“Remember me v smiles and also laughter, because that that’s the means I’ll remember friend all. If you can only psychic me through tears, then don’t mental me in ~ all.” – Michael Landon, from “Little house on the Prairie”


Michael passed away 10 month after he danced through Leslie at her wedding.

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We store Dad’s memory alive by celebrating his finest qualities and incorporating them right into our lives. Mine Dad was very loving and also affectionate; he had an amazing sense that humor and also laughter was constantly a priority in ours home. He committed time to much better the resides of others and was never too busy to help those in need. He to be a storyteller and loved adventure.

I’ve made that a priority to placed family first and love mine husband and also my youngsters with every my heart. My youngsters grew increase in a an extremely loving residence just as I did. We make time because that each other and also support each other’s dreams.

My husband Brian and I have actually been married over 30 years and I love farming old through him. Us laugh every the time. Detect joy and laughter is therefore important. My Dad teach me the – he was the most fun, and also his laughter to be contagious. In fact, his laugh is mine kids’ favorite. They all watched your grandpa’s shows (especially “Bonanza” and “Little home on the Prairie”), and also they obtained to know him through the screen, hear his voice – and also that famous laugh.

Dad never acquired to fulfill our children, however they listen the amazing stories and they understand all about his life. I even took my daughter Catherine come the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Missouri and read every the “Little House” publications to her.


Michael ~ above the set of “Little home on the Prairie” through his youngsters – ago row: Leslie and Mike; foreground – Chris and also Shawna.

I make films that respect my dad’s legacy and I emphasis on the prestige of household entertainment. Years ago, I created this to my dad and it stop true today:

Proud come Be her Son

“I am proud of you because you collection an example for difficult work. Because you act the tiny man as if he were big. Ns am proud of you because your work reflects those right, not what sells.

I cannot walk on any type of film collection without hearing about the admiration they have actually for you and that makes me proud.

I am proud since you make civilization laugh and also you do them cry; girlfriend touch their hearts, your souls, and their minds.

Millions the people roughly the people care about you since you stand for every the things in life that space good.

The list could go on and on, but I’m many proud simply to be her son. I could never love you enough. I could never hug girlfriend or be with you enough.”


From Michael’s daughter Shawna Landon:

I keep my father’s memory alive by living each day come the best of my capacity and shot being that service to others. I instill some of his solid beliefs in my children – to work-related hard, be a good human being and also live each day come the fullest. Never take what you have for granted and whatever you want to do, execute it now. Over there are just so countless tomorrows. I miss my dad every day and strive to it is in the ideal version of myself to pass on his tradition to my family.


From Michael’s child Chris Landon:

I shot to respect Dad’s memory every day, both personally and professionally. As soon as I to be a kid, Dad was pure joy and fun. He came to be a kid himself and would run around with every one of us, gift goofy and also throwing self into every little thing adventure he had concocted v abandon. It to be inspiring and infectious. Together a parental of 2 young boys myself, I shot to bring the exact same love and also joy to my sons’ lives. I can see his smile and also hear his laugh as soon as my youngsters are at play through me.

Professionally, I shot to bring the very same passion and also compassion Dad to be so widely recognized for. His sets were a welcoming ar for all and his cast and crew were his various other family. Emulating that type of setting is my very first priority, and also I learned the from the town hall him at work. He was a true artist and also friend.


From Michael’s child Sean Landon:


Cindy, Jennifer and Sean Landon speaking v Congress about an ext funding because that pancreatic cancer research throughout audioeditorfree.com Advocacy job 2009.

Michael was my gift. There’s no one prefer him. The was one of a kind, smart, funny, loving, generous, humanitarian, a an excellent father to my children and a good husband. He continues to it is in my inspiration. He operated so tough and always was of company to those in need. I miss out on him always, and also I’m saddened the my youngsters never had actually the chance to have actually their dad in your lives. We talk about him often, though. The children have heard so numerous stories and read a lot around their father. We have so many wonderful memories, and those will live on for eternity.

Everyone who worked with Michael love him. He used to phone call me, “I’m simply a worker – us all have our component in one large family.” not a day goes through that i don’t think the him. I see him in the eyes of mine children. As soon as I travel and also experience every the beauty of this good planet ns think that him. He when wrote, “Wherever you go in your travels and journeys, understand that i will always be there through you. Please go and soak up every the beauty of this good planet.”

Michael created me a wish book before he passed. I review it often and also it makes me smile. Love is forever.

Michael, ns sad the you left us as well soon.

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We expand a heartfelt thank you come Leslie, Mike, Shawna, Chris, Sean, Jen and also Cindy for sharing your memories through us. Us will save fighting for progression for every pancreatic cancer patients, taking bold action to improve the stays of everyone affected by this disease.