March Madness is among the biggest, many exciting and fun occasions in all of sports. Here’s every little thing you must know around the department I men"s basketball tournament, which has actually been played due to the fact that 1939.

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What is march Madness?

The division I men’s basketball competition is a single-elimination tournament of 68 groups that compete in 7 rounds for the nationwide championship. The penultimate ring is recognized as the last Four, when (you guessed it) only four teams room left.

What (and when) is choice Sunday?

Selection Sunday is the day when the choice Committee expose the full tournament bracket, including all teams and also all seeds. In 2021, selection Sunday is on march 14.

How will certainly March insanity be various in 2021 because of the pandemic?

The will hold the whole tournament in one geographic location for the very first time ever. 

The announced in early on January the entire 2021 men’s basketball championship will certainly be played in Indiana, through the majority of the tournament’s 67 games taking place in Indianapolis. Selection Sunday is still booked for march 14, and plans continue to be to have the final Four ~ above April 3 and 5. The announced preliminary round days on Jan. 19.

Games will certainly be played on two courts inside Lucas Oil Stadium, as well as Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana farmer Coliseum, Mackey Arena in West Lafayette and Simon Skjodt Assembly hall in Bloomington. Just one video game at a time will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium. Groups will practice at the Indiana Convention facility with lot of courts set up within the venue. All teams will it is in housed on dedicated hotel floors, with physically distanced meeting and also dining rooms, as well as secure transport to and from competition venues.

The bracket will be taken on a small bit differently, too. The top 4 seeds will be taken on the same and so will the very first Four. The transforms will come in how the rest of the parentheses is completed. Teams will be inserted in the bracket based upon rankings without the normal considerations because that geography. This is dubbed using the "S-curve" to to fill the bracket. There will be 37 at-large selections (one much more than normal) and also 31 automatic qualifiers (one fewer 보다 normal).

You can read the whole release native the top top its bracketing changes for 2021 here.


