China released the results of the seventh national census on 11th might 2021. The census showed that 845,697 foreigners room living in China. Follow to the results, released as adheres to are the significant data around residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners living in Mainland the China.

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The State Council information Office holds a press conference on the data that the seventh national population census, which is the biggest of the kind throughout the world. It helps China figure out its population size, structure and also distribution and also the recent demographic changes and also trends, follow to the China national Bureau that Statistics (NBS).

I. Population

China’s populace on the mainland reached 1.41178 billion, the number does not incorporate Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents and foreigners who live in the Mainland China.

The census confirmed that 845,697 foreigners space living in 31 provinces, a notable rise compared with 593,832 a decade ago.

There are 371,380 residents from Hong Kong, 55,732 occupants from Macao, 157886 occupants from Taiwan. Therefore the total number of people is 1,430,695.


II. Sex Composition

Of the over population, 736,286 human being were males, and also 694,409 human being were females. Among them, there to be 202,296 males and 169,084 females indigenous Hong Kong, there were 29,067 males and also 26,665 females native Macao, and also 102,897 males and also 54,989 females native Taiwan. Because that the foreigners, there were 402,026 males and also 44,3671 females.

III. Expression of Residence

From the over data, 40,659 world stayed for less than 3 months, 56,342 civilization stayed for 3 to 6 months, 166,884 world stayed because that 6 to 12 months, 248,174 human being stayed for 1 to 2 years, and 314,954 civilization stayed because that 2 come 5 years, and also 603,682 civilization stayed for much more than 5 years.

IV. Functions of staying in Mainland China

Among them, 77,008 people pertained to China because that business, 444,336 people came because that employment/work, 219,761 civilization came for study, 419,517 human being came for the objective of settlement, 74,735 persons concerned visit relatives, and also 195,338 human being came for other purposes.

V. Geographic circulation of the Foreigners

By residence that the over people, the top ten districts in terms of populace size were as follows: Guangdong had actually 418,509 people, Yunnan had 379,281 people, Shanghai had actually 163,954 people, Fujian had actually 106,248 people, Beijing had actually 62,812 persons, Jiangsu had actually 58,201 persons, Zhejiang had 46,189 people, Guangxi had actually 26,043 people, Shandong had actually 21,829 people, and also Liaoning had 20,562 persons. The remaining 127,067 people resided in other provinces.

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All numbers in this Communiqué are preliminary results.The above population refers to inhabitants from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreigners living in the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and also municipalities that the Chinese mainland at the reference time the the census and also registered for the census, when those shortly remaining for business, travel and also other objectives were no included.