A new ABC News poll reflects voters end the period of 50 favor former Vice president Joe Biden while voters under the age of 30 donate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Americans by almost 2 come 1 protest Donald Trump’s do the efforts to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and just three in 10 in the latest abc News/Washington post poll support making that harder because that undocumented immigrants to request asylum protection in the united States.

Sixty-four percent oppose Trump advertising a nationwide emergency in order to build a wall surface without congressional approval, when 34% back him. That has 55% that “strongly” disapprove, vs. 28% who strongly support.


See PDF for full results, charts and also tables.

Just 30%, moreover, favor making that harder because that undocumented immigrant to seek asylum, as Trump has actually proposed. Essentially as many, 27%, would certainly make that easier, when 34% favor leaving the law as the is now.

Majority opposition to Trump’s policies stands also as a feeling of the seriousness the the instance has risen. Thirty-five percent currently see a crisis, increase from 24% in January. The said, 64% still don’t ascribe come the president’s insurance claim of a border crisis.

Overall, 57% in the poll, produced for abc by Langer research Associates, reject of exactly how Trump is taking care of immigration, v 39% approving. (This matches Trump’s in its entirety job approval rating.) Disapproval has actually eased a bit, indigenous 62 percent once last experiment in September 2017.

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In a comparatively better result for Trump, the public divides around evenly ~ above who’s largely to blame because that the border situation. Thirty-five percent chiefly reference the democrats in Congress and also 32% chiefly reprimand Trump, with an additional 27% blaming no or both.


Views of the border case as a crisis have risen throughout groups, yet most steeply amongst Democrats, increase 17 portion points from 7% in January come 24% now. It’s increase similarly, by 16 points, amongst Hispanics, from 20% in January to 36% now.

Seeing a crisis peaks among very conservative Americans, 62%; Republicans, 56%; rural residents, 54%; and also evangelical white Protestants, 52%.


Other opinions likewise are high solution partisan. Yet even amongst Republicans, simply fewer than half, 46%, donate making the harder for undocumented immigrants to request asylum. Support for the idea is highest, 54%, among solid conservatives. That falls to a 3rd of independents, a quarter of moderates and about one in seven Democrats and also liberals alike.

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Assignment the blame, for its part, might be a concern for Trump and also his party looking front to the 2020 election. Whites blame the democrats in Congress over the president because that the immigration case by a broad 43-23%. But nonwhites, a cultivation share of the population, view it quite differently. Blacks reference Trump over the congressional democrats by 57-14%; Hispanics execute so through 50-19%.

Further, whites just divide top top Trump’s managing of immigrant overall, 49-47%, approve-disapprove. Seventy-four percent that Hispanics, and 87% of blacks, disapprove.

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The survey was produced for alphabet News by Langer study Associates of new York, N.Y., through sampling and also data repertoire by Abt Associates that Rockville, Md. Watch details top top the survey’s methodology here.

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