Are exhausted of see our nation being destroyed by the Biden Administration. That time to take action.

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Please donate and also become a part of the class action lawsuit to sue the Biden Administration

This management has failed the Oath castle took

to protect our nation from a foreign invasion

This administration is aiding and also abetting illegal aliens to unlawfully go into our country.

This management is harboring illegal aliens top top taxpayer funds.

This management unlawfully stopped all border security building and construction from completion which deserve to only be excellent by Congress.

As we take top top the Biden Administration, who space using endless taxpayer funds to damage our country, Angel family members needs

YOUR aid to gain this filed.

Please stand through us to avoid the unlawful actions of this Administration.

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The terrible manner in i beg your pardon the current management is decimating our borders, sovereignty and also safety deserve to no much longer be ignored. It has become noticeable that this administration and the democratic Party are merely ignoring the will certainly of the people and have enabled power, greed and hate to fully destroy the oath lock took once entering office. (click location to read complete article)

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We Must safeguard the dominion of Law and Restore Order

For the previous three and a fifty percent years, chairman Donald Trump has guided the country with an “America First” philosophy. He championed fair and also reciprocal profession deals, lugged countless jobs earlier to the joined States, and also cut taxes so the Americans could have more money in their pockets. Occupants in Arizona have actually seen firsthand what chairman Trump has achieved for them. However, the biggest achievement for the grand Canyon State might be just how the president lugged a renewed emphasis to our country border security. (click on location to check out more)

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Current Affairs

Mary Ann"s short article on the Arizona everyday Independent News Network

Read mar Ann"s latest short article on the Arizona everyday Independent News Network Website. Review full write-up here.

Mary Ann ~ above The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

Listen to mar Ann on The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris together she tackles the issues of Sanctuary cities. Hear to the podcast here.

Victims' Stories

Carlos Wolff

Tierra Stansberry

Sander Cohen

Hailey King

Our Mission

To carry illegal alien crimes come the forefront of politicians and also American citizens by pass victims and their family members into the light v their stories and also to enlighten castle of the hit we have actually in former of us.

To convince our politicians and also American citizens that there is a hazard to our national security and also to other Americans.

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Our Goal is because that this come happen prior to it takes thousands of thousands the lives. Our American citizens deserve defense from illegal aliens and also support from our politicians.

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Know The Facts

North Carolinians For immigration Reform and also Enforcement

Center for immigration Studies

Numbers USA

Homeland defense Immigration Data and also Statistics

US Immigrations and also Custom Enforcement

We construct The Wall

Our Stories

Sgt. Brandon Mendoza

Brandon Randolph Michael

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