National championship — Monday, April 5   
(1) Baylor 86, (1) Gonzaga 70CBS9:20 p.m.Lucas Oil stadium Unity
Final 4 — Saturday, April 3   
(1) Baylor 78, (2) Houston 59CBS5:14 p.m.Lucas Oil stadion Unity
(1) Gonzaga 93, (11) UCLA 90 (OT) CBS8:34 p.m.Lucas Oil stadium Unity
2021 tournament RESULTSLOCATION
First four — Thursday, march 18 
(16) Texas southerly 60, (16) mountain St. Mary"s 52Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(11) Drake 53, (11) Wichita State 52Mackey Arena
(16) Norfolk State 54, (16) Appalachian State 53 Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(11) UCLA 86, (11) Michigan State 80Mackey Arena
First round — Friday, march 19 
(7) Florida 75, (10) Virginia tech 70 (OT)Hinkle Fieldhouse
(3) Arkansas 85, (14) Colgate 68Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(1) Illinois 78, (16) Drexel 49Indiana farmer Coliseum
(6) Texas technology 65, (11) Utah State 53Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(15) dental Roberts 75, (2) Ohio State 72 (OT)Mackey Arena
(1) Baylor 79, (16) Hartford 55Lucas Oil stadion Unity (South)
(8) Loyola Chicago 71, (9) Georgia technology 60Hinkle Fieldhouse
(12) Oregon State 70, (5) Tennessee 56Bankers Life Fiieldhouse
(4) Oklahoma State 69, (13) Liberty 60Indiana farmers Coliseum
(9) Wisconsin 85, No. 8 north Carolina 62Mackey Arena
(2) Houston 87, (15) Cleveland State 56Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(13) phibìc Texas 78, (4) Purdue 69 (OT)Lucas Oil stadion Equality (North)
(10) Rutgers 60, (7) Clemson 56Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(11) Syracuse 78, (6) san Diego State 62Hinkle Fieldhouse
(3) West Virginia 84, (14) Morehead State 67Lucas Oil stadion Unity (South)
(5) Villanova 73, (12) Winthrop 63Indiana farmers Coliseum
First ring — Saturday, in march 20 
(5) Colorado 96, (12) Georgetown 73Hinkle Fieldhouse
(4) Florida State 64, (13) UNC Greensboro 54Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(3) Kansas 93, (14) east Washington 84Indiana farmers Coliseum
(8) LSU 76, (9) St. Bonaventure 61Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(1) Michigan 82, (16) Texas southerly 66Mackey Arena
(5) Creighton 63, (12) UC Santa Barbara 62Lucas Oil stadium Unity (South)
(2) Alabama 68, (15) Iona 55Hinkle Fieldhouse
(6) USC 72, (11) Drake 56Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(2) Iowa 86, (15) cool Canyon 74Indiana farmers Coliseum
(10) Maryland 63, (7) UConn 54Mackey Arena
(13) Ohio 62, (4) Virginia 58Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
(8) Oklahoma 72, (9) Missouri 68Lucas Oil stadion Equality (North)
(1) Gonzaga 98, (16) Norfolk State 55Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(11) UCLA 73, (6) BYU 62Hinkle Fieldhouse
(14) Abilene Christian 53, (3) Texas 52Lucas Oil stadion Unity (South)
(7) Oregon vs. (10) VCU — NO-CONTEST due to COVID-19 PROTOCOLS--
Second round — Sunday, march 21 
(8) Loyola Chicago 71, (1) Illinois 58Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(1) Baylor 76, (9) Wisconsin 63Hinkle Fieldhouse
(11) Syracuse 75, (3) West Virginia 72Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(3) Arkansas 68, (6) Texas tech 66Hinkle Fieldhouse
(2) Houston 63, (10) Rutgers 60Lucas Oil stadium Unity (South)
(15) dental Roberts 81, (7) Florida 78Indiana farmers Coliseum
(5) Villanova 84, (13) north Texas 61Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(12) Oregon State 80, (4) Oklahoma State 70Hinkle Fieldhouse
Second round — Monday, in march 22 
(7) Oregon 95, (2) Iowa 80Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(1) Gonzaga 87, (8) Oklahoma 71Hinkle Fieldhouse
(11) UCLA 67, (14) Abilene Christian 47Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(5) Creighton 72, (13) Ohio 58Hinkle Fieldhouse
(1) Michigan 86, (8) LSU 78Lucas Oil stadion Unity (South)
(4) Florida State 71, (5) Colorado 53Indiana farmer Coliseum
(2) Alabama 96, (10) Maryland 77Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(6) USC 85, No. 3 Kansas 51Hinkle Fieldhouse
Sweet 16 — Saturday, march 27 
(12) Oregon State 65, No. 8 Loyola Chicago 58Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(1) Baylor 62, (5) Villanova 51Hinkle Fieldhouse
(3) Arkansas 72, (15) oral Roberts 70Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(2) Houston 62, (11) Syracuse 46Hinkle Fieldhouse
Sweet 16 — Sunday, march 28 
(1) Gonzaga 83, (5) Creighton 65Hinkle Fieldhouse
(1) Michigan 76, (4) Florida State 58Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(11) UCLA 88, (2) Alabama 78 (OT)Hinkle Fieldhouse
(6) USC 82, (7) Oregon 68Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Elite Eight — Monday, march 29 
(2) Houston 67, (12) Oregon State 61Lucas Oil stadion Equality (North)
(1) Baylor 81, (3) Arkansas 72Lucas Oil stadion Equality (South)
Elite Eight — Tuesday, march 30
(1) Gonzaga 85, (6) USC 66Lucas Oil stadion Equality (North)
(11) UCLA 51, (1) Michigan 49Lucas Oil stadium Equality (South)

When did March madness start?

The first division I men’s basketball tournament remained in 1939 and also was held annually until the 2019-20 season. The occasion was canceled in 2020 due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic.

How has actually the tournament changed since 1939?

The inaugural tournament had actually just eight teams, and saw Oregon to win Ohio State 46-33 because that the title:

In 1951, the ar doubled come 16, and kept widening over the next couple of decades until 1985, when the modern format the a 64-team tournament began. In 2001, ~ the mountain West Conference joined department I and also received an automatically bid, advertise the total teams to 65, a solitary game was included prior to the an initial round. In 2011, three an ext teams to be added, and with them, three more games come round the end the first Four.

