisting of Artist of the Year, Duo or Group, Airplay Artist that the Year and Banda tune of the Year for your hit song “Cabecita Dura.” Joan Sebastian received two awards for Ranchero/Mariachi Artist of the Year and also Ranchero/Mariachi Album the the Year for “13 Celebrando El 13” (Fonovisa/Universal). Voz de Mando’s tune “Y Ahora Resulta” earned 2 awards consisting of Song of the Year and also Norteño track of the Year.’s mexican Music Awards aired live on the Telemundo network native the fabled Dolby theatre in Hollywood, and also were a yes, really who’s who of the genre with an extraordinary lineup the star performances by the top names in local Mexican music, including Ortiz, Sebastian, Calibre 50, Los Tigres del Norte, Banda el Recodo, Los Inquietos del Norte, Banda Los Recoditos, Julión Alvarez y su Norteño Band, abdominal muscle Quintanilla III and also Diana Reyes.

Special honors that the night visited El Recodo, the legend Mexican banda which is celebrating its 75th anniversary and continues to consistently height the charts. The group started by the so late Cruz Lizárraga and also now led by his two sons Joel and Alfonso, was honored through’s tradition Award because that their lengthy career and also influence on the genre.

Sebastian was honored with’s La Voz Award, provided to a distinct artist v a distinctive voice, persona and also career. Among the top composers in the Spanish language realm, Sebastian has topped the charts v both ranchera, banda and pop recordings.

A third legend, norteño monarchs Los Tigres del Norte, received the first ever “Leaders Award” in recognition of their leadership duty and your social activism.

Other crucial awards encompass Espinoza Paz, winner for Songwriter of the Year and Fernando Camacho Tirado — producer because that multi-winner La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho, that won Producer the the Year.

UMLE to be the winner for both Airplay and Album record of the year, while its fully-owned Disa records won Airplay Imprint that the year, and Fonovisa records won Albums Imprint of the year. Indie Arpa Musical won both Publisher and Publishing corporation of the year.

Finalists and also winners of the mexican Music Awards were figured out by graph performance together chronicled in Magazine and also on throughout the eligibility period of respectable 18, 2012 with August 10, 2013. Award category are based on album and also digital monitor sales data noted by Nielsen SoundScan and radio airplay monitored by Nielsen BDS.

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To watch the finish list of winners visit the official awards show website