So said the 35th President that the united States, together recalled by British prime Minister Harold Macmillan. Return he carefully cultivated the photo of the devoted family man, man F. Kennedy was possibly the many prolific philanderer ever before to elegant the Oval Office.

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It to be these images of JFK playing through his 2 children, john Jr. And also Caroline, or stood together his famous, urbane wife Jackie, that shaped the image of Kennedy the man throughout his political career. However, the document shows the JFK had actually a propensity because that prostitutes and also risqué sex-related encounters that bordered on the criminally irresponsible.

This sexual intrepidness, together a myriad of various other factors, has actually helped secure the enduring Kennedy myth and image. Return at best a moderately successful president, Kennedy has attained icon status.

Here us list 11 of JFK’s much more famous affairs.

1. JFK and Marilyn Monroe, actress and also icon

Marillyn Monroe photographed arriving at Ciro’s nightclub for a soirée celebrate Louella Parsons, published on web page 37 the the November 1954 worry of modern-day Screen. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Although it was just speculated for many years, the is now specific that JFK and Marilyn Monroe had actually an affair.

JFK and Marilyn Monroe met in February 1962, at a dinner in new York. What complied with was a brief affair, conducted primarily at Bing Crosby’s home in Palm Springs, but it seems Monroe harboured desires of becoming the an initial Lady. Accused she composed to Jackie explaining her intentions.

Furthermore, the is alleged that JFK’s brother Bobby Kennedy had actually a much longer affair with Monroe, and also possibly arranged for Monroe to be murdered and also have her fatality disguised as suicide.

2. JFK and also Judith Exner, mob moll


Before coming to be President, JFK open minded socialised v the infamous Rat Pack. He to be close through Frank Sinatra and also Sammy Davis Jr, and also through them kept a politics expedient channel to mobsters.

It to be at one gathering at the Sands Hotel in las Vegas in 1960 the Sinatra introduced JFK to Judith Campbell, an ex that Chicago mob ceo Sam Giancana. Castle struck increase an affair, which continued for whilst JFK was President. She regularly visited the White House. This one of JFK’s affairs covered a couple of years.

More shockingly, Exner later asserted that she was a courier for packages between JFK and also Giancana. These insurance claims were substantiated through the study of investigative reporter Seymour Hersch.

Exner to be the first person to publicly reveal JFK’s dark side, describing in information her affair v JFK to a Senate committee and also ushering in a duration of revisionist evaluation on JFK’s presidency.

The Kennedy administration has been conclusively shown to have collaborated v mobsters during Operation Mongoose, the surprise programme to destabilise the Castro regime in Cuba (where the mob has substantial financial interests) and also that participation was possibly anchored by JFK’s affair v Exner.

She also claimed to have actually aborted JFK’s child.

3. JFK and also Inga Arvad, ‘spy’


Dane “Inga Binga” was a permanent girlfriend that JFK whilst he operated in the navy, and also was rumoured to it is in a Soviet spy. Their separation was moved by Kennedy’s father, who feared the terminal results this relationship might have ~ above his young future political career.

4. JFK and also Anita Ekberg, actress


The star that La Dolce Vita and worldwide sex symbol to be briefly linked with the President.

5. JFK and also Ellen Rometsch, call girl

East-German-born Ellen Rometsch to be married to a German Air force sergeant Rolf Rometsch, who was stationed in Washington during the elevation of the Cold War.

However, Ellen Rometsch was also a high class call girl who had a brief dalliance v JFK. She to be one of countless prostitutes that Dave Powers, JFK’s one-of-a-kind Assistant, solicited because that the President.

Moreover, she was greatly rumoured to it is in a communist spy, and also was expelled from the united state in august 1963 (at the behest that Attorney-General Robert Kennedy), v the Profumo work in brothers highlighting the danger of sexual promiscuity.


In 1963 the resignation of man Profumo rocked the federal government as his affair v Christine Keeler was exposed come the world. In the aftermath of the scandal, mr Denning to be tasked through investigating whether any type of breaches of nationwide security had actually been resulted in by Profumo's tryst with Keeler.
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6. JFK and also Gene Tierney, actress


A running theme of JFK’s affairs was his dalliances with movie stars. Among the more illustrious to be Gene Tierney, that Kennedy had actually an to work with approximately 1948, when she to be still married.

7. JFK and also Mimi Alford, White residence intern


Whilst an intern at the White House, 19-year-old Alford lost her virginity to the President and also engaged in an 18-month affair. A couple of years earlier she revealed the details of their relationship, consisting of that JFK take it recreational drugs v her.

JFK likewise successfully dared she to perform oral sex ~ above his unique Assistant, Dave Powers, in the White residence pool.

8. JFK and also Marlene Dietrich, actress and singer

Dietrich revealed the details of she 1962 tryst v the President, saying, ‘I nothing remember many of what happened since it was all so quick’.

She later told friend Gore Vidal the her initial reaction of, “You know, grandfather President, ns am not really young” ultimately became, “Don’t muss mine hair. Ns performing”.

She was also a long-time lover of JFK’s father, Joseph p Kennedy.

9. JFK and Mary Pinchot Meyer, CIA agent’s ex-wife

Meyer, who had a reasonably well-known affair through JFK, to be shot and also killed in mysterious scenarios in 1964, a year after the president’s death.

It has been asserted that she to be murdered to avoid her revealing the details of their affair.

10 and also 11. JFK and also Fiddle and also Faddle (Priscilla Wear and also Jill Cowen), White house secretaries


Two secretaries in the Kennedy White residence whose primary duty was come skinny-dip through the chairman in the attached pool. They additionally were carried on service trips to Berlin, Rome, Ireland and Costa Rica.

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JFK’s wife, Jackie, once offered a tour of the White house to a Paris Match reporter and, coming across Priscilla, supposedly remarked in French, “This is the girl who supposedly is resting with mine husband”.