These previous Alcatraz detainees Are Still alive (Nearly 60 years Later) Alcatraz to be intended to offer as a maximum-security prison during the civil war and shockingly, few of its detainees are still alive to this day.

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one of the cells at alcatraz, the mugshot the robert luke
In the 1850s, Alcatraz began operating to hold military prisoners during the polite War. Watercrafts came much and few in between, so lot so the the households of guards live on the Alcatraz island finish with wives and also their kids totaling three hundred civilians top top the island, excluding inmates.

Alcatraz held over fifteen hundred prisoners. In the century that the prison was operating, only four men efficiently escaped, but one inmate to be apprehended after he broke down from fatigue when he got to land under the gold Gate Bridge. The various other three inmates were never found again.

Alcatraz close up door its doors on march 21st, 1963 as the school was hemorrhaging money and also was as well expensive to store running. However, numerous speculated it was led to by the unexplained and unsolved loss of the escaped inmates. To this day, Alcatraz welcomes tourists and also locals visiting mountain Francisco and also many guards and ex-inmates will get involved in the job tours and promote their book signings.

Bill Baker stares up in ~ the rows of empty cells throughout his visit to the prison. Via: NPR
In 1957, bill Baker boarded a little wooden boat, his hands, and also feet bound behind his earlier where he was transported to the notorious Alcatraz jail after numerous escape do the efforts at various other prisons. In ~ the time, the frigid waters that surrounded Alcatraz to be shark-infested and becoming famous in various Hollywood productions.

Baker was sentenced to Alcatraz because that stealing and was confined come a windowless cell whereby he was only enabled recreational activities on weekends that included playing cards that were known for flying far in the strong winds that surrounding this imprisoned island. However, Baker did take it up a understanding - learning and also perfecting exactly how to counterfeit payroll checks.

two guys sit in front of black and also white mugshots Via: Pinterest
Baker was lastly released in 2012 in ~ the period of 78. The went top top to compose a memoir title “Alcatraz 1259,” about his journey at Alcatraz whereby he proceeds to entertain and also educate audiences about his successful course to redemption. Today, invoice Baker deserve to be seen signing duplicates of his publications at the Alcatraz book shop and is claimed to sell approximately 300 books each day.

a black and also white mugshot that prison invoice Baker Via: brand-new York Post
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Ex-Bank Robber, Robert Schibline, Raved about The Food

an elderly guy with his hand in the air Via: The Ledger

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Notorious bank robber Robert Schibline was incarcerated in 1958 in ~ the period of 24. He was on leaving from the Navy once police recorded him making use of an aircraft carrier that he was stationed on together a getaway vehicle. In fact, Schibline discussed that he to be a tiny fearful once he arrived, however ultimately he to be excited around the unknown.

Schibline was incarcerated at the same time together the three guys who successfully escaped indigenous Alcatraz and was also a help hand v their escape plan. When asked what his experience at Alcatraz to be like, Schibline revealed that was often put into solitary confinement the inmates referred to as “the hole” and also he would come to be infuriated by the cigarette smoke that certain guards would certainly purposefully blow into the small cell. However, the did cite that the food was quite tasty.

Robert Schibline walk onto opening a scuba diving shop that became extremely successful.