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You’ll get an error blog post if you effort to affix files larger than the maximum dimension limit. There space a few ways to work about this size limit, consisting of using a record sharing organization or compressing the file.

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Outlook limits the dimension of papers you deserve to send. This limit avoids your computer system from continuous trying to upload very large attachments the exceed the borders of most Internet organization providers. For net email account. Such together Outlook.com or Gmail, the combined file size limit is 20 megabytes (MB) and also for Exchange account (business email), the default combined record size border is 10 MB.

Newer versionsOffice 2007 - 2010

Save your file to a cloud service and also share a link

There are many cloud storage services to which you can upload and also then share huge files. Some popular cloud warehouse services incorporate OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and also Google Drive. When your record is stored in the cloud, friend can include a link to the paper in your email message.

Upload your paper to a cloud service, such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

Note: The business you usage generates a link to accessibility your file. Your recipient deserve to open the link to download her file.

Compress the file

When friend compress, or zip, your file, that decreases that is size, and also it might decrease it enough to fit within the Outlook size limits for attachments. The following posts describe just how to compress and also extract documents for various Windows operating systems.

Reduce the dimension of one image

If you’re sending large image records you can instantly resize lock to alleviate their record size.

Attach the pictures to your email message.

Click File > Info.

Under the Image Attachments section, select Resize large images once I send this message.


Return to her message, and click Send.

Save the record to a SharePoint server library

If you’re using Outlook in a organization environment and use SharePoint, you can save a file to a SharePoint library and share a link to the file. Check out Share a file using SharePoint or OneDrive because that instructions.

For Outlook 2010 and also Outlook 2007, if you try to send a post with attachments that space too large, the message“The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit” appears.

Note: For an ext information on just how to change maximum allowable attachments sizes, view "Attachment dimension exceeds the allowable limit" error.

Issues with big attachments

Even if your article doesn’t exceed the Outlook or Exchange Server attachment dimension limits, over there is a opportunity your recipient’s email provider could block messages that include huge attachments. To help reduce the size of attachments that you send in Outlook, see mitigate the dimension of pictures and also attachments.

In enhancement to letter provider limits on full message size, sending huge attachments with email is not always the finest solution.

Your blog post might reason your recipients’ mailbox to exceed the warehouse quota If the recipients’ mailboxes exceed the warehouse quota, the recipients could be prevented native receiving other messages.

Your message might cause your mailbox to exceed the storage quota Each article that girlfriend send is saved in the Sent Items folder. Sending huge attachments to other world counts against your mailbox dimension quota together well. As soon as you exceed the storage quota, you can be blocked from receiving additional messages.

Attachment bloat once a paper is attached to message, it has to be encoded. The encoding process causes attached documents to come to be 1.37 times bigger than they space on her computer. For example, if friend send a 5 MB document attachment, the attachment is sent as 6.85 MB that data.

optimal of web page

There room several ways to share huge files and also collaborate with other civilization without sending attachments.

If her organization supplies SharePoint Server and also provides you with a my Site, you can upload your files to her My website Shared records library, and also then encompass a link to the file in your message.

When you open up the SharePoint file library to which you have uploaded your file, right-click the attach to the document, click Copy Shortcut, and then paste (CTRL+V) the shortcut right into your message.

Video share sites even a short video document can be really large. Take into consideration sharing video clip clips using among the methods defined in this post or come a video sharing website.

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Security Note: When you affix a document to a message, you determine the to plan recipient. If friend upload a paper to a shared ar or service, make certain that you recognize the privacy and security setups of that site, consisting of who has access to her file.