New York City has three major airports — here"s what you have to know prior to booking your following flight.

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Planning a pilgrimage to new York City? prior to you book your flights, you'll want to perform a tiny research ~ above the three significant NYC area airports - LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark. The ideal airport because that your next trip will count on her airline of choice, where you're flying from, and also where you're staying in the city.

The airspace above new York is amongst the busiest in the world. However, ~ above the ground, the city's airport web links are notoriously an overwhelming for out-of-towners to conquer. Over there isn't a simple train shuttle that will certainly whisk girlfriend downtown, and the city's three main airports space all flung in opposite directions from main Manhattan. The means, cab or rideshare fares can add up quickly, and also you'll should leave early on if travel at top times to prevent traffic delays.

Whether you're flying right into JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia, here's what you must know around these three NYC area airports.

Right now, all three airports are offering on-site COVID-19 testing, making it convenient for travelers to acquire tested. That course, if you're traveling what that calls for proof the a negative COVID-19 test, you'll must schedule that within the compelled time window before your flight.



More than 30 airline fly to and from Newark (EWR), consisting of over a dozen global carriers. United cases the airport as one of its significant hubs, and also the airline operates all flights in and out the Newark's Terminal C.

Newark is reasonably easy to access if you're remaining on the west next of Manhattan, however this alternative will be pricey or time-consuming if you're traveling to and also from kings or Brooklyn.

And let's simply say the Newark isn't specifically known as a culinary destination, except for the an international Bazaar in Terminal C. The much-needed food hall opened up in 2018 v an Italian deli, sushi, ramen, and more reflecting the many international destinations it services flights to.

How to obtain There: brand-new Jersey Transit provides a relatively easy option for travelers to get between Midtown Manhattan and also Newark Airport. From pen Station, jump on either the Northeast Corridor or north Jersey coastline lines. It will certainly take about 30 minutes and also cost $15.25 for this trip. Discover up-to-date details around hours the operation and also train frequency ~ above the new Jersey Transit website.

The Newark Airport refer shuttle service runs native Midtown Manhattan to every terminals at Newark. It prices $30 for a round-trip fare or $17 for a one-way ticket. V minimal traffic, the trip takes around 45 minutes.

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Taxi Cost: A taxi is likely to expense anywhere from $50 come $70 if you're riding come Manhattan. (Tack on much more if you're going to one more borough.) You deserve to research Uber or Lyft costs prior to you fly, but the rates are subject to readjust due to surge pricing.