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At the very least 1.2 million human being marched for gun manage over the weekend at events throughout the US, follow to beforehand tallies from researcher Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressman.

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The count is tho preliminary: The researchers estimate that over there were much more than 450 marches in the united state over the weekend however only have crowd estimates for about half of them.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty v individual marches. The greatest march — in Washington, DC — attracted anywhere indigenous 200,000 come 800,000 people, depending on whether you think the low-end number put out by the exclusive firm Digital architecture & Imaging service or the luxury number from march organizers.

The higher estimate would certainly make the March because that Our lives “the biggest single-day protest in the history of the nation’s capital,” follow to USA Today. But Digital architecture & Imaging service estimates that the March because that Our lives was in fact smaller 보다 the very first Women’s march in 2017, i m sorry by that is count drew 440,000 come DC.

Regardless, March for Our lives was among the biggest rallies for gun control ever in the nation’s resources (at least since the Million mommy March in 2000) — and also one the the best youth protests due to the fact that the Vietnam War, according to the associated Press.

Other March for Our lives protests around the nation drew almost everywhere from dozens to virtually 200,000 people over the weekend, based on Chenoweth and Pressman’s tally therefore far. The researchers are asking for civilization to submit more data come them to get a far better count.

The March for Our resides is a direct response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution shooting in Parkland, Florida, which eliminated 17. The massacre inspired student survivors to launch a motion in wishes of convincing legislator to deal with the worry of total violence and, in particular, college shootings.

The protesters plan to proceed growing your movement, persuading people to register to vote and also attend city halls. In invigorating civilization to act exclusively on the issue of pistol control, the activity really might make a difference — and also potentially push Congress to finally pass far-reaching gun reforms after years of tiny to no action.

Gun control is, generally speaking, very popular in America. Polling because that many usual gun regulate measures, consisting of universal lift checks, can top 75 percent — even among Republicans.

But because that years, this policies have failed to get everywhere in Congress due to the fact that of a crucial problem: problem intensity. Essentially, numerous Americans assistance gun control, yet it’s not really their top priority as soon as they go the end to vote. Meanwhile, those who oppose stricter gun laws are simply an ext likely to make it the one issue they’ll vote on.

This to be articulated by Republican strategist Grover Norquist back in 2000. That said, “The inquiry is intensity versus preference. Girlfriend can constantly get a details percentage to say they are in donate of some gun controls. But are lock going to vote on their ‘control’ position?” probably not, he suggested, “but for that 4-5 percent that care about guns, they will certainly vote top top this.”

That’s what makes motions like the March for Our Lives, and also much that the activism that’s adhered to the Parkland shooting, for this reason important. For once, we room seeing a mass movement that is extremely specialized to pistol control. And also by attracting so lot national attention, the movement may inspire other Americans to monitor suit, do gun regulate an worry that deserve to actually sway votes.

That’s not to speak the March because that Our Lives and related motions will ultimately succeed — it’s simply too soon to tell. However as numerous thousands of protesters took to the streets in DC and also the remainder of the nation on Saturday, it came to be clear that the movement’s obvious potential to promote and an increase issue intensity on gun control could at some point make the pivotal.

Some gun regulate measures are exceptionally popular, even among Republicans

Congress’s inaction on weapons over the past couple of years is not because of the unpopularity of gun manage measures. If girlfriend look at the polling, assistance for pistol control, depending on which details measure respondents space asked about, deserve to be very high among both Democrats and Republicans.

Here, because that example, are the outcomes of surveys through the Pew research Center, i m sorry found strong support for actions ranging indigenous an assault weapons half to global background check to restrictions on civilization with mental disease buying guns:

what’s remarkable about the polling is exactly how much of it shows bipartisan assistance for brand-new gun control measures. A bulk of Republicans back universal background checks, a ban on assault-style weapons, a federal database to monitor gun sales, restrictions on human being with mental illness, and barring people on no-fly or clock lists native buying firearms. In fact, GOP support for three of these policies tops 75 percent.

That’s no to say republic agree with all gun regulate measures. And also a majority back procedures that gun control proponents oppose, including enabling concealed bring in more places, shortening waiting periods for buying guns legally, and also arming teachers.

But there’s a many remarkable middle ground — i m sorry you wouldn’t know around if you just looked at Congress’s record passing brand-new restrictions on firearms.

Issue intensity is the key

This is where worry intensity comes in. Take into consideration this chart, additionally from Pew:

about 21 percent of gun owners have contacted a public official to express an opinion on pistol policy, contrasted to simply 12 percent that non-gun owners. And around 22 percent of human being who want less strict total laws have contacted a windy official, while just 15 percent of people who assistance stricter laws have.

The distinctions are more pronounced if girlfriend look at call in the ahead 12 months. Gun owners room 80 percent more likely than non-gun owner to have contacted a public official around gun plan in the previous year. And also supporters of laxer gun regulations are almost 60 percent more likely than supporters that stricter gun laws to have actually contacted a public official over the worry in the exact same time span.

This distinction in problem intensity likewise shows increase in other areas. Take this 2nd chart:

Again, the instance is skewed in favor of total owners. About 28 percent the gun owner have contributed to an company that bring away a place on pistol policy, while just 10 percent that non-gun owner have. That helps define how a team like the national Rifle association (NRA) has come to be so powerful, while there are no political equivalents — in terms of influence — top top the various other side.

One caveat come the charts: based on Pew’s surveys, there are way more adults in the us who believe gun regulations should it is in stricter (52 percent) 보다 those who believe gun legislations should be less strict (18 percent). So the side in donate of stricter gun laws have the right to afford to have actually a lower percentage of its human being contacting public officials.

It’s demonstrative, though, to focus on the 12-month data for this. Together it shows, total owners and supporters that laxer gun laws are more likely to have actually recently involved a public official or political company on this issue. That matters: If a senator it s okay phone phone call every couple of months native gun owners and also opponents the stricter laws, that’s going to do a bigger impression than calls from non-gun owners and supporters the stricter laws each year or so.

That’s especially true if you take into consideration political party. Republicans are much much more likely to protest stricter laws, based upon Pew’s data. For this reason if a Republican senator mainly hears indigenous GOP constituents, and this constituents are an ext likely come be yes, really passionate around the issue due to the fact that they are on the side the opposes stricter laws, it is going to provide the councilor a skewed perception of where voters space on this topic. As a result, Republican lawmakers are much more resistant come calls for gun control — arguing against “politicizing” fixed shootings and also focusing on issues like mental wellness instead.

So why the difference in passion? Kristin Goss, a political scientist at duke University and author that The total Debate: What Everyone demands to Know, previously told me the it’s a sense of tangible loss. Gun owners feel choose the federal government is going to take their guns and also rights.

This sentiment has been sustained by a decades-long public campaign by the NRA to to convince the us public and politicians that, in fact, the 2nd Amendment promises an individual appropriate to be affected by each other arms, and that much more guns will actually make human being safer (by letting them protect themselves), regardless of research that shows higher levels of gun ownership in reality lead to more gun violence.

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Gun regulate advocates, meanwhile, are encouraged by more abstract notions the reducing pistol violence — although, Goss noted, the victim of fixed shootings and also their families have started putting a challenge on this policies.

That’s precisely what the current protests are doing, through student survivors from Florida in specific actively participating and showing the human, personal cost the unabated pistol violence in a an extremely public manner. Success isn’t guaranteed. But the potential to inspire more widespread and passionate empathy and also sympathy v these demonstrations can crack the crucial problem facing the gun manage movement today.