Here’s just how the 2019 clip looked (and here"s a PDF):

Where did the hatchet “March Madness” come from?

March madness was an initial used to refer to basketball by an Illinois high college official, Henry V. Porter, in 1939, but the hatchet didn’t find its method to the tournament until CBS broadcaster Brent Musburger (who used to it is in a sportswriter in Chicago) supplied it throughout coverage of the 1982 tournament. The term has been identified with the department I men’s basketball tournament ever before since.

How are the groups selected?

There space two methods that a team can earn a bid come the tournament. The 32 department I conferences all obtain an automatically bid, i m sorry they every award to the team that wins the postseason conference tournament. Regardless of exactly how a team performed during the continual season, if they room eligible because that postseason play and also win their conference tournament, they obtain a bid to the tournament. These groups are well-known as automatic qualifiers. There space 31 of these in the 2021 season since the Ivy organization did no conduct a winter season.

The 2nd avenue for an invitation is one at-large bid. The selection committee (more on them in a second) convenes on choice Sunday, ~ all consistent season and conference tournament gamings are played, and decides i m sorry 36 teams that room not automatically qualifiers have actually the pedigree to earn an invitation to the tournament. There space 37 of these in 2021.

What is the in march Madness an option committee?

The 10-member Men"s department I Basketball Committee is responsible for selecting, seeding and also bracketing the ar for the Tournament. School and also conference administrators are nominated by your conference, serve five-year terms and represent a cross-section of the department I membership.

How execute they decision which teams obtain an at-large bid?

There are a multitude that stats and also rankings the the selection Committee takes into account, however there is no set formula the determines whether a team receives an at-large bid or not.

What happens as soon as the teams room selected?

Once the field of 68 is finalized, each team is assigned a seed and put in one of four regions, which determines their an initial round matchups and their path to the championship.

What room seeds?

The men’s basketball tournament is consisted of of 68 teams. On an option Sunday, before any tournament game is played, those teams room ranked 1 with 68 through the selection Committee, with the best team in college basketball — based upon regular season and also conference tournament performance — sit at No. 1. Four of those teams are eliminated in the opened round that the competition (known together the first Four), leaving us through a field of 64 for the very first round.

Those 64 teams are separation into 4 regions that 16 groups each, with each team gift ranked 1 with 16. The ranking is the team’s seed. 

In order to reward far better teams, first-round matchups are determined by pitting the top team in the region against the bottom team (No. 1 vs. No. 16). Climate the next greatest vs. The following lowest (No. 2 vs. No. 15), and also so on. In theory, this means that the 1 seeds have the easiest opening matchup in the bracket.

How to watch March Madness:

Every march Madness video game will be transfer on one of two people TBS, TNT, TruTV or CBS. Friend can likewise stream every video game on March madness Live. 

How can you get involved in march Madness?

By filling out a bracket! The Bracket challenge Game, the official bracket game of the, will certainly open instantly after the committee announces the field on choice Sunday. The brackets will certainly lock prior to the an initial game the the very first round begins, so acquire your choose in prior to then. How difficult is filling out a bracket? Well nobody has ever before gotten a perfect bracket, however that shouldn’t protect against you native trying.

Advice for filling the end a march Madness bracket:

Need help making her picks? We’ve got you covered with BracketIQ. We have more than 100 story to guide you as you fill out your bracket, covering every little thing from march Madness history and records, to lessons from previous winners of our bracket game, to 7 typical bracket-picking mistakes to avoid, to how to choose your bracket based upon each team mascot.

Who has won every tournament?

In the 81 years since the tournament’s inception, 36 different teams have actually won a championship, however no team has actually won more than UCLA, which has 11, 10 of which came a expectancy of 12 years from 1964 come 1975.

