Long gone are the days whereby the United states Navy roamed the seas through heavily-armed battleships together its primary capital ships. No everyone that talks navy warfare entirely agrees through mothballing the biggest guns of the American Navy, but there’s a reason the old battleships space gone – and a reason they’re never coming back.

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“Come in ~ me, bro.” (U.S. Navy)


There was a time when ship-to-ship fighting was the method of battle on the world’s oceans. It made feeling to produce the biggest, baddest ship modern technology would allow, then eight it v as plenty of weapons as it required to tear the adversary to shreds. If there was any means you could additionally prevent you yourself from obtaining torn to shreds through some hefty armor, the was great too. Imagine how great it feel to clock British cannonballs bounce off the political parties of the USS Constitution together you watched your shipmates take down part of the “world’s most powerful navy.”

As time wore on, the modern technology only got better. By the civil War, “Ironsides” was an ext than a nickname. It was a must-have feature on American ships, made renowned by the confrontation of the USS Monitor’s and also the CSS Virginia’s epos shootout at Hampton Roads. By the 20th Century, navy powers to be churning out ships v speed, firepower, and armor in a race to be able to sink the other side’s seafaring battleships.

Once the 2 sides witnessed each other, it was on.

Kinda prefer that.


In modern naval warfare, however, two sides don’t should see each other. As a issue of fact, one side is far better off being able to strike the various other without warning – and also without one side being able come return fire. These days, satellite technology, radars, and also other long-range sensor technologies median an attacker have the right to see its target without ever before needing come go in search of them. An ext importantly, a battleship (or battleship fleet) deserve to be hit and destroyed without ever before seeing wherein the shots to be fired.

And while the battleship would be looking to take under its seaborne opponent, land-based ballistic missiles and also anti-ship missiles fired indigenous aircraft would be on its means to placed 2,500-plus battleship seafarers at the bottom of the ocean.

That last hit made Tommy psychic his shipmates top top the Lexington and also the night take it a dark turn.


What battleships space still efficient for is supporting ground pressures with the guns, utilizing them as assistance artillery because that landing Marines. This is the key reason pro-battleship supporters argue for recommissioning the Iowa-class battleships currently being provided as museums. However even the Iowa-class still supplies a the majority of sailors come fire so-called “dumb” weapons at a possibly civilian-filled environment, when a an ext precision nearby air support strike would certainly be more effective and lower the danger of civilian casualties.

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Not to mention lowering the hazard of a counterattack death the 2,500 sailors that could be manning the guns.