The State that Mental wellness in America

Mental health America (MHA) is cursed to promoting mental health as a crucial part of overall wellness. We advocate for prevention services for all, at an early stage identification and also intervention for those at risk, integrated services, care and also treatment for those who require them, and also recovery together the goal.

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We believe that gathering and providing up-to-date data and also information around disparities confronted by individuals with mental health difficulties is a tool for change.



2022 Key Findings

In 2019, simply prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 19.86% of adults knowledgeable a mental illness, identical to nearly 50 million Americans. Suicidal ideation continues to increase amongst adults in the U.S. 4.58% of adults report having serious think of suicide, boost of 664,000 civilization from critical year’s dataset. The national rate of suicidal ideation among adults has increased every year since 2011-2012. This to be a larger increase than seen in last year’s report and is a worrying trend to check out going into the COVID-19 pandemic.A cultivation percentage the youth in the U.S. Live with major depression. 15.08% the youth knowledgeable a major depressive episode in the previous year, a 1.24% rise from critical year’s dataset. In the bottom-ranked states, approximately 19% that youth periods 12-17 experienced major depression.Over 2.5 million youth in the U.S. Have actually severe depression, and also multiracial youth are at best risk. 10.6% of youth in the U.S. Have severe significant depression (depression that severely influence functioning). The price of significant depression was highest amongst youth who established as an ext than one race, in ~ 14.5% (more than one in every seven multiracial youth).Over fifty percent of adults through a mental disease do not obtain treatment, totaling over 27 million adults in the U.S. Who space going untreated. In Hawaii, the bottom-ranked state, 67% the adults through a mental condition did not obtain treatment. Even in Vermont, the top-ranked state in the U.S., 43% the adults enduring a mental disease were not receiving treatment. The percentage of adults through a mental condition who report unmet need for treatment has actually increased every year because 2011. In 2019, 24.7% that adults through a mental condition report one unmet require for treatment. Over 60% of youth with significant depression carry out not receive any kind of mental health treatment. also in claims with the greatest access, practically one in three room going there is no treatment. In Texas, the bottom-ranked state because that this indicator, practically three-quarters of youth with depression did not get mental health and wellness treatment. Nationally, fewer than 1 in 3 youth with severe depression receive constant mental wellness care. Even among youth with serious depression who receive some treatment, just 27% received consistent care. In Tennessee, the bottom-ranked state, that price is together low as 12%. 65.6% of youth in Maine (ranked 1st) received continual treatment, i beg your pardon is 16% greater than vermont (49.7%) which is ranked 2nd.Both adults and youth in the U.S. Proceed to lack adequate insurance allowance coverage. 11.1% that Americans with a mental illness are uninsured. There to be a 0.3% rise from last year’s dataset, the second year in a row that this indicator increased since the passage of the Affordable treatment Act (ACA). 8.1% of children had private insurance that did not cover mental health and wellness services, totaling 950,000 youth. Rates of substance usage are increasing for youth and also adults, also prior come the COVID-19 pandemic. 7.74% of U.S. Adults and 4.08% the youth had actually a substance use disorder in the past year. Problem use raised 0.07% because that adults and 0.25% because that youth end last year report.

This year’s report contains spotlights on 2 of MHA’s plan priorities in 2021-2022 – the implementation that 988 as the nationwide three-digit self-destruction prevention and also mental health dilemm hotline and also increasing mental wellness education and also supports in schools, specifically for BIPOC youth. 

Suicidal Ideation and 988 Implementation: With the i of the brand-new 988 number for self-destruction prevention and mental health and wellness crises, there is an chance to develop a continually of crisis care with adequate capital that ensures mental wellness responses come mental health crises and also prioritizes equity, particularly for BIPOC individuals. However, the the 13 claims (ranked 39-51) through the highest possible rates of suicidal ideation among adults, only 4 have effectively passed state legislation for 988 implementation: Utah, Oregon, Indiana, and Colorado. That these, only one right now includes user fees. Disparities in Mental wellness Treatment because that Youth of Color: White youth through depression to be most most likely to receive mental health treatment, and also Asian youth were the very least likely to obtain mental health care. Youth of shade with depression, specifically Native American or American Indian, multiracial, and Black youth, to be most most likely to obtain non-specialty mental wellness services in education settings. To create healthier communities, and to better serve student of shade who may only get mental health services in education settings, schools need long-term financial support to build up sustained and sufficient institution infrastructure.

Explore the web-based report using the links provided on the left or download the printable report.


The State the Mental health and wellness in America

In the over links friend will discover a arsenal of Data across all 50 states and the district of Columbia answering the complying with questions:

How many adults and also youth have mental health issues?How numerous adults and also youth have substance usage issues?How numerous adults and youth have access to insurance?How countless adults and youth have access to adequate insurance?How plenty of adults and youth have access to mental health care?Which claims have higher barriers to accessing mental health care?

Our Goal:

To provide a snapshot of mental health status amongst youth and also adults for policy and also program planning, analysis, and evaluation;To track alters in the pervasiveness of mental health issues and accessibility to mental health care;To know how changes in national data reflect the impact of legislation and policies; and.To boost dialogue and also improve outcomes because that individuals and also families with mental health and wellness needs

Why gather this Information?

Using national survey data enables us to measure a community’s mental health and wellness needs, accessibility to care, and outcomes nevertheless of the differences in between the states and also their differed mental health policies.Rankings check out which says are more effective in ~ addressing issues related to mental health and substance use.Analysis may reveal similarities and differences amongst states in bespeak to begin assessing just how federal and also state mental health policies result in much more or less access to care.

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This publication was made feasible by the generous assistance of Alkermes, Otsuka America pharmaceutical Companies, and also Neurocrine Biosciences.