Here is the perform of every men’s basketball nationwide championship due to the fact that the tournament an initial started in 1939:

2020Season cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemicN/AN/AN/AN/A
2019Virginia (35-3)Tony Bennett85-77 (OT)Texas TechMinneapolis, Minn.
2018Villanova (36-4)Jay Wright79-62MichiganSan Antonio, Tex.
2017North Carolina (33-7)Roy Williams71-65GonzagaPhoenix, Ariz.
2016Villanova (35-5)Jay Wright77-74North CarolinaHouston, Texas
2015Duke (35-4)Mike Krzyzewski68-63WisconsinIndianapolis, Ind.
2014Connecticut (32-8)Kevin Ollie60-54KentuckyArlington, Texas
2013Louisville (35-5)*Rick Pitino82-76MichiganAtlanta, Ga.
2012Kentucky (38-2)John Calipari67-59KansasNew Orleans, La.
2011Connecticut (32-9)Jim Calhoun53-41ButlerHouston, Texas
2010Duke (35-5)Mike Krzyzewski61-59ButlerIndianapolis, Ind.
2009North Carolina (34-4)Roy Williams89-72Michigan StateDetroit, Mich.
2008Kansas (37-3)Bill Self75-68 (OT)MemphisSan Antonio, Texas
2007Florida (35-5)Billy Donovan84-75Ohio StateAtlanta, Ga.
2006Florida (33-6)Billy Donovan73-57UCLAIndianapolis, Ind.
2005North Carolina (33-4)Roy Williams75-70IllinoisSt. Louis, Mo.
2004Connecticut (33-6)Jim Calhoun82-73Georgia TechSan Antonio, Texas
2003Syracuse (30-5)Jim Boeheim81-78KansasNew Orleans, La.
2002Maryland (32-4)Gary Williams64-52IndianaAtlanta, Ga.
2001Duke (35-4)Mike Krzyzewski82-72ArizonaMinneapolis, Minn.
2000Michigan State (32-7)Tom Izzo89-76FloridaIndianapolis, Ind.
1999Connecticut (34-2)Jim Calhoun77-74DukeSt. Petersburg, Fla.
1998Kentucky (35-4)Tubby Smith78-69UtahSan Antonio, Texas
1997Arizona (25-9)Lute Olson84-79 (OT)KentuckyIndianapolis, Ind.
1996Kentucky (34-2)Rick Pitino76-67SyracuseEast Rutherford, N.J.
1995UCLA (31-2)Jim Harrick89-78ArkansasSeattle, Wash.
1994Arkansas (31-3)Nolan Richardson76-72DukeCharlotte, N.C.
1993North Carolina (34-4)Dean Smith77-71MichiganNew Orleans, La.
1992Duke (34-2)Mike Krzyzewski71-51MichiganMinneapolis, Minn.
1991Duke (32-7)Mike Krzyzewski72-65KansasIndianapolis, Ind.
1990UNLV (35-5)Jerry Tarkanian103-73DukeDenver, Colo.
1989Michigan (30-7)Steve Fisher80-79 (OT)Seton HallSeattle, Wash.
1988Kansas (27-11)Larry Brown83-79OklahomaKansas City, Mo.
1987Indiana (30-4)Bob Knight74-73SyracuseNew Orleans, La.
1986Louisville (32-7)Denny Crum72-69DukeDallas, Texas
1985Villanova (25-10)Rollie Massimino66-64GeorgetownLexington, Ky,
1984Georgetown (34-3)John Thompson84-75HoustonSeattle, Wash.
1983North Carolina State (26-10)Jim Valvano54-52HoustonAlbuquerque, N.M.
1982North Carolina (32-2)Dean Smith63-62GeorgetownNew Orleans, La.
1981Indiana (26-9)Bob Knight63-50North CarolinaPhiladelphia, Pa.
