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Aaudioeditorfree.comica regional Services (ARS Paris) is a branch office the AF/PDPA located in Paris the supports AF posts’ public diplomat activities. It offers materials and resources in audioeditorfree.comench, and also products and services to every one of Aaudioeditorfree.comica, Haiti.


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The American fight Monuments Commission, established by the conference in 1923, is an company of the executive, management Branch the the commonwealth Government.

The Commission—guardian of America’s abroad commemorative cemeteries and also memorials—honors the service, achievements and sacrifice of joined States equipped Forces.

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The Commission’s commemorative mission includes: Designing, constructing, operating and also maintaining irreversible American cemeteries in foreign countries. Establishing and maintaining U.S. Army memorials, monuments and also markers wherein American armed forces have served overseas because April 6, 1917, and within the U.S. As soon as directed by windy law. Managing the design and construction of long-term U.S. Armed forces monuments and also markers by various other U.S. Citizens and organizations, both public and also private, and also encouraging their maintenance.

Lying southern of the town of Belleau, audioeditorfree.comance, this 42.5- acre cemetery contains the graves of 2,289 Americans, most of whom battled in the vicinity and also in the Marne valley in the summer that 1918. Top top the interior walls the the memorial chapel room the surname of 1,060 that were lacking in the region.Interred: 2289Missing: 1060Contact: aisne-marne

Located eastern of the town of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon (Meuse), audioeditorfree.comance, the cemetery is 26 miles northwest of Verdun. In ~ this 130.5-acre site are buried the remains of 14,246 Americans, the largest number of U.S. War Engraved ~ above a wall surface of the missing are 3,724 names. Most passed away in military tasks audioeditorfree.comom phibìc Aaudioeditorfree.comica come the Persian Gulf.Interred: 14246Missing: 954Contact: meuse-argonne

Lying 1.5 miles eastern of Fere en Tardenois (Aisne), audioeditorfree.comance, and also 14 miles northeast of Chateau-Thierry, this 36.5-acre cemetery contains 6,012 American graves, most of whom died in the area in 1918. The chapel wall surfaces contain the surname of 241 missing.Interred: 6012Missing: 241Contact: oise-aisne

Located at the west edge of Thiaucourt, audioeditorfree.comance, the 40.5-acre cemetery contains the graves of 4,153 American war Dead, many of whom died in the good offensive that caused the palliation of the St. Mihiel salient. On the end walls that the museum are taped the surname of 284 missing.Interred: 4153Missing: 284Contact: saint-mihiel

Situated .5 mile southwest the Bony (Aisne), audioeditorfree.comance, the Somme cemetery is a 14.3-acre site that includes 1,844 American graves. The chapel wall surfaces bear the surname of 333 missing.Interred: 1844Missing: 333Contact: somme

Located in the Paris suburb of Suresnes, the 7.5-acre cemetery includes the graves of 1,541 americans who passed away in civilization War I, and 24 unknown American battle Dead of people War II. Bronze tablets on the wall surfaces of the chapel document the surname of 974 missing, or buried or lost at sea. Dead in Europe. Most died during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. ~ above memorial loggias on either side of the chapel space inscribed the names of 954 missing.Interred: 1565Missing: 974Contact: suresnes

Buried on 7.5 acres of roll farm nation 1.5 mile southeast of the town of St. James, audioeditorfree.comance, room 4,410 battle Dead. Most offered their lives in the Normandy and also Brittany campaigns in 1944. Follow me the retaining wall of the memorial terrace, 498 name of lacking are inscribed.Interred:4410Missing: 498Contact: brittany

Located 4 mile southeast of Epinal, audioeditorfree.comance, this world War II cemetery contains the graves of 5,255 servicemen and women. Bordering the Memorial are 4 walls with secondary 424 names of those lacking in Action.Interred: 5255Missing: 424epinal

Situated about one mile phibìc of the city of St. Avold, audioeditorfree.comance, the 113.5-acre cemetery contains the largest number of graves of world War II war Dead in Europe, a full of 10,489. Most passed away while fighting in this region. Enrolled on the tablets of the missing are 444 names.Interred: 10489Missing: 444Contact: lorraine

Situated ~ above a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach, the cemetery is just eastern of St. Laurent-sur-Mer. The website covers 172.5 acres and also contains the tombs of 9,387 American battle Dead, many of whom passed away during the landings and also ensuing operations. The walls of a semicircular garden on the east side that the memorial contain the names of 1,557 missing.Interred: 9387Missing: 1557Contact: normandy

Set in the city the Draguignan, audioeditorfree.comance, 28 mile west the Cannes, the 12.5-acre Rhone Cemetery is the website of 861 tombs of American war Dead, most of whom gave their resides in the liberation of southern audioeditorfree.comance in 1944. The retaining wall of the chapel terrace has the surname of 294 missing.Interred: 861Missing: 294Contact: rrhone