Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump share the stage with parental whose family members members were eliminated by undocumented immigrants. Ralph Freso/Getty pictures
in ~ the end of his immigrant speech Wednesday, Donald trumped stepped away from the podium come make means for world he called "angel moms."

A heat of bereaved parents and relatives, their shirts plastered v the encounters of shed loved ones, lined up behind him. Trump was standing aside as one by one the parental — "angel moms" — common stories of shedding a kid or daughter come an "illegal alien."

"My kid Ronald da Silva to be murdered April 27, 2002, by one illegal extraterrestrial who had been formerly deported," one "angel mom," it s her an immigrant, said. "And what makes me so overcome is that we came right here legally. Say thanks to you, Mr. Trump. I totally support you. You have my vote."

"My cousin Rebecca Ann Johnston — known as Becky — to be murdered ~ above January the 1st, 1989, in north little Rock, Arkansas," another woman said. "If you don"t poll Trump, us won"t have actually a country. Trump every the way."

Trump hugged the mothers and shook hands with the fathers.

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"These are amazing people. And I"m not asking for their endorsement. Believe me. That is hard stuff. Remarkable people," trumped said. "Now is the moment for every one of us as one country — Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative — come band with each other to deliver justice and also safety and security for all Americans. Let"s solve this horrible, horrible problem. It have the right to be solved quickly."

By bringing these world up on stage, Trump"s messaging to be clear: watch at every the american undocumented immigrants have hurt, he was saying, look at what "illegal aliens" have taken away. Be afraid of the peril these immigrant pose to your community and also to her children.

But who room the "angel moms"? It appeared they went past generic subgroups the moms often deployed in presidential campaigns like "soccer moms" and also "Walmart moms" — commonly used together political shorthand for figuring the end if "white women are going to loss out in a different method this election," Debbie Walsh, director in ~ the facility for American Women and also Politics at Rutgers University, tells me.

Were these "angel moms" a specific, arranged support group? were they part of the trump campaign? Or were they something else entirely?

It turns out they are not a team within themselves, also though their surname overlaps v a team established an ext than a decade ago. Instead, castle are component of a bigger immigration-skeptic nonprofit, and also one the is an important to Trump’s us-against-them post on immigration. And also they might be a not-so-subtle play in ~ trying to increase his appeal v women voters.

Who room "angel moms"?

A rapid Google search will land friend on AngelMoms.com, the website of one organization established in 2000 together support team for mothers who have actually lost their kids to any type of cause. It’s an unassuming website, with a graphic of a burning candle that looks favor it dates earlier to the group’s founding year. "This candle burns in memory of Capri "Cappy" Walker. Forever in our hearts," the site reads.

But AngelMoms.com has nothing to perform with trump or the speakers featured during his immigration policy speech Wednesday, the group insists.

"We are in no way connected to the women that were displayed during the speech with Donald Trump," Judi Walker, the founder of angel Moms, called me in one email, including that the organization has been gaining a lot of attention because Trump’s speech Wednesday. "It is an extremely upsetting," she said.

Trump’s "angel moms" have a various origin: They are from the Remembrance Project, a Texas-based nonprofit founded in 2009 the "advocates for family members whose love ones were killed by illegal aliens," according to that website. Its mission is educating "the publicly of the epidemic the killings across the country, and also raising awareness that the impacts of illegal immigration."

For the Remembrance Project, and also for Trump, "angel moms" is a "term offered within the organization" to signify mothers who have actually lost children to incidents involving undocumented immigrants, Trump’s spokesperson hope Hicks shown in an email.

There are groups in a comparable vein to the Remembrance Project across the country. On facebook pages, choose "California victim of Illegal Aliens," devoted to highlighting story of Americans that have passed away due come "illegal aliens and foreign criminals in the U.S., specifically those who have actually been killed by illegals," accumulation news stories and statistics ~ above immigration.

Unsurprisingly, a many the news stories mutual come indigenous Breitbart News, the outlet that ceded Trump his new campaign CEO, Steve Bannon. There’s even a tag on Breitbart the pulls together all "angel moms" stories in one place.

