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By Michael Hurley, CBS (CBS) — Sunday afternoon significant the 38th postseason video game of the bill Belichick/Tom Brady era because that the Patriots. That also marked their 23rd playoff video game at home throughout that time — a stretch dating ago to the famous Snow Bowl versus Oakland.

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And, excluding the eight super Bowls play in neutral sites, the Patriots have only had actually to play seven true road games over the past 18 seasons. That speaks to just how well they’ve taken care of company in the continual season throughout that span.

Yet together you for sure know, the Patriots did no take treatment of company this year in the continual season, offering away a game in Miami, shedding a winnable game in Pittsburgh, and getting blown out in Tennessee, Jacksonville and also Detroit. As regular seasons go, this one was distinctly not Patriot-like.

And so, as a result, the Patriots will be packing their bags and also hitting the road next weekend because that the AFC Championship Game. It’s somewhat rare region for the Patriots to discover themselves, but it’s not completely rare. This is a fast look back at the six times that the Patriots have had actually to take trip for the AFC location game.

1985, in ~ MiamiPatriots 31Dolphins 14

Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Arguably the most impressive minute from the Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski era came in a loss. It come in the fourth quarter the this game, v the Patriots trailing by eight and with much less than 2 minutes on the clock.

On a fourth-and-10 at midfield, Brady struggle Gronkowski for a 40-yard obtain up the seam. Top top a fourth-and-goal native the 4-yard line, Brady uncovered Gronkowski because that a touchdown. It to be an all-time moment. But on the two-point conversion, Brady didn’t go back to Gronkowski, also though he should have. Instead, the tried to pressure a pass to Julian Edelman. It to be picked off, and also the Patriots lost.

Among the an ext random events of this game involved Owen Daniels beating Jamie Collins on a double move not once but twice — both of i beg your pardon went for touchdowns. Collins was one of the many athletic young linebackers in the organization at the time; Daniels was out of the league forever a few weeks later.

There are plenty of parallels indigenous the 2015 season to the 2018 season, namely the the Patriots had actually to go on the roadway for the AFC location game because they go out a game in Miami. Ago in 2015, it was The Steven Jackson video game in Miami that forced the Patriots come head come Denver in January.

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2018, at Kansas City

We chandelier see exactly how this one plays out. Clearly, the Patriots that the second half of this present run have not fared fine on the road, yet that’s to be entirely because of Peyton Manning. Is Patrick Mahomes up to the challenge? Or deserve to the Patriots tap into some of the intangible magic that made castle so good in the early 2000s?

You’ll hear a lot this week about the Patriots’ devastating road record, around the Chiefs’ offense, about the week 6 win for new England, around the now-irrelevant 2014 video game in Kansas City, and a totality lot else. We’ll all perform our best to try to encapsulate what’s going to happen. Yet in these games, where the stakes are so high, there’s just no way of knowing until the game kicks off how they’re walking to walk or those going to happen.

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