For years, Ree Drummond"s fans have watched her share snippets of her life on she ranch in Oklahoma. Her husband Ladd Drummond is a cattle rancher, and also it"s to be his family organization for generations. People get a feeling of her place from she The Pioneer woman blog, books, and also Food Network tv show, and the Drummond ranch is vast and incredible. However, fans might be surprised as soon as they learn about the residence where the family members lives day-to-day.

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In 1884, a young Frederick Drummond left Scotland and also arrived in the unified States, thorough the Oklahoma historic Society. He set his sights on ending up being a rancher, back it took a few years to do happen. That married Adeline Gentner in 1890 and the couple had 4 sons as they built their ranching, genuine estate, and also banking businesses in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. He died in 1913, and three of his sons take it over and created the Drummond cattle Company.

The Drummond family continued to manage and grow the ranching business, with each brand-new generation playing a role in to run it. As Tulsa world detailed, Frederick traded through the Osage indians in Pawhuska to gain started, and also his nephew Fred was later on heavily involved in running it. As he prospered older, regulating the ranch transitioned come his son Chuck, that is Ladd"s father, and then Ladd himself in addition to extended household members. As Ree common on her Pioneer mrs blog, many other uncles, sons, and also cousins have actually helped control the Drummond Ranch and also associated businesses.

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The Pioneer woman - Ree Drummond/Facebook
Ree Drummond and her household live on a 433,000-acre ranch, per broad Open Eats, which has The Pioneer Woman"s huge kitchen at the Lodge. "Ladd and also I live in the house he prospered up in," she said Cowboys and Indians. "I love this house, however it"s pretty old. We have actually some water clues on our life room ceiling, we have actually occasional mouse in ours walls, and our cedar siding has seen much better days," she added. In 2009, lock did a Lodge renovation, in part because "We have no room in ~ our own residence for visiting guests, through our four children inhabiting the wide-open upstairs," and their "one and also only guest room" was filled with exercise equipment. At one point, castle also renovated an attic area for daughters Alex and Paige.

Drummond once revealed the dining table and benches in the Lodge to be from the house, however too large for their dining area. Her real kitchen has actually white cabinetry, a terra cotta tile floor, and also a stained glass door, but it has its quirks too. Various other Instagram articles show timber paneling on walls and more terra cotta, developing a warm ranch home. Overall, Drummond appears content wherein she is. "There room no skyscrapers; there"s no traffic. That isn"t every life is, hustle-bustle," she said, per Parade. "For part people, it would drive castle crazy, having actually the silence and the clear view. But for me, it"s what my heart needed."