The pervasiveness of assault-style weapons has actually come under more scrutiny because the massive shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. (AP)


The United claims doesn’t call for gun registration.

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So, when U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., claims private citizen have more assault tools than members the the armed forces do, exactly how does he know?

"There are much more assault rifles, as I understand it, in the hands of exclusive citizens 보다 in the hands of the United claims military," the 2020 presidential candidate stated in the wake of the back-to-back fixed shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. "We"re talking about 5 (million) to 10 million assault weapons in the hands of private citizens."

Sanders’ claim suffers a bit from comparing private and military weapons, which are different. Plus, he needs to rely ~ above wildly varying estimates, return his appears on the reduced end. 

We’ll type out the facts for you. 

In both shootings, assault-style weapons, legitimate in both states, to be used. Each weapon was semiautomatic — the gunmen can fire as conveniently as they could pull the create — and carrying sufficient ammunition to possibly kill dozens of world in minutes. 

The new York time reported the the El Paso shooter supplied a semi-automatic Kalashnikov-style rifle (also well-known as one AK-47-style rifle), which generally uses a magazine that has 30 rounds; and also that the Dayton shooter offered an AR-15-style pistol, modified come act together a rifle, through a drum magazine that deserve to hold up to 100 rounds. 

We’ll note that "assault weapon" does not have actually a universal definition. Because that example, a bill called the assault Weapons ban of 2018 characterized an assault weapon differently than the federal legislation that banned assault weapons native 1994 come 2004, before expiring. 

"None that the so-called ‘assault rifles’ legally own by U.S. Civilians are assault rifles together the ax is provided in armed forces contexts," stated Florida State university criminal justice professor emeritus Gary Kleck, who has actually done study on large-capacity firearms used by mass shooters.

"Assault rifles offered by members the the military deserve to all fire full automatic, like machine guns, as well as one shot at a time, whereas nobody of the so-called ‘assault rifles’ legally owned by U.S. Civilians deserve to fire full automatic."

But Kleck agreed that semiautomatic weapons progressed from previously military weapons, plenty of look like army weapons, and they deserve to kill human being rapidly.

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Sanders project policy manager Josh Orton acknowledged to united state that the precise variety of a particular form of weapon in civilian hand is no known, offered there is no nationwide gun registration. In fact, federal law prohibits there gift a nationwide registry.

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