THE COMMENT: “Planned Parenthood has operated hard to re-brand itself together a women’s health provider, yet their main organization is quiet abortion.”

THE FORUM: Quote in anArizona Republic post published digital on June 26.

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WHAT WE"RE looking AT: how much of to plan Parenthood"s operations show off abortions and abortion-related services?

ANALYSIS: planned Parenthood frequently cites a figure that only 3 percent of its solutions are for abortions. Of the virtually 9.5 million solutions Planned Parenthood gives nationally every year, 328,348 are abortion procedures, follow to the organization"s yearly report.

A "service" has anything detailed to a patient, whether it"s a pregnant test or one abortion, and some patients receive multiple services. Each organization is provided the exact same weight, also though one abortion is costlier and an ext time-consuming than numerous other services.

In regards to patients, planned Parenthood offered 2.4 million people last year and noted 328,348 abortions, follow to its yearly report. That functions out to 13.7 percent of patients.

The nationwide Planned Parenthood office did not respond come requests because that an interview and tiny data is available outside the its annual reports, i m sorry consist of large outlines. The reports don"t encompass specifics such together all abortion-related visits, expenses or revenue.

Local numbers provide an ext detail.

The Arizona branch of to plan Parenthood produce its very own report ~ above the organization"s activities in the state. Jodi Liggett, vice president of windy affairs for the group, stated of 33,181 Arizona patients 5,732 had an abortion in 2016.

That is around 17.27 percent of patients and also 11 percent of every visits.

The remainder obtained services including cancer screenings, sexually sent infection testing and also contraception. Nationally, STI testing and contraception to be a component of much more than 7 million visits.

Part of Herrod"s dispute stems native a disparity in between the number of visits because that an abortion and those for prenatal treatment or fostering referrals.

Nationally, planned Parenthood noted 9,419 “prenatal services" and also 2,889 adoption referrals in 2016. It"s feasible that part patients saw multiple times because that these services, yet it"s unclear indigenous the nationwide organization"s numbers. Assuming each visit to be from a various person, prenatal services and adoption referrals linked for 0.5 percent of total visits.

"I think that it"s relatively clear the the primary focus is to proceed to encourage abortion," Herrod said.

Liggett claimed that while Planned Parenthood is "proud to offer" abortions, they counsel patients around all options.

She suggested that to compare prenatal/adoption solutions to abortions is a "false equivalency" due to the fact that a many OBGYNs don"t sell abortions.

"(They) don’t provide the same range of services. I don’t think that’s productive. Us look because that unmet requirements and try to meet them," Liggett said.

Due to strictly Arizona regulations regulating abortion, Liggett claimed it’s more challenging for neighborhood clinics to carry out abortions 보다 Planned Parenthood"s facilities. 4 of to plan Parenthood"s 10 framework in Arizona carry out surgical or medication-based abortion services.

Many clinics and also doctor’s offices provide prenatal care but not abortions. Part Planned Parenthood offices don’t provide prenatal care, rather referring the patient elsewhere.

Liggett said the decisions on what to offer are based on patients" needs in the area. She claimed that generally, plan Parenthood"s clientele is younger and also trying to stop pregnancy.

On the jae won side, plan Parenthood brought in $1.3 billion in revenue indigenous three major sources in 2016: federal government grants ($550 million), non-government health and wellness services ($306.8 million) and also private contributions and bequests ($257.9 million), among other much smaller sources.

It is illegal come use federal government grant money because that abortions.

Nationally, to plan Parenthood spent $798.8 millionon medical services in 2016. The report doesn"t malfunction specific medical expenses, for this reason it"s unclear how much the that saw abortion services. It"s also unclear just how much revenue was acquired from abortions.

In Arizona, the state to plan Parenthood branch brought in $13.8 million in revenue in 2016. About $3 million that that came from abortion services, Liggett said, which accounts for about 21.7 percent of planned Parenthood Arizona"s full revenue.

The state branch spent around $9.22 million top top all medical expenses, Liggett said. The that, about $2.28 million to be on abortion services, totaling 24.7 percent of medical spending. This failure of revenue and expenses for abortions is not reflected in the group"s report; the numbers were detailed to The Republic in solution to questions.

BOTTOM LINE: Though abortions account for an ext than 3 percent of plan Parenthood"s operations, it"s one of many services readily available to that is patients. It"s additionally not the largest source of revenue, nor does it account because that a bulk of that expenses.

About 13.7 percent the clients obtained an abortion nationally and about 17.25 percent in Arizona walk so.

Abortion solutions made up about a 4 minutes 1 of to plan Parenthood Arizona medical expenses (about $2.2 million) and more than a 5th of revenue (about $3 million).

Abortion is a primary service readily available by plan Parenthood, yet it’s not “their key business.”

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