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The ratings are in, and also they space golden: practically 30 million american watched Saturday’s imperial wedding top top broadcast tv alone, meeting reports.

The royal wedding began at 7 am east Time/4 to be Pacific time, yet nevertheless, 29.2 million world in the us watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say their vows in former of a collection of Harry’s royal connections and also Markle’s Hollywood pals.

By any type of measure, ratings of 29.2 million space stellar. It’s not quite on the level the the Super bowl (watched by 103.4 million world this year), however it outperforms this year Oscars (26.5 million), and it an ext than doubles the number on Game of Thrones, among TV’s most-watched shows (last year’s season finale fight 12.1 million viewers, every Nielsen). And considering that the wedding was also live-streamed on several platforms, because that which over there is no yet heavy ratings information, it’s safe to i think the total variety of viewers was much higher.

Those ratings likewise mean that this weekend’s nuptials outperformed the last imperial wedding in regards to US viewership. As soon as Harry’s brother Prince william married Kate Middleton in 2011, 23 million americans watched your wedding, meaning that this year’s wedding to be up through 6.2 million. Outlets it seems ~ to have planned to build on the 2011 success this year: while Will and also Kate’s wedding was broadcast on 11 networks, Harry and Meghan’s made it come 15, which might partially account because that the bump in ratings.

But there’s also the truth that this details royal wedding was both historic and arguably of greater interest to us viewers in particular: Markle is an American and also one the the an initial mixed-race members that the British imperial family, and her wedding unapologetically focused her blackness, native the deal with by a black American preacher to the songs from a gospel choir. This was a historic moment, and also the ratings reflect the fact.

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