1980Louisville (33-3)Denny Crum59-54UCLAIndianapolis, Ind.
1979Michigan State (26-6)Jud Heathcote75-64Indiana StateSalt Lake City, Utah
1978Kentucky (30-2)Joe Hall94-88DukeSt. Louis, Mo.
1977Marquette (25-7)Al McGuire67-59North CarolinaAtlanta, Ga.
1976Indiana (32-0)Bob Knight86-68MichiganPhiladelphia, Pa.
1975UCLA (28-3)John Wooden92-85KentuckySan Diego, Calif.
1974North Carolina State (30-1)Norm Sloan76-64MarquetteGreensboro, N.C.
1973UCLA (30-0)John Wooden87-66Memphis StateSt. Louis, Mo.
1972UCLA (30-0)John Wooden81-76Florida StateLos Angeles, Calif.
1971UCLA (29-1)John Wooden68-62VillanovaHouston, Texas
1970UCLA (28-2)John Wooden80-69JacksonvilleCollege Park, Md.
1969UCLA (29-1)John Wooden92-72PurdueLouisville, Ky.
1968UCLA (29-1)John Wooden78-55North CarolinaLos Angeles, Calif.
1967UCLA (30-0)John Wooden79-64DaytonLouisville, Ky.
1966UTEP (28-1)Don Haskins72-65KentuckyCollege Park, Md.
1965UCLA (28-2)John Wooden91-80MichiganPortland, Ore.
1964UCLA (30-0)John Wooden98-83DukeKansas City, Mo.
1963Loyola (Ill.) (29-2)George Ireland60-58 (OT)CincinnatiLouisville, Ky.
1962Cincinnati (29-2)Ed Jucker71-59Ohio StateLouisville, Ky.
1961Cincinnati (27-3)Ed Jucker70-65 (OT)Ohio StateKansas City, Mo.
1960Ohio State (25-3)Fred Taylor75-55CaliforniaDaly City, Calif.
1959California (25-4)Pete Newell71-70West VirginiaLouisville, Ky.
1958Kentucky (23-6)Adolph Rupp84-72SeattleLouisville, Ky.
1957North Carolina (32-0)Frank McGuire54-53 (3OT)KansasKansas City, Mo.
1956San Francisco (29-0)Phil Woolpert83-71IowaEvanston, Ill.
1955San Francisco (28-1)Phil Woolpert77-63LaSalleKansas City, Mo.
1954La Salle (26-4)Ken Loeffler92-76BradleyKansas City, Mo.
1953Indiana (23-3)Branch McCracken69-68KansasKansas City, Mo.
1952Kansas (28-3)Phog Allen80-63St. John"sSeattle, Wash.
1951Kentucky (32-2)Adolph Rupp68-58Kansas StateMinneapolis, Minn.
1950CCNY (24-5)Nat Holman71-68BradleyNew York, N.Y.
1949Kentucky (32-2)Adolph Rupp46-36Oklahoma A&MSeattle, Wash.
1948Kentucky (36-3)Adolph Rupp58-42BaylorNew York, N.Y.
1947Holy overcome (27-3)Doggie Julian58-47OklahomaNew York, N.Y.
1946Oklahoma State (31-2)Henry Iba43-40North CarolinaNew York, N.Y.
1945Oklahoma State (27-4)Henry Iba49-45NYUNew York, N.Y.
1944Utah (21-4)Vadal Peterson42-40 (OT)DartmouthNew York, N.Y.
1943Wyoming (31-2)Everett Shelton46-34GeorgetownNew York, N.Y.
1942Stanford (28-4)Everett Dean53-38DartmouthKansas City, Mo.
1941Wisconsin (20-3)Bud Foster39-34Washington StateKansas City, Mo.
1940Indiana (20-3)Branch McCracken60-42KansasKansas City, Mo.
1939Oregon (29-5)Howard Hobson46-33Ohio StateEvanston, Ill.

