All you must do is attach your eligible capital One map to her account. Paying with rewards will be an option every time friend shop.

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FlexibleUse as many or as few rewards as you want. You can use capital One rewards for component of her order and also pay for the rest with the linked Capital One card.ConvenientOnce you’ve linked your standard card, you will see and be maybe to use your easily accessible Capital One rewards at checkout.





What is Shop with Points in ~

Shop with Points offers customers the ability to usage points or rewards the participating rewards programs for purchases at

See accessible Shop v Points program

Are there any kind of products i can"t buy using Shop through Points?

You have the right to shop numerous items in ~ utilizing Shop through Points. Please note, however, the rewards cannot be used for every purchases at Please recommendation our constraints list below.

about Shop with Points restrictions

Which resources One credit transaction cards deserve to I usage for Shop through Points?

Shopping with rewards at is obtainable to eligible Venture, VentureOne, Quicksilver, QuicksilverOne, Savor, SavorOne, Spark Miles, Spark miles Select, Spark Cash, Spark Cash Select, Spark Classic, and Journey college student accountholders with accounts open and in great standing.

Is over there a fee because that using resources One rewards because that my purchase?

No. Over there is no fee for using funding One rewards at

How have the right to I tell just how many resources One rewards I have while i am shopping at

First, ensure her eligible funding One credit transaction card is enrolled because that Shop with Points by clicking “Accounts & Lists” in the top right. Walk to “Your Account” and then “Shop v Points” under “Shopping programs and also rentals”. If enrolled, friend will check out your balance here. Friend may likewise proceed come checkout and also view her balance on the payments Page.

Why have the right to I no much longer see accessible Capital One rewards in checkout?

First, ensure her eligible funding One credit card is enrolled because that Shop with Points by clicking on “Accounts & Lists” in the top right. Then, go to “Your Account” and then “Shop through Points” under “Shopping programs and rentals”. If the regime is not provided under “Your Enrolled Rewards Accounts”, monitor the directions on this web page to enroll. If girlfriend have shown your eligible resources One rewards account is enrolled because that Shop through Points and also you carry out not view your rewards regimen account, you re welcome contact capital One making use of the phone number on the ago of your funding One credit transaction card.

How perform I contact funding One if I have actually questions regarding my rewards account or mine card?

To gain in touch, please contact the phone number top top the ago of your funding One credit transaction card.

I don"t have actually enough resources One rewards because that my order. How have the right to I pay because that the remainder of mine order?

You might use the capital One credit card from which the rewards are used or use Gift Cards or payment Stored value to pay for the remainder of your order.

May I apply promotional coupons or Gift Cards to orders in which i am using my capital One rewards?

Yes, you might apply any type of eligible promotion coupons or Gift Cards come orders paid using rewards.

Can I incorporate points indigenous multiple prize programs because that my order?

Rewards native multiple reward programs cannot at this time be aggregated for a single order. You might register lot of rewards programs at; however, rewards purchases will certainly be paired v the card linked with the rewards program.

What if ns no much longer want come use funding One rewards come shop at

If girlfriend no longer want to use capital One rewards to shop at, you can unenroll your card in “Shop through Points” under “Account & Lists” and also then “Your Account”. You will still be able to use your funding One credit transaction card for transactions at

Can ns return was that ns purchased at with my capital One rewards?

Purchases do with resources One rewards at monitor"s standard return policies. Please visit theReturns and also Refunds page at for much more information.

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling your eligible resources One credit card in Shop with Points at, your credit transaction card account will certainly be attached to your account. Girlfriend authorize and also direct capital One come share information around your capital One credit card rewards account v solutions LLC and/or that affiliates.

Capital One rewards may be redeemed to salary for every or a portion of default purchases at Resources One will certainly deduct any rewards you redeem from her rewards balance at the moment the order is placed.

Redemption values for resources One rewards may vary and are subject to change by resources One at any kind of time.

If any type of of the assets relatedto your original order are returned, topic to’s return policy, you will obtain a refund ofthe amount fee to your card first, complied with by capital One rewards points. If a refund the yourCapital One rewards points cannot be processed by capital One for factors including yet notlimited to (a) closure of her card account, (b) closure of her rewards account, or (c) conversion ofyour rewards to a non-reward account, will issue an Gift card to you because that anamount equal to the value of the funding One rewards points used towards her purchase.

In the occasion your eligible resources One credit card is connected to one account that is no your own, or you enable others to access your account where you have attached an eligible resources One credit transaction card, your resources One rewards balance will be displayed and your rewards will certainly be obtainable for your use.

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Additional capital One organization terms may apply.

for details, please visit the rewards web page in your funding One virtual servicing account or your rewards terms below