Is SeaWorld bad? Compassionate human being everywhere desire to see animals treated humanely, and also they have questions about places prefer SeaWorld. These days, the public has concerns around the facility needs that intelligent maritime mammals—like orcas and other dolphins—and hates to see pets suffering in cramped tanks.

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SeaWorld has operated hard to create the illusion of being a “conservation” company that cares for happy, healthy and balanced marine animals. Yet years the hard-hitting PETA campaigns and the eye-opening documentary Blackfish have exposed the naval park chain’s lies.

So, is SeaWorld bad? examine out this shocking facts around the cruelty of maritime parks to uncover the truth:

What Is SeaWorld? What Do animals Endure There?

SeaWorld is an entertainment firm that puts animals in cramped concrete tanks in ~ its marine parks across the country. It builds its business on the experiencing of smart and social animals.

Consider this facts:

Staff members drug some animals to shot to relieve their unlimited frustration.

“This photo shows the drilled and exposed pulp cavities of the first five mandibular teeth on the left next of one orca’s mouth from dental condition or trauma.”—Dr. Pagan Rally

Where Is SeaWorld? take Note: Never holidays Here 

There space three SeaWorld parks in the U.S.

California: SeaWorld san DiegoFlorida: SeaWorld OrlandoTexas: SeaWorld mountain Antonio

A former location, SeaWorld Ohio, closed in 2000. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is reserved to open up in 2022.

Buying SeaWorld ticket funds pet suffering. friend can assist stop it: never ever visit SeaWorld or any type of other naval park. After you complete reading this post, be certain to tell your friends and family why they need to stay away, too.


Is SeaWorld poor or Good? don’t Buy the ‘Humane Washing’

No two ways roughly it—SeaWorld is bad.

Among other horrors, here are just a few things the it’s excellent to animals:

Employees drill out the inside of orcas’ worn and broken teeth. Often, they usage no painkillers. This drilling keeps the animals’ teeth from becoming infected, however it walk nothing to relax the tension of being hosted in insufficient enclosures.


How countless Orcas Have died at SeaWorld?

More than 40 orcas have passed away at SeaWorld parks, and the death toll continues to climb. Here’s just one story:

An orca called Kasatka to be imprisoned in a SeaWorld tank for almost 40 years. Men abducted her from she ocean house when she was only a year old. She died in respectable 2017, after reportedly having suffered indigenous a bacter lung infection since at least 2008. Lesions spanned her sick body prior to her death. In addition, her mate, Kotar, was eliminated after a pool gate closed ~ above his head, fracturing his skull. Learn much more about the orcas that have passed away at SeaWorld parks

Have Other pets Died at SeaWorld?

Orcas aren’t the only animals suffering in ~ SeaWorld.


SeaWorld abducted a beluga whale named Nanuq from his home waters in ~ the age of 6. That was supplied for synthetic insemination. Workers removed him from the water about 42 times, and also then they built up his sperm. Six of his babies passed away at birth or soon thereafter. ~ an interaction with another pet shattered his jaw, Nanuq died.


How numerous Workers Have died at naval Parks choose SeaWorld?

Orca aggression toward human beings is virtually nonexistent in nature, but the continuous stress of living in bondage causes them to lash out.

SeaWorld’s incomplete incident log, as of 2011, documented much more than 100 events of orca aggression at its parks. These attacks often brought about injuries to humans. Here space a few incidents:


What happened to SeaWorld after Blackfish?

Blackfish is a game-changing 2013 documentary the exposed few of SeaWorld’s most shocking abuse.

In 2018, SeaWorld and also its previous CEO agreed to salary $5 million to resolve charges that the company misled investors about the an unfavorable impact that Blackfish was having on its business.

More Shocking Facts around SeaWorld: points You no Know around Marine Park Cruelty

The company abducted some of the orcas it still imprisons today from their homes in the ocean.It may be surprising, but SeaWorld trainers frequently have no officially background in naval biology, since the key purpose the the parks is come entertain and also put ~ above a “good show” because that visitors. Informing people around the organic lives, foraging behavior, and also habitats the the animals held prisoner there is no the parks’ primary concern.

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You Can aid Animals Trapped in ~ SeaWorld Today

The question isn’t “is SeaWorld Bad?” It’s “just how poor is SeaWorld?”

SeaWorld has received hundreds of thousands that calls indigenous compassionate civilization to modernize that is parks, stop using pets for entertainment, and also move those held in tanks come seaside sanctuaries. However, that hasn’t listened.

The great news is the you can help animals in ~ SeaWorld right now, and also it doesn’t issue where friend are. You can take action for orcas, various other dolphins, and also all pets held in naval parks making use of your phone call or computer. What space you waiting for? obtain started below: