Tom Brady's job record and stats in AFC and also NFC Conference Championship games. / chris Graythen/Getty Images

In his an initial season with the Tampa only Buccaneers, Tom Brady will certainly be playing in his very first ever NFC Championship game.

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Of course, make it come the Conference Championship ring is par for the course. Brady make the AFC Championship in 13 of his 19 seasons with the new England Patriots.

This is Brady's ninth Conference Championship figure in the last 10 seasons, therefore let's take it a look at how the future Hall-of-Famer has fared in those past appearances.

Tom Brady document in Conference Championship Games

Over his career, Tom Brady is 9-4 in Conference Championship games. Every 13 that those to be in the AFC Championship.

Tom Brady Conference Championship job Stats

Across 13 job Conference Championship appearances, Tom Brady has actually completed 304 of his 488 happen attempts (62.3%) because that 3,395 yards v 18 touchdowns and also 14 interceptions. He has been sacked 20 times in those games. He has additionally recorded 41 sirloin attempts in Conference Championship games, tallying 39 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns top top the ground.

Tom Brady NFC Championship History

Tom Brady has never play in an NFC Championship game prior to this week's matchup versus the eco-friendly Bay Packers.

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