"Angel moms" are core come Trump’s immigration message

Trump has actually a simple and direct narrative when it pertains to immigration: immigrants disrupt the natural order the a safe and quiet American lifestyle. Framing immigration as an us-against-them debate has worked well because that Trump this campaign. That a post that has been finely tuned throughout his campaign.

Trump’s blog post reflects the loud, anxiety-inducing worldview top top immigration, cursed to make Americans afraid of the threats immigrants carry to American shores. The stories from the "angel moms" are the first-person accounts of this worldview.

For Trump and Breitbart, immigrant is told through a lens the crime. Last main I review Breitbart’s 50 most-recent immigration story to discover their"s is a brand the coverage much more reminiscent of a police blotter — a perfect representation of Trumpism.

Regardless of the truth that immigrants space statistically less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, the "angel moms" give the real human voices come Trump’s blog post on immigrant — one the is less based in plan and much more based in an emotional appeal.

There is a long background of moms in presidential elections. Yet this year is different.

Trump’s "angel moms" room not the only moms of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton has actually her own group of mothers on her side: "Mothers of the Movement."

Clinton’s moms room the "mothers whose kids were eliminated by vigilantes and also police and also whose deaths have actually galvanized the modern black motion for racial justice," as my colleague Victoria Massie writes. They are the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Mike Brown, Hadiya Pendleton, Dontre Hamilton, and also Sandra Bland.

As Time’s national politics editor Ryan Teague Beckwith points out, nearly every current presidential year has actually had vital group the moms:

A brief background of U.S. Election moms:2000: football moms2004: security moms2008: Hockey moms2012: Walmart moms2016: point of view moms

— Ryan Teague Beckwith (

There is a straightforward reason mother play together a function in presidential campaigns: based upon the past twenty years of polling data, females play critical role in general elections, do up more than 50 percent the the electorate. These labels effectively stratify crucial groups of female voters.

But "angel moms" and also "Mothers that the Movement" are various than buy it Palin’s 2008 "hockey moms" or the swing-voter "Walmart moms" of the 2012 election.

"They are clearly trying to put a compelling human challenge on the issue," center for American Women and also Politics’ Walsh said. "It is around pulling on her heartstrings. That is no subtle. I think it is the anguish that the parent. Ns think that makes actual something in some ways that may be an ext abstract."

And when Clinton can be appealing to various racial demographics of ladies voters with "Mothers that the Movement," Trump isn’t doing well through women voters at all. And despite pass on Kellyanne Conway to manage his project — the an initial female campaign manager that a Republican presidential nominee through an established job advising political leaders to success female voters — Trump’s numbers with women have more or less been in the basement.

A basic election ABC/Washington short article poll native August verified Clinton had a 23-point lead end Trump in females voters. And from departure polling throughout the primaries, trump card supporters have actually time and also time again proven come be predominantly white and also predominantly male. Trump just wins 72 percent of Republican women, according come the new York Times (Romney winner 93 percent that Republican ladies in 2012).

Trump"s best-case scenario means raising his support among male voter to the greatest of any type of candidate in the previous three decades and also bringing Clinton"s support amongst women to the shortest of any type of candidate in the previous three decades — and also that still doesn"t rather make the cut, Dante Chinni created for NBC:

Even if Trump have the right to do every one of that - get his advantage with males up to Bush"s 11-point edge and get Clinton"s edge v women down to just 11 point out - he still would certainly come up quick in the famous vote since of the an initial part that the equation: ladies produce an ext votes. It would be an extremely close though, a margin of just less than a percentage point, probably close sufficient to placed the all-important Electoral college tally in play.

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And Trump’s "angel moms" aren’t yes, really speaking come the the female voter he desperately needs.

"What has been therefore fascinating about this campaign is he doesn’t seem to be speaking beyond that 40 percent that the republic from the primary," Walsh said. "His post last night no going to get him any ground with women voters. It was pretty hard-line."

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