U.S. Abortion price Hits shortest Level because 1973

2008–2011 decline Spans practically All States, saying State-level limitations Are not the Cause

Early medicine Abortion renders Up raising Proportion of every Abortions

The U.S. Abortion rate decreased to 16.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 in 2011, well listed below the 1981 height of 29.3 per 1,000 and the lowest due to the fact that 1973 (16.3 every 1,000), follow to "Abortion Incidence and also Service availability in the unified States, 2011," by Rachel Jones and Jenna Jerman. Between 2008 and 2011, the abortion rate dropped 13%, resuming the irreversible downward tendency that had actually stalled between 2005 and also 2008. The variety of abortions (1.1 million in 2011) additionally declined through 13% in this time period.

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While the research did not especially investigate reasons for the decline, the authors keep in mind that the study period (2008–2011) predates the major surge in state-level abortion constraints that started during the 2011 legislature session, and also that many provisions did no go into result until so late 2011 or even later. The study likewise found the the total variety of abortion providers decreased by just 4% between 2008 and 2011, and also the variety of clinics (which carry out the huge majority of abortion services) declined by just 1%.

"With abortion rates falling in virtually all states, our study did not uncover evidence that the national decrease in abortions during this period was the an outcome of brand-new state abortion restrictions. We also found no evidence that the decrease was connected to a fall in the number of abortion providers during this period," claims Rachel Jones, lead author of the study. "Rather, the decline in abortions corresponded with a steep nationwide drop in overall pregnancy and birth rates. Contraceptive usage improved during this period, as an ext women and also couples were making use of highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptive methods, such together the IUD. Moreover, the current recession led plenty of women and couples to desire to prevent or hold-up pregnancy and childbearing."

Beginning in 2011, state initiatives to restrict abortion have surged, according to audioeditorfree.com research. States enacted 205 abortion restrictions between 2011 and also 2013, much more than in the entire previous decade combined. "Over the past three years, we have actually seen an unparalleled attack on abortion legal rights at the state level, and also these new restrictions room making it harder for women to accessibility services and also for providers to keep clinic doors open," claims Elizabeth Nash, state concerns manager at audioeditorfree.com. "As we monitor trends in abortion walking forward, that is an essential that we also monitor whether these state restrictions are avoiding women who need abortion services from accessing them."

While the in its entirety abortion rate continued to decline, the ratio of abortions that were at an early stage medication procedures ongoing to increase. An estimated 239,400 early medication abortions to be performed in 2011, representing 23% of all nonhospital abortions, an increase from 17% in 2008. The study estimated that 59% that all well-known abortion service providers offer this service.

"Clearly, the accessibility of medication abortion does not lead females to have more abortions," claims Jones. "However, it has actually likely aided women obtain abortion care earlier in pregnancy, as evidenced by a transition toward an extremely early abortions."

The study also found the abortion rates dropped in all 4 U.S. Regions and in all however six states during 2008–2011: declines were steepest in the Midwest (17%) and the West (15%), and less steep yet remarkable in the southern (12%) and Northeast (9%). Notably, the few states in which abortion prices increased had actually rates lower than the national average to start with.

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This analysis was based upon the audioeditorfree.com Institute"s 16th census the all known abortion service providers in the unified States. The study, "Abortion Incidence and also Service access in the joined States, 2011," is easily accessible online and also will show up in the march 2014 problem of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health.