Through our health and wellness centers across the U.S., inclusive, medically specific sex education and learning programs, and tireless initiatives to defend people’s ideal to access quality, affordable health care, to plan Parenthood is working to develop the healthiest generation ever — both at residence in the joined States and also around the globe.

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Reports & reality Sheets

For much more than 100 years, we’ve to be the expert, leading resource of reproductive health information, education, and advocacy. Get truth sheets and also reports on plan Parenthood, birth control, sex education, teenager pregnancy, abortion, international family members planning, and other reproductive rights and also health treatment issues.

Annual Reports

We execute a lot. Read about the many ways plan Parenthood is functioning to bring quality health care to every people. In the yearly Report, you’ll uncover Information around Planned Parenthood’s services, patients, programs, legislative branch victories, and also lists of board members and crucial staff.

Financial Data

Accountability and transparency — it’s the planned Parenthood way. Access our IRS form 990 and also most current audited financial explain here.

Recent files

2019-2020 annual Report - PDF

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Most recent IRS form 990

Most current audited gaue won statement

Planned Parenthood gets capital from a few different places, like:

Government reimbursements and grants

Non-government revenue

Private donations and also bequests

Here’s a much more in-depth break down of to plan Parenthood’s funding:


Government health and wellness services reimbursements and also grants

Like various other doctors offices, clinics, and also hospitals, to plan Parenthood health and wellness centers are reimbursed for plenty of services we administer to patients who rely on public programs for wellness care. These programs include Medicaid and also Title X.


Most federal and also state money originates from Medicaid — government-backed insurance allowance for human being with low-incomes. Patients have the right to use Medicaid because that preventative services (like bear control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment) at no cost when lock visit to plan Parenthood health and wellness centers. And then we’re paid for the cost of the visit, simply like any kind of other health treatment provider that participates in the medicaid program. Read much more about Medicaid and also Planned Parenthood.

Title X is the nation’s household planning program. Title X pays because that essential, preventative health treatment services like well-woman exams, cancer screenings, bear control, and also testing and also treatment for sexually transmitted epidemic (including HIV). Today, an ext than 4 million Americans count on affordable family members planning services through location X — and about 1.5 million the them acquire their care at planned Parenthood wellness centers. Read much more about title X and Planned Parenthood. 

Private insurance and out-of-pocket health and wellness services revenue

For many patients, their personal insurance coverage pays for services at to plan Parenthood health centers. Others might not use any insurance in ~ all, and also instead salary out-of-pocket for their health care. Plenty of Planned Parenthood health and wellness centers have actually a sliding-scale fees system, based on the patient’s income, to aid make care much more affordable. Since we’re a non-profit, the revenue from this visits goes straight to fund health centers and programs, so us can continue providing care and education to our patients. 

Private donations and grants

Private donations are vital for nonprofit organizations, consisting of Planned Parenthood. Exclusive donations money grants and programs that assist patients salary for solutions that they can not afford.

Everyone deserves access to quality wellness care, regardless of your capability to pay. Personal donations allow many plan Parenthood wellness centers to use a sliding- range fee system, based on patients’ incomes, to make the expense of care more affordable.

Read more in our yearly Report.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) functions to support Planned Parenthood health centers throughout the country, educate the public around reproductive and sexual health, and also advocate for plan to expand accessibility to wellness care.

PPFA has 49 independent neighborhood affiliates the operate much more than 600 health centers throughout the U.S; every provides critical health treatment services and also sex education and learning programs. In addition, PPFA partner with much more than 100 organizations throughout Africa and also Latin America to advance the health and rights the young people, women, and also families.

PPFA and also its affiliates space nonprofit health treatment organizations. This method that every revenue walk right earlier into providing more services, and also helping to ensure patients have access to wellness care.

Here’s the failure of where our revenue went in 2019 (the latest year data is available):

Medical solutions (61%)

The vital health treatment services to plan Parenthood provides, like: STD testing and treatment, bear control, well-woman exams, cancer screening and also prevention, abortion, hormone therapy, infertility services, and general wellness care.

Non-medical regime services (15%)

Services and also programs that aid people continue to be healthy and further the planned Parenthood mission, like: sex education, community engagement, and public policy work.

Management and general support (16%)

Fundraising (8%)

There room some restrictions around what certain varieties of funding can salary for. For example, no commonwealth money have the right to be provided to pay for abortion services except in rare situations of rape, incest, or if the pregnant person’s life is in danger. And also many grants that Planned Parenthood obtain only fund specific, designated programs, favor a sex education and learning curriculum or health service.

“Defunding” has end up being a well-known term, but it isn’t an accurate means to explain the threats facing Planned Parenthood. To plan Parenthood is no “funded” through the commonwealth government. Over there is no heat item in the federal budget for to plan Parenthood, and also we don’t get a empty check from the government. Instead, we gain grants and also reimbursements for details programs.

So when human being talk about “defunding,” what they typical is blocking patients who depend on windy health care programs native going to Planned Parenthood health centers for care. If the present defunding bills space passed, world using programs choose Medicaid could no longer get services choose birth control, cancer screenings, annual exams, and also STD testing and also treatment at Planned Parenthood. Countless would have nowhere else to turn for the health care they need.

This would have actually a devastating influence on ours country’s most vulnerable communities, who already face barriers to getting health care. At least 60% of planned Parenthood patients depend on public health programs like Medicaid and also Title X for their preventive and also primary care. And without plan Parenthood, over there aren’t sufficient health treatment providers to provide the millions of medical services we do each year. Health and wellness centers that expropriate Medicaid and administer ob-gyn health care — choose Planned Parenthood — room in specifically short supply.

The real goal of “defunding” planned Parenthood is come shut down Planned Parenthood health and wellness centers throughout the country. Together a nonprofit and also the nation’s most trusted provider the reproductive care, the health and wellness of our patients is our number one priority. We’re doing everything we deserve to to protect access to health and wellness care and prevent wellness centers native closing. Read more about what would happen if planned Parenthood to be “defunded.”

We’re proud to administer abortion services. Planned Parenthood health and wellness centers likewise offer a ton of other crucial health care too, including:

STD and also HIV testing and also treatment

Birth control

Screening for reproductive cancers (like breast, cervical, testicular, and prostate cancers)

Pap tests and well mrs exams


PrEP and PEP (medicines to assist prevent HIV)

Pregnancy services and also prenatal care

Transgender wellness services, including hormone replacement treatment (HRT)

Vasectomy and also other sterilization services


...and so much more.

Along through nurses and also doctors, plenty of Planned Parenthood wellness centers have actually counselors, social workers, and also health educators who can offer you information about sexual wellness parenting an abilities — like breastfeeding and also nutrition — and health insurance and government programs that assist you and your family stay healthy.

We have a variety of digital tools to assist you stay healthy and informed, like Spot On, our period and birth regulate tracker, Roo, our sexual health chatbot, and Chat/Text, our free hotline staffed by sex educators. And depending on the state friend live in, you might even have the ability to access specific health care services through our app, to plan Parenthood Direct. Read around all of planned Parenthood’s health treatment services.

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Planned Parenthood is additionally the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Whether online, in schools, or in the community, ours sex educators are specialized to giving non-judgmental, median accurate details for adults, teens, and also parents. Read much more about sex education.