*Louisville’s joining in the 2013 competition was later on vacated through the Committee ~ above Infractions.

March insanity glossary:

The madness of in march isn’t simply confined to what happens on the basketball court. When discussing teams, there space a bevy of statistics, terms, and acronyms thrown out. Yes a team’s network rankings, KPI, and BPI. The SOS and also the SOR. The automatically bid and the at-large bid. It have the right to be a bit daunting.

Maybe you’ve never heard of any type of of these, maybe you simply need a fast refresher. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of the 29 most beneficial terms when taking care of the tournament. These are stats and phrases that the choice Committee will usage to determine the field, and also understanding what lock mean have the right to go a long means in help you make notified decisions while filling out your bracket.

At-large bid — groups that receive a bid to the competition are damaged into two categories: At-large bids, and automatic bids. The selection committee hands the end 36 at-large bids to groups that go not win their conference tournament, but impressed the committee enough to earn a trip to the tournament. Over there is no border on the variety of at-large teams the committee may choose from one conference.

Automatic bid — In department I, there room 32 conferences. Each has its own conference tournament at the conclusion of the constant season. Groups that win this tournament, nevertheless of their regular-season performance, instantly earn a expedition to the tournament. 

AP ranking – The associated Press has actually been ranking the height basketball teams because 1948. In its present form, the poll ranking the height 25 teams in department I via a ranking that is compiled indigenous the ballots that 65 sports journalists across the country. The ranking has actually no official weight in the selection process, and even a No. 1 ranking in the AP poll does no technically guarantee a team a bid come the tournament. View the existing AP rankings here.

BPI — College Basketball’s power Index, invented by ESPN, is a statistic that measures just how far over or below average every team is, and projects exactly how well the team will carry out going forward. The index offers two measurements to carry out this: BPI offense (measure the a team’s offensive strength contrasted to an typical offense) and BPI Defense (measure of a team’s protective strength contrasted to an mean defense). BPI is calculation by detect the difference in between these 2 measurements. See the current BPI rankings here.

The balloon — A team the is “on the bubble” for the competition is one whose qualification because that the tournament can go one of two people way. Castle on the verge of do the ar of 68, yet an invite isn’t guaranteed.

Cinderella — Much prefer the titular personality from the fairy tale, a Cinderella team is one that is much an ext successful 보다 expected. Examples in March would be Villanova’s 1985 championship run, once the eighth-seeded Wildcats ended up being the shortest seeded team to ever before win the title, knocking off the heavy favorite Georgetown.

Defensive performance — A an easy statistic that calculates the points enabled per 100 defensive possessions. For example, if Team A’s foe scored 80 point out in a game with 75 possessions, Team A’s defensive efficiency would certainly be 106.7. View present defensive performance rankings here.

Elite Eight — The fourth round the the tournament, when simply eight teams remain, is recognized as the elite Eight. This round is the last game because that each regional, before the four winners relocate on come the national semifinal, known as the final Four. Review our Elite Eight ultimate guide for more.

Final four — The fifth round the the tournament, when just 4 teams remain, is well-known as the last Four. This is the penultimate round of the tournament, once the winners the each regional face turn off for a chance to play in the championship game. Review our Final Four ultimate guide for more.

First 4 — When the tournament was broadened to 68 teams, a new round was added to the format: The an initial Four. 4 games, played on the Tuesday and also Wednesday after choice Sunday identify which that eight teams breakthrough to the an initial round that the tournament. Read our First four ultimate guide for more.

First four out — When ranking every 68 groups in the tou rnament, the first Four Out autumn in spots 69-72. These teams will no make the tournament, however will it is in the top-seeded teams in the NIT Championship.

KPI — KPI sports ranks every team’s wins and also losses top top a range of -1.0 (the worst feasible loss) to +1.0 (the best feasible win), and also averages this scores across a season to give a score come a team’s winning percentage. The formula supplies opponent’s to win percentage, opponent’s strength of schedule, scoring margin, pace of game, location, and also opponent’s KPI ranking. View the current KPI rankings here.

Last four in — Another unofficial term, the "last four in" describes the final four groups that obtain at-large bids come the tournament. These room teams that are usually top top the bubble as an option Sunday color etc near.

NET — evaluation Tool was a brand-new ranking in 2018-19 that depends on video game results, strength of schedule, video game location, scoring margin, net offensive and defensive efficiency, and the high quality of wins and also losses. The ranking replace instead replace RPI as the key sorting tool for the selection committee. Some of the unique elements of the NET incorporate the omission of video game date and also order (to offer equal prestige to both early and also late-season games), and also the consists of a cap of 10 points because that winning margin (to protect against teams needlessly to run up the score in a game where the outcome to be certain). Read an ext about the network here.

Offensive effectiveness — Points scored per 100 offensive possessions. Because that example, if a team score 95 clues in a game with 85 possessions, your offensive performance would it is in 115.9. View existing offensive efficiency rankings here.

Pace/Tempo — An calculation of the number of possessions a team has per regulation (40 minutes). 

Per-40 stats — A reference used to compare two or an ext players who do not beat the same amount that minutes every game. That is measure up by acquisition each statistic, separating it through the minutes played per game, and also then multiply it by 40 — a full regulation game. Because that example, if Player A scores an typical of 20 points in 30 minutes of play, his clues per-40 would certainly be 26.7.

POM —, run by Ken Pomeroy, is a website specialized to progressed basketball statistics. The site offers an in its entirety rating to each department I team throughout the season based upon a multitude of advanced metrics. The selection Committee uses these rankings to assist evaluate teams. 

Quadrants (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) — In bespeak to recognize the stamin of a team wins or losses, the choice committee divides the team’s record into four quadrants on each team sheet. The quadrants room meant to offer as an indicator the how good a team’s wins are, or how poor their accident are. Every quadrant is divided based upon a mix of the ar of the video game — residence (H), Neutral court (N), or far (A) — and the opponent’s network ranking.

Q1: H: 1-30; N: 1-50; A: 1-75Q2: H: 31-75; N: 51-100; A: 76-135Q3: H: 76-160; N: 101-200; A: 136-240Q4: H:161-353; N: 201-353; A: 241-353

Regional — The tournament bracket is separation into four regionals. The South, East, West, and Midwest. The first four ring of the tournament room played in regionals, with the elite Eight serving as the regional championship game. Teams are assigned a regional based ~ above a mix of factors, such as all at once seed, proximity to the regional, the other teams in that regional, and also more.

SAG — top top a team sheet, “SAG” represents Sagarin rankings, indigenous The Sagarin rankings account for score differentials, strength of schedule, and also weights for exactly how recent a video game was (wins in February are worth an ext than wins in November). Sagarin rankings differ from KenPom rankings in that performance is no taken into account. View the present rankings here.

Seed — 68 teams earn bids to the tournament, and each one obtain a seed — native 1 to 16 —that determines wherein the team will be inserted in the bracket. After ~ the very first Four, there are 4 of every seed. The seed are additionally ranked all at once from 1 to 68. This in its entirety ranking affects the stimulate in i beg your pardon team areas are selected (with higher-ranked teams gaining preference), and which teams play in the an initial Four (the four lowest-seeded at-large teams and the four lowest-seeded automatic qualifiers walk to the first Four).

Selection committee —The 10-member Men"s division I Basketball Committee is responsible for selecting, seeding and bracketing the ar for the Tournament. School and also conference administrators are nominated by their conference, offer five-year terms and also represent a cross-section the the department I membership.

Selection Sunday — The day everyone waits for, when the selection Committee announces the competition field. This year, an option Sunday is march 17.

Strength of document — From ESPN: “Strength of record (SOR) is a measure of team achievement based top top how daunting a team"s W-L document is come achieve. SOR reflects the possibility a usual 25th ranked team would have actually team"s record or better, provided the schedule on a 0 come 100 scale, wherein 100 is best.”

Strength that schedule — Strength that Schedule (or SoS) measures the difficulty of a team’s schedule, based upon the win portion of the team opponents.

Sweet 16 — The 3rd round the the tournament, where just 16 groups remain. The winner of each game will pat in the upstream Eight. Check out our Sweet 16 ultimate guide for more.

Team paper — A one-page paper for every team in department I that helps the committee gain a complete snapshot of the team’s performance during the season. The team sheets contain thorough team information around strength that schedule, performance versus top-50 teams and home/road records.

Daniel Wilco has operated at the AJC, sporting activities Illustrated, and SEC Country. His composing has additionally appeared on, Men’s Health, and also The Cauldron.

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The see on this page do not necessarily reflect the see of the or that is member institutions.