Ree Drummond, née Ann Marie Smith, to be born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in January 1969. She always dreamed of moving away indigenous the country and also of life a huge city life in Chicago, but life had actually other plans for her. She met and fell in love through a cowboy, she “Marlboro Man” Ladd Drummond, and also moved the end to a livestock ranch, simply 40 miles far from she hometown. As a wife and mother, Ree began a blog, The Pioneer Woman, come share her unconventional life to her friends and also family; one thing caused another, and now she’s among the many beloved moms in food.But anyone knows that. What don’t you know around Ree Drummond?

Her an initial appearance ~ above the Food Network remained in 2010. She confronted off versus Bobby Flay because that an episode of Throwdown! throughout a Thanksgiving-themed episode. She beat Flay.

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Ree and also Ladd’s love story gained off come a shaky start. After meeting in a bar in Oklahoma, the culinary super-couple hit it off appropriate away. Yet it took 4 months for Ladd to give Ree a call back, and she very nearly moved to Chicago before he had actually the chance. Yet the rest, as they say, is history…


Before she was introduced to superstardom, Ree’s The Pioneer woman blog was intended for friends and also family as she transitioned into her unanticipated ranch life. It wasn’t till she post a step-by-step overview to food preparation a steak that her food blog yes, really took off.


Ree Drummond is recognized for keeping a well-stocked pantry, yet one of her staples may surprise you! once we interviewed her, she revealed she constantly keeps Nutella hidden well in her pantry (away from she hungry teenage sons).


Whenever Ree demands an extra sheep of fire in her cooking, she doesn’t must look far. She constantly keeps her fridge stocked through multiple jars that spicy warm peppers.


In an interview with Food Network, Ree admitted that you will certainly never uncover her food preparation banana bread, banana pudding, or banana splits.


Ree and also Ladd Drummond opened The Pioneer mrs Boarding home in April 2018 close to her retail store in Pawhuska, Okahoma. The rooms are full of charm and each has actually a various theme. However that"s no the just reason we"re obsessed with this place!

While attending the university of southerly California, Ree first started a level in journalism. Yet she switched points up midway v her college job to gerontology, the clinical study the old age.

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Despite her down-home cooking and also personality, Drummond and also her family are worth rather a quite penny. Her husband Ladd"s household owns 433,000 acre of land, making them the 23rd largest land owner in the joined States. Their linked net precious is approximated to be roughly $50 million. However, AOL reports Ree"s own wealth to be closer to $8 million. And Ree isn"t the only Food Network star with some how amazing fact about her life...

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