If you operation down the perform of the greatest films of every time, you’ll find some normal suspects. Typically, Citizen Kane and also Vertigo land near the top, as do Renoir’s Rules of the Game and also The Searchers. It’s hard to controversy with any kind of of these picks.

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However, you can’t help noticing they were all made before 1960. For modern film audiences and also critics, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972) and also its sequel often rank among the ideal films. (Goodfellas, the 1990s answer from Martin Scorsese, additionally appears on these lists.)

Unlike Vertigo, Hitchcock’s classic that acquired shut the end of the Oscars, Francis Ford Coppola’s lyrical mob movie was known right away because that the classic it was. When Coppola and his team ceded The Godfather: component II  in ’74, the Academy welcomed it with even more love — and several much more awards.

Here’s the complete count that Oscar nominations and wins for each film.

The first ‘Godfather’ won 3 Oscars on double-digit nominations.



Al Pacino and also Simonetta Stefanelli pat the wedding step from ‘The Godfather’ in Sicily, 1972. | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

Though 11 nominations seemed difficult to top, Coppola’s sequel, The Godfather: component II, matched that number in ~ the 1975 Oscars. As soon as again, the film winner Best picture and nabbed Coppola and Puzo their 2nd Oscar for the script. It to be the an initial sequel to ever win the prize for best film.

With Brando eliminated off in the very first installment and also Robert De Niro playing the young Vito Corleone, the character scored one more award through De Niro’s ideal Supporting gibbs Oscar. In addition, Coppola won for best Director, Rota for finest Music, and also the film won ideal Art Direction.

Rounding out the list of nominations were Pacino (Best Actor) and also Talia Shire (Connie), Lee Strasberg (Hyman Roth), and also Michael Gazzo (Frank Pentangeli) in sustaining roles. A best Costume style nod made the 11 in total.

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Though the budget plan doubled the 2nd time around, Paramount and Coppola (who co-produced) made your money earlier several time over through Part II. Merged with this awards haul, we’re guessing it to be worth the headaches.